Dez 06 2008

Time to reverse on resveratrol

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by Felicity Carter – When 60 Minutes aired a 1991 program on the ‘French paradox‘, it kicked off a wine boom. The program suggested that rates of red wine consumption explained why France had lower rates of cardiac disease than the US, despite the French diet being higher in fat. The story also unleashed a flood of articles extolling the health-giving properties of wine. Continue reading „Time to reverse on resveratrol“

Dez 06 2008

Under pressure – Tom Stevenson

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erschienen am 1. September 2008

by Tom Stevenson – The Champagne market is booming, but the sales and quality of the world’s greatest sparkling wine is under pressure on four different fronts, reports Tom Stevenson. How the Champenois react to these forces will determine their fate. Continue reading „Under pressure – Tom Stevenson“

Dez 06 2008

Champagne shipments plummet

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Giles Fallowfield – Champagne shipments worldwide fell by over 20% in October, according to the region’s representative association, the CIVC. As the credit crunch continues to affect sales, exports to Europe were down 24%, and shipments everywhere else – including Japan, the US, Russia and China – fell by 23%. Sales to the French domestic market also dropped by 20%. Continue reading „Champagne shipments plummet“

Dez 06 2008

Europe’s Changing Drinking Habits: More Beer, Less Wine, Few Regrets

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By ADAM COHEN – Europeans are supposed to sip wine in sidewalk cafés, not guzzle beer like American college students. But Europe’s relationship with alcohol is changing. Countries like France and Italy, where good wine is considered a birthright, are seeing a surge in beer drinking Continue reading „Europe’s Changing Drinking Habits: More Beer, Less Wine, Few Regrets“