Okt 31 2008

Napa claims elegant 2008 vintage despite ‚crazy‘ growing season

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Oliver Styles  – The 2008 vintage in the Napa Valley looks set to produce ‚elegant‘ wines despite a ‚crazy weather year‘, according to the region’s trade body. Continue reading „Napa claims elegant 2008 vintage despite ‚crazy‘ growing season“

Okt 29 2008

FRANCE: Wine, spirits markets under pressure – Pernod Ricard

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Pernod Ricard’s managing director has warned that an economic slowdown across Western Europe has begun to take its toll on wine and spirits markets. Continue reading „FRANCE: Wine, spirits markets under pressure – Pernod Ricard“

Okt 29 2008

Brunello: no change in the rules, producers vote

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Kerin O’Keefe – Brunello di Montalcino producers have voted by a landslide to leave the wine 100% Sangiovese. Continue reading „Brunello: no change in the rules, producers vote“

Okt 28 2008

Champagne raise the yield per hectolitre of grapes for 2008

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Growers, producers and traders in Champagne have reached an agreement to raise the yield per hectolitre of grapes for this year’s harvest. Continue reading „Champagne raise the yield per hectolitre of grapes for 2008“

Okt 28 2008

2008 VDP – erste Aussagen

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Jedes Jahr wird ein neues Stück gespielt!“ Graf Michael Adelmann, Württemberg. „Wir können eine intensive Frucht durch niedrige Spätsommer-/Herbsttemperaturen erwarten. Continue reading „2008 VDP – erste Aussagen“

Okt 27 2008


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1. Witterung und Stand der Vegetation:
Die überwiegend sehr kühlen Nachttemperaturen im Laufe des Oktobers haben trotz gelegentlicher Continue reading „WEINBAUHINWEISE BADEN Nr. 12“

Okt 26 2008

Österreich Rotweine aus 2006/2007

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Vorankündigung: Bericht einer 4-tägigen Weinverkostung österreichischer Rotweine aus 2006/2007 in Wien.

Okt 23 2008

Navarra: new DO Pago

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Prado de Irache, the estate wine of Bodegas Irache in Navarra, has gained DO Pago status. Continue reading „Navarra: new DO Pago“

Okt 21 2008

DWI Marktdaten 03/2008

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Okt 21 2008

Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

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THE MAIN EVENTS  –  Fête des Grands Vins de Bourgogne
For the 136th festival, the general exhibition, 1,500 Burgundy wine professionals will be meeting in the Palais des Congrès in Beaune to present over 3,000 different wines to wine lovers. Continue reading „Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction“

Okt 21 2008


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The first grapes of the 2008 vintage were picked around 20 September in Burgundy under glorious sunshine, but the real harvesting began around 25 September. Continue reading „BURGUNDY 2008 VINTAGE“

Okt 21 2008

Beaujolais winemakers want to lose plonk image

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Catherine Lagrange – ODENAS, France (Reuters) – Makers of vintage wine from France’s Beaujolais region have launched a campaign to improve their image and step out of the shadow of Beaujolais Nouveau Continue reading „Beaujolais winemakers want to lose plonk image“

Okt 21 2008

Authorities in Italy release seized bottles of Brunello wine

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ROME – A top Tuscan wine producer says authorities have found no irregularities in thousands of bottles of Brunello di Montalcino that were seized earlier this year. Continue reading „Authorities in Italy release seized bottles of Brunello wine“

Okt 20 2008

Weingut Köpfer produziert Verjus

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Verjus – Renaissance eines Würzmittels
Der Verjus ist ein Würzmittel, das aus dem Saft unreifer Trauben hergestellt wird. So werden weit vor der eigentlichen Ernte Continue reading „Weingut Köpfer produziert Verjus“

Okt 20 2008

EU: Commission to reform Geographical Indications system

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Keith Nuthall – EU drinks firms have been asked whether they could abandon their separate geographical indication systems for spirits and wines. Continue reading „EU: Commission to reform Geographical Indications system“

Okt 19 2008

‚Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide No. 7‘ — a departure from the past

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Stephen Osman/ Los Angeles Times – NEW EDITION: Other writers join Robert Parker.
Wine critic Robert Parker deploys a team of tasters for his latest guide. Continue reading „‚Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide No. 7‘ — a departure from the past“

Okt 18 2008

Bordeaux Right Bank ‚another 83‘ as vintage draws to a close

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Jane Anson – The Right Bank harvest in Bordeaux is drawing to a close this week, with most of the Merlots now picked, and the Cabernet due to be finished early next week. Continue reading „Bordeaux Right Bank ‚another 83‘ as vintage draws to a close“

Okt 13 2008

Weingut Egon Müller Scharzhof

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Bericht über das Weingut Egon Müller inklusive Degustationsnotizen. Stepahn Reinhardt hat ihn für WOFW (World of Fine Wine) schon vor längerer Zeit geschrieben. Stephan Reinhard hat uns diesen Bericht freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt.

Okt 11 2008

Bordeaux, on-trade, threatened by financial fall-out

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Jane Anson in Bordeaux and Howard G Goldberg in New York –  The world of fine wine is proving to be no longer immune to the global financial crisis Continue reading „Bordeaux, on-trade, threatened by financial fall-out“

Okt 10 2008

FRANCE: Wine sales rise in value in year to August – figures

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Price increases have helped middle market vins de pays wine sales in France over the last year, Continue reading „FRANCE: Wine sales rise in value in year to August – figures“

Okt 10 2008

FRANCE: Champagne, Cognac sales down at LVMH

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Emerging markets boost LVMH organic growth – French Luxury good group LVMH has reported a 2% Continue reading „FRANCE: Champagne, Cognac sales down at LVMH“

Okt 10 2008

Österreich Daten Stand 2006

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Okt 10 2008

Deutschland 2007 Statistiken komplett

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Statistik Deutschland 2007

Okt 10 2008

Spanien Karte Weinregionen

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Okt 10 2008

South Africa’s two wine industries

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An analysis by Michael Fridjhon – South Africa does not really have much of a secondary wine market. Continue reading „South Africa’s two wine industries“

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