Aug 18 2009

Hervorragendes PLV

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Sigi Hiss – In den letzen Wochen sind mir ein paar sehr gute Weine zu außerordentlich vernünftigen Preisen aufgefallen. Diesmal alle aus Baden, wo ich in letzter Zeit einiges verkostet habe.

Die Weine Continue reading „Hervorragendes PLV“

Aug 18 2009

New EU norm regulates DO Jerez by-products

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The measure prohibits bodegas from importing products to make Sherry wines. Recently published European legislation dictates that DO Jerez’s by-products must come from the Sherry Triangle itself. The norm, in place with immediate effect, prohibits bodegas from importing products from outside the designated area to make Sherry; it also mentions surplus and vine uprooting. Continue reading „New EU norm regulates DO Jerez by-products“

Aug 18 2009

Approved the designation of origin “La Gomera”

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The DO “La Gomera” will receive national, community and international protection, according to the publication of Official Spanish Gazette (BOE) last August 15, that approves the regulations for this new Spanish appelation of origin following the order from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Affairs. Continue reading „Approved the designation of origin “La Gomera”“