Dez 27 2008

The World of Fine Wine – Gourmand World Cook Book Awards

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The World of Fine Wine has won the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards „Best Wine Magazine“ category for UK publications. The winner in each country will compete against winners in the same category from other countries for „The Best in the World“ award. The results will be announced in May 2009 at the annual Gala Dinner event. For further information, visit

Dez 26 2008

The global downturn and Italy

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by Kerin O’Keefe – The slowing global economy, coupled with the continued weakness of the US dollar and a flat domestic market, are unsurprisingly, worrying Italy’s wine producers. But two of the country’s top exporters say that adapting to new life style trends and building brand loyalty are helping them keep market share, even as consumers world-wide tighten their belts. Continue reading „The global downturn and Italy“

Dez 25 2008

Forschungsanstalt sucht neuen Direktor/Professor Klaus Schaller noch bis März im Amt

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Wiesbadener Kurier vom 15.12.2008
bm. GEISENHEIM Drei interne und ein externer Bewerber haben sich bei einer Anhörung in der Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim vorgestellt. Sie wollen Nachfolger von Professor Klaus Schaller werden. Der Direktor der Forschungsanstalt ist noch bis März 2009 im Amt. Continue reading „Forschungsanstalt sucht neuen Direktor/Professor Klaus Schaller noch bis März im Amt“

Dez 25 2008

The global downturn and France

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by Jane Anson – As the world’s second biggest wine producer, the French wine industry is undoubtedly vulnerable to the global financial crisis. France exported €9.43bn ($11.7bn) of wines and spirits in 2007, up almost 7% on 2006. The UK and US were the leading importers, with a combined value of €2.54bn, according to Ubifrance, the French export development agency. However, in the first eight months of 2008, exports dropped by almost 10% in volume. Continue reading „The global downturn and France“

Dez 24 2008

German scientist logs Champagne cork speed

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Oliver Styles – A German scientist has managed to register the speed of a Champagne cork as it leaves the bottle.Friedrich Balck of Clausethal Technical University in northwest Germany found that a vigorously shaken bottle of Champagne, with a pressure of 2.5 bars, expelled its cork at 40 kilometres per hour (km/h) – 24.8 miles per hour. Continue reading „German scientist logs Champagne cork speed“

Dez 23 2008

Fine wine sales down at Christie’s

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Chris Mercer – Sales of fine wine at auction house Christie’s fell this year, as the global financial crisis dragged down prices and made consumers more selective. Christie’s global fine wine sales for 2008 totalled US$50.7m (EUR41m), still the third highest figure on record but lower than sales of nearly $72m (EUR53m) last year, the auction house said. Continue reading „Fine wine sales down at Christie’s“

Dez 23 2008

Demoted St-Emilion chateaux return to 2006 classification

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Oliver Styles, and agencies – The French Senate has allowed the eight St-Emilion chateaux demoted in the region’s classification to return to their 2006 status. As part of a finance law amendment being passed by the French government today, the eight properties will regain their status in the (currently defunct) 2006 classification. Continue reading „Demoted St-Emilion chateaux return to 2006 classification“

Dez 23 2008

Erholsame & genussreiche Weihnachten

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Allen Lesern von Wein-News SigiHiss wünsche ich stressfreie Weihnachtstage, Ruhe & Erholung. Eine gute Flasche Wein, die natürlich für jeden anders aussehen mag und ein gutes Essen dazu – alles in einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre genossen…..





Beste Weihnachtsgrüsse    Sigi Hiss

Dez 22 2008

Wine review 2008: Wine industry buffeted by economic storm

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Richard Woodard -Not surprisingly perhaps it is the effects of the global economic downturn that have dominated the wine pages of just-drinks over the past year. Richard Woodard reviews a difficult year for the international wine business and assesses the chances of things improving in the immediate future. Continue reading „Wine review 2008: Wine industry buffeted by economic storm“

Dez 22 2008

Alsace wine co-operative joins Chamarré

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Stuart Todd – French wine brand Chamarré remains in acquisitive mood, after adding Alsace wine co-operative La Cave de Beblenheim Continue reading „Alsace wine co-operative joins Chamarré“

Dez 21 2008

Large portion“ of French industry faces bankruptcy

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An exclusive analysis by Cees can Casteren – A significant part of France’s wine industry is teetering on bankruptcy, according to The Financial Wine Ratings, a new report from Rabobank. The problem is not confined to France: wine players around the globe, from Italy and Spain to New Zealand are struggling to meet adequate margins to finance the investments that are instrumental in preserving their future. Continue reading „Large portion“ of French industry faces bankruptcy“

Dez 21 2008

How the crisis is affecting wine in Russia

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from with an English summary by Eleonora Scholes – Falling sales across all price levels is a major problem that Russian wine producers and importers are facing due to the global economic slowdown. Restaurant wine lists have been revised, and the restaurant buyers are now placing orders only for the best Continue reading „How the crisis is affecting wine in Russia“

Dez 19 2008

Fischer Boel: no more Aussie champagne but reverse osmosis OK

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Maggie Rosen – Australia has agreed to stop using terms such as Champagne, Sherry, Port and Chablis as part of a new EU-Australia Wine Agreement. In exchange, the EU will allow imports of reduced alcohol Australian wine made via reverse osmosis. Continue reading „Fischer Boel: no more Aussie champagne but reverse osmosis OK“

Dez 18 2008

SlowFood Schweiz Newsletter Nr.1

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Schweiz –  slowfood-newsletter1

Dez 18 2008

Bordeaux’s en primeur campaign in doubt

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by Sophie Kevany – Members of the Bordeaux wine industry are questioning the wisdom of holding the annual primeur, or futures, campaign next year, given current economic circumstances. Continue reading „Bordeaux’s en primeur campaign in doubt“

Dez 18 2008

Italians Look to Cheaper Prosecco Over Champagne for Holidays

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By Flavia Krause-Jackson and Giovanni Salzano – Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) — Italians will spend 2 billion euros ($2.6 billion) on delicacies this holiday season, including sparkling wine served at Christmas and New Year’s, and 8 percent more consumers say they’re buying expensive food and drinks than in 2007, Italy’s farmers‘ association Coldiretti said. Continue reading „Italians Look to Cheaper Prosecco Over Champagne for Holidays“

Dez 18 2008

Christie’s closes South Kensington wine dept

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Cheryl Lincoln – Christie’s is closing its South Kensington wine department at the end of the week. According to David Elswood, head of Christie’s International Wine Department, Continue reading „Christie’s closes South Kensington wine dept“

Dez 18 2008


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Exports of Burgundy wines have risen sharply since mid-2005. Although 2008 did not start as strongly as 2007, the 2007/2008 sales campaign is still the second best campaign carried out in Burgundy (after 2006/2007) thanks to an excellent year-end in 2007. Continue reading „EXPORTS: HOLDING UP WELL DESPITE THE CRISIS“

Dez 18 2008


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Extraordinary growth in export sales, sustained sales from wine growers to traders, Burgundy has beaten all its records for the last two campaigns. Sales activity reached such a level that the region had clearly Continue reading „MARKETS & DEVELOPMENT OF BURGUNDY WINES: BACK TO NORMALITY IN A GLOOMY GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT“

Dez 17 2008

UK: Alcohol units campaign raises awareness – research

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 17:58 editorial team – The UK government has said that its ‚Know your Limits‘ campaign has been successful in raising awareness of the number of units in drinks. Continue reading „UK: Alcohol units campaign raises awareness – research“

Dez 15 2008

Martha & Sassi & ……

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Kurzbericht einer eindrücklichen Weihnachts-Degu. Viel Spass beim Lesen, Sigi Hiss

Dez 11 2008

Österreich beste Rotweine 2009

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Der neue Guide ist fertig. Es ist wieder soweit. Am 5. Dezember 2008 erschien unser neuer Guide. Kommen Sie am 17.12. zum „5-Gläser-Fest“ ins Martinjak am Ring und nehmen Sie sich das Buch gleich mit. Oder bestellen Sie es gleich hier – Kontaktdaten am Schluss dieser Meldung. Der ultimative Guide zu Österreichs besten Rotweinen.

Österreich beste Rotweine 2009. Continue reading „Österreich beste Rotweine 2009“

Dez 11 2008

NASA technology found to remove cork taint

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Sally Easton ( – A process designed by NASA scientists to remove airborne contaminants can eliminate TCA as well. Continue reading „NASA technology found to remove cork taint“

Dez 11 2008

DRC to produce Corton

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by   Domaine de la Romanée-Conti has signed a lease agreement with Domaine Prince Florent de Mérode for almost 6 acres of vineyards on the hillside of Corton and will produce three grands crus red wines from the parcels. The first wines will be made from the 2009 harvest. Under the agreement, which was finalised in November, DRC will work nearly 3 acres of Corton Bressandes, 1.4 acres of Corton Clos du Roi and 1.26 acres of Corton Les Renardes

Dez 10 2008

John Platter 2009 604 Seiten (englisch)

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Das ultimative Nachschlagewerk für den interessierten Südafrika Weinfreund. John Platter und sein Team beschreiben nahezu alle Weinerzeuger Südafrikas. Neben Adressen und Fakten über die Betriebe, werden die wichtigsten Weine erläutert und bewertet. Übersichtskarten bieten dem Reisenden eine schnelle Hilfe, wo die Betriebe zu finden sind. Neben den Weinbeschreibungen finden sich interessante Restaurantadressen und Informationen über die Entwicklung der Weinerzeugung in Südafrika.

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