Aug 13 2009

ITALY: Chianti Classico limits ’09 wine harvest

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Chianti Classico to regulate supply. Italy’s ruling council for Chianti Classico wines is to hold back a fifth of this year’s wine harvest in response to uncertainty in the market. It is hoped that ruling, known as „blocage“, will help to stabilise supply and demand for Chianti Classico in a wine market affected by the global economic downturn. Continue reading „ITALY: Chianti Classico limits ’09 wine harvest“

Aug 13 2009

French wine in danger due to global warming

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Graham Tearse – French vineyards are on the brink of disaster unless dramatic measures are taken to reduce global CO2 emissions, Greenpeace has warned. Leading figures from the French wine and culinary world have teamed up with the environmental group in writing an open letter, which has been published in the influential French newspaper Le Monde. Continue reading „French wine in danger due to global warming“