Dez 02 2008

Rioja growers invest in

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by James Graham – Nine Rioja wineries have completed the first stage of a two-year, €800,000 project to attempt to produce wines with quercitin and resveratrol levels 10 times higher than those currently available. The project comes at a time when a possible role for red wine in disease prevention and health improvement is being discussed globally as scientists look Continue reading „Rioja growers invest in“

Dez 02 2008

Gros Plant in the goes IGP

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Jim Budd – Loire region Gros Plant du Pays Nantais has opted to become an IGP (Indication Geographique Protegee) rather than trying for appellation status. Gros Plant, along with Coteaux d’Ancenis and the Fiefs Continue reading „Gros Plant in the goes IGP“

Dez 02 2008

Premier cru cousins interviewed together for first time

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Maggie Rosen – Opus One narrowly escaped being named after a San Francisco gay bar, and Baron Eric de Rothschild feels ‘like a movie star‘ at tastings. These are just two of the revelations made by cousins Continue reading „Premier cru cousins interviewed together for first time“

Dez 02 2008

BDX 2008 – Overview

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Ein Überblick der Bedingungen & erste Eindrücke aus Bordeaux 2008