Jan 30 2009

First UV-treated wine to be available this year

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Ian Evans in Cape Town – The first UV-treated wine is set to be released later this year following successful trials in South Africa. The wine, produced by L’Ormarins wine estate in Franschhoek, is treated by a UV (Ultra Violet) light machine that, according to the owners, kills unwanted microbes and yeasts. This, says cellar master Neil Patterson, reduces the need to add sulphites during the winemaking process. Continue reading „First UV-treated wine to be available this year“

Jan 30 2009

Ridge president dies

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Donn Riesen Oliver Styles, and agencies: Donn Reisen, the president of top Californian winery Ridge and a firm advocate for the Zinfandel variety, has died aged 60. Reisen, who joined Ridge in 1977, is credited with running the business of the winery behind the more public figure of Paul Draper, its winemaker and CEO.

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Jan 29 2009

Vranken-Pommery Monopole agent shuffles team

Tag: Länder,Weingütersigi.hiss @ 23:02 editorial team – Percy Fox, one of the UK representatives for Vranken-Pommery Monopole, has appointed Adrian Beckett as brand executive for the French firm’s Champagne brands. Beckett will fill the Continue reading „Vranken-Pommery Monopole agent shuffles team“

Jan 29 2009

Germany’s Vinum for sale

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David Furer – Germany’s Vinum magazine and its Swiss counterpart are for sale. At a December 2008 meeting in Münster the supervisory board made the decision to sell these two magazines and subsequently shut its Bordeaux office. Continue reading „Germany’s Vinum for sale“

Jan 27 2009

The Losh Cause – Australian wine

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Source: Chris Losh – –

Chris Losh on Australia
Chris Losh on Australia's wine strategy

The best laid plans, as they say, can go awry. However, for Chris Losh, the Australian wine industry’s Direction to 2025 plan has not only been overtaken by events in the country’s main markets but was overly optimistic and ill-conceived to begin with. Continue reading „The Losh Cause – Australian wine“

Jan 27 2009

FRANCE: Winemakers on trial in sugar scandal

Tag: Oenologie,Regionensigi.hiss @ 17:51 editorial team – Fifty-three French winemakers may face fines or prison after admitting that they illegally added extra sugar to their wines to increase alcohol levels. Continue reading „FRANCE: Winemakers on trial in sugar scandal“

Jan 26 2009

Hering „Weinprobe über den Wolken“

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Bis 18. Februar bewerben – Rheinland-pfälzische Weine werden in diesem Jahr zum 14. Mal unter anderem in First und Business Class von Lufthansa angeboten. Um eine Auswahl unter den vielen guten Weinen treffen zu können, wird erneut ein Wettbewerb ausgeschrieben. Weinbauminister Hendrik Hering ruft alle rheinland-pfälzischen Winzerinnen und Winzer auf, Continue reading „Hering „Weinprobe über den Wolken““

Jan 25 2009

Neue Korken auf alten Flaschen

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von Francis Müller – Financial Times Deutschland – Alte Tropfen brauchen neue Korken. Das steigert Qualität und Preis. Deshalb werden gute Jahrgänge bei den Weingütern umgekorkt. Ein australischer Hersteller reist sogar mit einer mobilen Weinklinik um die Welt. Das Entkorken eines Weins ist ein großer Moment. Continue reading „Neue Korken auf alten Flaschen“

Jan 25 2009

Raritäten-Verkostung Weine zwischen 1983 – 1990

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Sigi Hiss – Der Bericht über die Raritätenverkostung im Rahmen des Rheingau-Gourmet-Festivals 2008.

Jan 24 2009

Wine scientists discover appellation ‚chemical fingerprint‘

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Frank Smith – Two forensic scientists at the University of Western Australia have found a way to prove the origin of wine chemically. Continue reading „Wine scientists discover appellation ‚chemical fingerprint‘“

Jan 24 2009

FRANCE: Burgundy wine exports turn sour

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Stuart Todd – A 13% decline in Burgundy wine exports for the first ten months of 2008 was less severe than expected, but problems are growing in the US and UK, regional wine trade body BIVB has said. Continue reading „FRANCE: Burgundy wine exports turn sour“

Jan 23 2009

DWI Marktbericht 4/2008

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DWI Marktbericht 4/2008

Jan 23 2009

Einfach ein schönes Photo – 3/2009

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Tagesanbruch auf Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey. Für die volle Grösse einfach anklicken.

Jan 23 2009

Economic climate not grape growers‘ top fear

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By Kevin McCallum – The Press Democrat – What should be mud in a Kunde Vineyards reservoir is instead dry dirt. Growers are increasingly alarmed at the lack of precipitation this year. Sonoma County grape growers are worried about how the weak economic climate will hurt their businesses, but it’s the unusually dry climate that has them downright terrified. Continue reading „Economic climate not grape growers‘ top fear“

Jan 22 2009

EU: Commission to join OIV, open up wine rules

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Keith Nuthall – A significant shake-up of EU winemaking rules could follow under plans for the bloc to join the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The EU Council of Ministers has given the European Commission negotiating powers for upcoming talks on admitting the EU as a full member. Continue reading „EU: Commission to join OIV, open up wine rules“

Jan 22 2009

1990 Dornfelder trocken, Bürklin-Wolf

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Sigi Hiss – Eine interessante Notiz, heute ausgegraben & mit Interesse wieder gelesen. 1990 Dornfelder

Jan 21 2009

Australia set to replace Sherry and Tokay names

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Chris Snow in Adelaide – The Australian wine industry is set to adopt the terms ‚apera‘ and ‚topaque‘ to replace Sherry and Tokay, or Tokaji, wine styles. Continue reading „Australia set to replace Sherry and Tokay names“

Jan 20 2009

FRANCE: Champagne sales lose sparkle in 2008 – CIVC

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Source: Stuart Todd – Champagne sales fell by 6.2% for the first 11 months of 2008, according to the latest figures from trade body, the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne (CIVC). Sales fell by 7.2% and 6% to EU and non-EU countries respectively, while French sales – accounting for 50% of the global market – dipped by 5.6%, the CIVC said this week. Total sales reached 276.9m bottles. Continue reading „FRANCE: Champagne sales lose sparkle in 2008 – CIVC“

Jan 20 2009

FRANCE: Champagne sales lift for Vranken-Pommery Monopole

Tag: Regionen,Weingütersigi.hiss @ 18:09 editorial team – Vranken-Pommery Monopole has reported a 1% rise in Champagne sales for 2008, outperforming a market recoiling from the global economic downturn. Vranken, which announced the rise in a trading update today (20 January), saw sales slow in the third and fourth quarters, following a 3% increase in Champagne sales in the first half of 2008. Continue reading „FRANCE: Champagne sales lift for Vranken-Pommery Monopole“

Jan 20 2009

New phylloxera outbreak in Yarra

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Guy Seddon – A new outbreak of phylloxera was declared in Australia’s Yarra Valley last month. According to Victoria’s Department of Primary Industries, ‚a detection of the grapevine pest phylloxera has been made in an existing control area in the Yarra Valley, north east of Melbourne‘. Continue reading „New phylloxera outbreak in Yarra“

Jan 19 2009

FRANCE: California meets Bordeaux for wine exchange

Tag: Allgemeines,Länder,Regionensigi.hiss @ 17:58 editorial team – A group of female Californian winemakers has buried Old world/New world wine rivalries for a four-day visit to meet female counterparts in Bordeaux. Continue reading „FRANCE: California meets Bordeaux for wine exchange“

Jan 19 2009

In the Spotlight – Global wine market

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Michelle Russell – Businesses are shedding jobs and retail sales are in the gutter, but new research shows that consumers will stare into the economic abyss with a glass of wine in their hand, reports Michelle Russell. Amid plummeting high street sales and economic doom and gloom, one sector believes it is bucking the trend. Continue reading „In the Spotlight – Global wine market“

Jan 17 2009

Area Of El Bierzo Vineyards In Spain Calculated By Satellite

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Spanish researchers used a computer program able to distinguish grapevines from other crops in satellite images. The tool has been successfully used in the El Bierzo area of León, and can be used to calculate the potential wine production of an area under cultivation. Continue reading „Area Of El Bierzo Vineyards In Spain Calculated By Satellite“

Jan 16 2009

ViniPortugal unterstützt deutsche Importeure &Händler 2009 mit neuen Aktivitäten

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PRESSEMITTEILUNG Mit der Fachmesse ProWein 2009 (Düsseldorf, 29. – 31.03.2009) fällt der Startschuss für einen verstärkten Auftritt Portugals in Deutschland. Unterstützt wird das Weinbauland von zahlreichen Marketingaktivitäten der Werbegemeinschaft ViniPortugal. Der von ViniPortugal (Torres Vedras/Portugal) organisierte vierflächige Gemeinschaftsstand in Halle 6 (6H40, 6H50, 6J40, 6K40) mit 700 qm wird durch eine Vielzahl anPräsentationen und Vorträgen sowie durch seine offene Gestaltung zum zentralen Anlaufpunkt für das deutsche und internationale Fachpublikum werden. Continue reading „ViniPortugal unterstützt deutsche Importeure &Händler 2009 mit neuen Aktivitäten“

Jan 16 2009

Rekordbeteiligung Portugals an der ProWein 2009

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PRESSEMITTEILUNG – Torres Vedras – Nie zuvor gab es so viele portugiesische Aussteller auf der ProWein. Rund 150 Unternehmen und Institutionen führen in diesem Jahr zu einer Rekordbeteiligung des Weinlands Portugal. Nach dem derzeitigen Anmeldestand werden insgesamt ca. 150 Unternehmen und Institutionen Continue reading „Rekordbeteiligung Portugals an der ProWein 2009“

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