Dez 21 2008

Large portion“ of French industry faces bankruptcy

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An exclusive analysis by Cees can Casteren – A significant part of France’s wine industry is teetering on bankruptcy, according to The Financial Wine Ratings, a new report from Rabobank. The problem is not confined to France: wine players around the globe, from Italy and Spain to New Zealand are struggling to meet adequate margins to finance the investments that are instrumental in preserving their future. Continue reading „Large portion“ of French industry faces bankruptcy“

Dez 21 2008

How the crisis is affecting wine in Russia

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from with an English summary by Eleonora Scholes – Falling sales across all price levels is a major problem that Russian wine producers and importers are facing due to the global economic slowdown. Restaurant wine lists have been revised, and the restaurant buyers are now placing orders only for the best Continue reading „How the crisis is affecting wine in Russia“