Aug 14 2009

just the facts – The world’s most expensive drinks

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Becky Pile – This month a 50-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch whisky was released from Scottish distiller William Grant & Sons, at GBP10,000 (US$16,500) per bottle. Here is a list of five of the most expensive drinks ever made, sold or auctioned. Continue reading „just the facts – The world’s most expensive drinks“

Aug 14 2009

VDP. Die Prädikatsweingüter: Der Traubenadler wird 100

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100 Jahre beste Weine aus besten Lagen von kreativen Winzern. Die älteste Weingütervereinigung der Welt feiert 2010 Geburtstag.

Gimmeldingen: „100 Jahre beste Weine aus besten Lagen von kreativen Winzern“; unter diesesimage002 Motto stellen die VDP Prädikatsweingüter ihre Geburtstagsfeierlichkeiten im Jahr 2010. Der VDP, die älteste Weingütervereinigung der Welt, gegründet 1910, Continue reading „VDP. Die Prädikatsweingüter: Der Traubenadler wird 100“

Aug 14 2009

Tetrapak & Wein & bestimmte Duftstoffe

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Sigi Hiss, Quelle: Journal of Agriculturel & Food Chemistry. Bestimmte Stoffe im Wein, gelten als dem Geschmack bzw. der Qualität eines Weines abträglich. Ich bin kein Chemiker & habe deshalb den originalen Kurztext der Quelle unten reinkopiert. Continue reading „Tetrapak & Wein & bestimmte Duftstoffe“

Aug 14 2009

When First Growths Place Last

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By DOROTHY J. GAITER AND JOHN BRECHER – Combination of high prices, so-so Bordeaux makes ’06 special—and not in a good way. The famous first-growth Bordeaux from the 2006 vintage are arriving in stores now with prices that look reasonable only in comparison to the ridiculous prices of their immediate predecessors.  Continue reading „When First Growths Place Last“

Aug 14 2009

Boisset acquires Napa Valley’s Raymond Vineyard

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Boisset Family Estates, the French wine company that owns DeLoach Vineyards, announced Monday it has purchased its first Napa Valley winery, Raymond Vineyard & Cellar in St. Helena. It acquired the winery and more than 250 acres of Napa Valley vineyards from Kirin Holdings Co. of Japan, which bought it from the Raymond family in 1988. Terms were not disclosed. Continue reading „Boisset acquires Napa Valley’s Raymond Vineyard“

Aug 14 2009

Parker sees wine world shifting

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by Meininger’s Wine Business International – The power of the wine world is shifting to Asia, according to Robert Parker, one of the world’s most influential wine critics “There is no doubt that the power in the wine world will shift more and more towards Asia, led by Hong Kong and such emerging wine consuming giants as South Korea and China,” he said in a recent interview with Pancho Campo MW, president of the Wine Academy of Spain. Continue reading „Parker sees wine world shifting“