Feb 28 2009

Chateauneuf du Pape Probe – Uwe Bende

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Sigi Hiss – Wer reife Chateauneuf du Pape Weine zu seinen Vorlieben zählt, der sollte sich noch einen der kurzfristig freigewordenen Plätze sichern. Uwe Bende hat sich sehr viel Mühe gemacht diese Altwein-Probe zusammen zustellen. Die Kontaktdaten zu Uwe Bende finden man am Ende jeweils beider Texte – es lohnt sich wirklich! Es wäre schlichtweg schade, wenn die frei gewordenen Plätze nicht besetzt werden könnten.

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Feb 27 2009

AUSTRALIA: Wine grape harvest estimated to fall 11%

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 18:57 editorial team – The 2009 Australian vintage is estimated to fall 11% on last year to 1.63m tonnes. This would make the 2009 harvest, which is now half complete, well below the record 2005 harvest of 1.93m tonnes but well above the drought and frost-affected 2007 harvest of 1.34m tonnes, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) said. Continue reading „AUSTRALIA: Wine grape harvest estimated to fall 11%“

Feb 27 2009

CHILE: Vina Concha y Toro profit falls

Tag: Weingütersigi.hiss @ 18:54 editorial team – Chile’s largest wine producer, Vina Concha y Toro, has blamed unfavourable exchange rates and economic conditions for a 5.5% drop in net profit for 2008. Net earnings for the year fell to CHP35bn (US$58m), down from CHP37bn in 2007, Vina Concha y Toro said today (27 February). Fourth quarter net income slid by 17% to CHP7bn. Continue reading „CHILE: Vina Concha y Toro profit falls“

Feb 27 2009

SPAIN: Baron de Ley wine profit sinks

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Ivan Castano – Spanish winery Baron de Ley has posted a 26% drop in 2008 net profit to EUR18.8m, hurt by a sharp decline in domestic sales. The group said sales totaled EUR87m, down 7% from 2007, amid slumping domestic wine sales in recession-hit Spain. Baron de Ley would not provide more information and could not be reached for comment. In the nine months ended September 2008, Baron suffered a 5% profit drop to EUR13m as domestic sales plummeted 6%, although exports increased 2%.

Feb 25 2009

Cult Barolo producer Teobaldo Cappellano dies

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Kerin O’Keefe – Teobaldo Cappellano, the respected and controversial Barolo producer, has died at 65. Cappellano – known to friends as Baldo – was an outspoken traditionalist who often joined forces with Beppe Rinaldi and the late Bartolo Mascarello. They referred to themselves as the ‚Last of the Mohicans‘ for their fierce determination to defend classically crafted Barolos. Continue reading „Cult Barolo producer Teobaldo Cappellano dies“

Feb 25 2009

Decanter Man of the Year 2009: Nicolás Catena

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Nicolas Catena Maggie Rosen – Decanter has chosen Nicolás Catena Man of the Year 2009, crediting him with changing the direction of Argentina’s wine industry. In the April issue of Decanter, the pioneering winemaker and force behind Argentina’s Catena Wines tells Anthony Rose how he was considered ‚mad‘ when in the early 1990s he decided to plant in the Uco Valley, at 1,440 meters. Since then, he has become a leader for experimenting with clones and microclimates, the better to exploit this ‚New World El Dorado‘ in the Andean foothills.

He has been instrumental in changing the Argentinian wine scene more than anybody else, pushing it towards high quality and intelligent marketing,‘ said Baron Eric de Rothschild. While a PhD student of economics and mathematics at Columbia University, Catena drank Blue Nun, Soave Bolla and Undurraga, but was exposed to Chateaux Latour, Lafite and Margaux by the Argentine consul in New York, who periodically invited him to lunch. He spent his late 20s and 30s moving between academe and the family wine business, but it was the latter that ultimately called to him. Continue reading „Decanter Man of the Year 2009: Nicolás Catena“

Feb 25 2009

South Africa wineries fight fires

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Rebecca Gibb – Wineries in South Africa are battling to extinguish bushfires that have been raging from Stellenbosch to the Somerset West area over the last 10 days. The fires have put properties including Lourensford and Vergelegen at risk. They passed through Vergelegen’s 3,000ha property on Sunday night, but no vineyards were damaged. Continue reading „South Africa wineries fight fires“

Feb 24 2009

‚Audacious‘ Kiwis take on best of Bordeaux

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Beverley Blanning MW – Two wines from the tiny Gimblett Gravels area of Hawkes Bay in New Zealand have out-performed Bordeaux wines ten times as expensive. Growers challenged the palates of the UK’s leading tasters, pitting their wines against top 2005 clarets. Continue reading „‚Audacious‘ Kiwis take on best of Bordeaux“

Feb 20 2009

NEW ZEALAND: Winemakers face smaller vintage

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 18:08 editorial team – The 2009 New Zealand grape harvest, which will begin next week, is expected to be smaller than last year, according to New Zealand Winegrowers‘ annual pre-vintage survey. Continue reading „NEW ZEALAND: Winemakers face smaller vintage“

Feb 20 2009

Rioja sales slump to three-year low as rival appellations report record sales

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John Abbott – Rioja sales fell by up to 15% in 2008, with Rias Baixas and Castilla-La Mancha reporting marked increases in sales. Continue reading „Rioja sales slump to three-year low as rival appellations report record sales“

Feb 20 2009

Weingut Keller/Kaiserstuhl: Bordeauxweine gestohlen

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Diebe haben aus dem Bergkeller des Weingutes „Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler“ in Oberbergen französische Grand Cru Weine gestohlen. Offenbar kannten sich die Diebe sehr gut mit edlen Tropfen aus. Der Schaden geht in die Hunderttausende.  Continue reading „Weingut Keller/Kaiserstuhl: Bordeauxweine gestohlen“

Feb 20 2009

China’s growing thirst for wine

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Mark Godfrey – Grape expectations in China. China’s reputation as both a wine market and producer looks to be going in only one direction. Mark Godfrey in Beijing speaks exclusively to consultants, sommeliers, retailers and producers on the ground to assess the progress the country has made. Continue reading „China’s growing thirst for wine“

Feb 19 2009

Bordeaux: wine boom may be over

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Oliver Styles – The boom of blue chip Bordeaux wines may be over, according to senior industry commentators. The economic downturn, inflated pricing and lack of interest in recent vintages could also herald a significant shift in the power-politics of the region. Continue reading „Bordeaux: wine boom may be over“

Feb 19 2009

Südafrika auf der Pro Wein 2009!

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petra Mayer: Liste aller Weingüter am Schluss des Textes – Mit einem neuen Messestand und rd. 36 Winzern präsentiert sich das Weinland Südafrika vom 29. – 31. März auf der Weinfachmesse ProWein in Düsseldorf. Südafrikas Weinwirtschaft blickt erwartungsvoll auf das kommende Weinjahr. Die letztjährigen Gesamtexporte Südafrikas erzielten mit rund 400 Millionen Litern einen unerwarteten Absatzrekord; nach Deutschland wurden im Jahre 2008 rund 67 Millionen Liter geliefert. Continue reading „Südafrika auf der Pro Wein 2009!“

Feb 18 2009


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Gevrey ChambertinThe traces of a Gallo-Roman plantation of vines have been discovered in Gevrey-Chambertin. It is the oldest direct proof of vine-growing in Burgundy. It probably dates from the 1st century AD. This discovery means our history books on Burgundy vines will need revising. For a long time now specialists have dated the appearance of vines in Burgundy to circa 312AD, when a certain Eumenius sent a text describing the Burgundy vineyards to the Continue reading „HISTORY: A GALLO-ROMAN VINE DISCOVERED IN GEVREY-CHAMBERTIN!“

Feb 18 2009


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The 2008 Burgundy harvest is down 5.3 % on the 2007 harvest, and 4.4% against the average of the past five years. It amounts to the equivalent of 193 million bottles for a virtually unchanged production area (-0.2 %) of 27,626 hectares. Continue reading „2008 BURGUNDY HARVEST DOWN 5 %“

Feb 17 2009

Cheval Blanc to build ‚contemporary‘ winery

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Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Chateau Cheval Blanc, the Premier Grand Cru Classe property in St-Emilion, is to build a new, ‚contemporary‘ winery next year. According to the chateau’s director, Pierre Lurton, Continue reading „Cheval Blanc to build ‚contemporary‘ winery“

Feb 16 2009

PORTUGAL: Amorim cuts jobs in wine cork sector

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 17:45 editorial team – Cork producer Amorim has said that it plans to cut more than 50 jobs in its wine closure division, warning of a slowdown across the sector. Amorim has said it will cut 53 jobs in its wine closure business, as part of nearly 200 job losses across the company. The total job losses are equivalent to nearly 1.5% of the company’s total workforce of 3,840. Continue reading „PORTUGAL: Amorim cuts jobs in wine cork sector“

Feb 16 2009

Wine prices slashed amid oversupply

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It’s a good time for wine drinkers to stock up their cellars as an oversupply of Sauvignon Blanc forces producers to slash prices. The average price of a bottle is down by a third on last year, with some brands discounted even further. Quality Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is now a whole lot cheaper. Continue reading „Wine prices slashed amid oversupply“

Feb 16 2009

Should Bordeaux delay its en primeur sales?

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An analysis by Suzanne Mustacich in Bordeaux – Jean-Guillaume Prats, General Director of Cos d’Estournel in Saint-Estephe, recently created a stir by suggesting in the local newspaper that the winegrowers should delay the en primeur sale of their wines until September. He suggests that the arrival of President Obama and economic stimulus packages will lead to signs of recovery by fall, improving the climate for Bordeaux futures. Continue reading „Should Bordeaux delay its en primeur sales?“

Feb 14 2009

Australia: our Albariño is the real thing

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Australian winemakers insist their Albariño is the real thing despite tests casting doubt on the authenticity of the grape. Last year French ampelographer Jean-Michel Boursiquot suspected that an Albariño vine in the Barossa Valley was fact White Traminer, or Savagnin, a grape most closely associated with the Jura region of France. Continue reading „Australia: our Albariño is the real thing“

Feb 14 2009

Patrick Johner – Gedanken zum Weinjournalismus

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Sigi Hiss – Patrick Johner vom gleichnamigen Weingut am Kaiserstuhl/Baden, hat sich zum Thema Weinjournalismus ein paar Gedanken gemacht . Die Verbindung von Weinjournalismus, Weingütern und die seriöse Bewertung der Weine, ist ein sehr heikles, jedoch allgegenwärtiges Problem. Eine Art offenes Geheimnis ist wohl, dass wirtschaftliche Interessen immer mehr Einfluss auf Bewertungen, Artikel & Empfehlungen haben. Mal ganz abgesehen von selbst gemachten Erfahrungen als Jurymitglied, wo man mir klar machte, dass jenes Weingut einen grossen Anzeigenumsatz macht & deren Weine doch bitte schön unter den besten sein müssen – bis dahin, dass Winzer angerufen haben & mir klar mitteilten, dass alle Anzeigen sofort storniert werden wenn noch einmal solch eine mässige Bewertung im Heft erscheint.

Hier scheint wohl der Ansatzpunkt von Patrick Johner zu liegen. Etwas umständlich erklärt aber mit gewisser Substanz dahinter.

Feb 14 2009

South Africa dismisses „poverty wages“ for wine workers claim

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 09:04 editorial team – The South African wine industry has countered claims that its workers „face poverty wages“ supplying supermarkets in the UK. A report commissioned by anti-poverty charity War on Want, released today (13 February), warned of „worsening conditions for (South African) employees as UK retailers and wine brokers drive down suppliers‘ prices to boost their profits“. Continue reading „South Africa dismisses „poverty wages“ for wine workers claim“

Feb 13 2009

Court orders Phelps to pay $24m to former boss and winemaker

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Richard Woodard – Top Napa Valley winery Joseph Phelps has been ordered to pay its former CEO and its ex-winemaker more than US$24m for their share of the company. Continue reading „Court orders Phelps to pay $24m to former boss and winemaker“

Feb 12 2009

US: Kautz Family Vineyards recruits new sales, marketing exec

Tag: Weingütersigi.hiss @ 19:47 editorial team – Kautz Family Vineyards has appointed a new sales and marketing executive. The California-based wine company said yesterday (11 February) that Ron Johnson will assume the position of senior vice president of sales and marketing. Johnson joins Kautz from Sebastiani Vineyards, where he had been executive vice president of sales and marketing. Continue reading „US: Kautz Family Vineyards recruits new sales, marketing exec“

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