Feb 18 2010

FRANCE: Wine exports slump to „year 2000“ levels

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Source: Stuart Todd – French wine exports have fallen back to year 2000 levels, according to France’s overseas economic development agency, Ubifrance. Value exports declined by 19% to EUR5.5bn (US$7.5bn) in 2009, while volumes fell 9% to 12.5m hectolitres, Ubifrance said this week.

Export revenues fell 28% for Champagne and 23% for Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. French wine exports to the UK, France’s premier market, fell 23% to EUR325m and by 19% in volume. But, Ubifrance reported “encouraging signals” in the final quarter of 2009 and continued growth in China during the year.

“While the downturn in exports has affected all categories of wines, vins de pays and table wines are faring better than AOCs which have been hit hard,” it added.

Feb 18 2010

FRANCE/US: E&J Gallo a victim in mass Pinot Noir wine fraud

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Chris Mercer – Wineries and merchants in southern France have been found guilty of duping buyers, including E&J Gallo Winery, into purchasing fake Pinot Noir wine at inflated prices. Ringleaders of the mass fraud operation were given suspended prison sentences and fines by a court in the French city of Carcassonne yesterday (17 February).

Wine merchant Sieur Arques, a supplier to E&J Gallo Winery, must pay back EUR180,000 (US$244,000), the largest fine handed down by the court.  Sieur Arques was one of several local businesses, including wine merchant Ducasse and cooperative Montblanc, who passed off cheap wine as Pinot Noir between 2006 and 2008. By selling the cheaper wine at inflated prices, it is estimated that those involved made an extra EUR7m. Continue reading „FRANCE/US: E&J Gallo a victim in mass Pinot Noir wine fraud“

Feb 18 2010

Leichtes Plus im Umsatz, leichtes Minus im Absatz Neueste Zahlen: Stabiler Weinmarkt 2009

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Der deutsche Weinmarkt blieb im vergangenen Jahr von der Wirtschaftskrise weitgehend verschont. Wie das Deutsche Weininstitut (DWI) auf der Basis von GfK-Erhebungen mitteilt, ist der Umsatz mit Wein in Deutschland 2009 bezogen auf alle Einkaufsstätten (Lebensmittelhandel, Discount, Fachhandel, Winzer) erneut um 1,2 % gestiegen.

WeinfachhandelBereits 2008 und 2007 stiegen die Umsätze hierzulande um 2,2 % bzw. 1,2 %. Der Weinabsatz war im vergangenen Jahr allerdings mit einem Minus von 1,5 % leicht rückläufig. „Wir hatten 2009 insgesamt gesehen einen recht stabilen Weinmarkt. Dazu beigetragen hat sicherlich auch die nachgewiesene Verlagerung des Außer-Haus-Konsums in Richtung In-Haus-Konsum“, kommentiert DWI-Geschäfts­führerin Monika Reule die aktuelle Weinmarkt­situation. Continue reading „Leichtes Plus im Umsatz, leichtes Minus im Absatz Neueste Zahlen: Stabiler Weinmarkt 2009“

Feb 18 2010

8. März Baur au Lac/Zürich – Trentino Wine on tour 2010

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Sigi Hiss – Trento/Köln, 17.02.2010 – TRENTINO WINE ON TOUR 2010 – die Roadshow der charaktervollen Trentiner Weine und Grappa – macht am 8. März in Zürich Station. Von 14 – 18 Uhr steht das Baur au Lac ganz im Zeichen der Trentiner Weine. Im Anschluss daran findet von 19 – 20 Uhr das Afterwork-Wine-Tasting mit dem international gefragten Spumante TRENTODOC Metodo classico in der Lounge des Restaurants Totò statt. Continue reading „8. März Baur au Lac/Zürich – Trentino Wine on tour 2010“

Feb 18 2010

Phelps: $30m award upheld

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Richard Woodard – A San Francisco court has upheld an award of US$30m to the former CEO and ex-winemaker of Joseph Phelps for their share in the renowned Napa winery. But the 18-month court battle is set to continue after the company signalled its intent to appeal against the decision of San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter J Busch.

Former Joseph Phelps CEO Tom Shelton died at the age of 55 in July 2008, leaving his wife, Laurie, and five children. Two months later, an arbitrator awarded him more than US$12m, and US$11.85m to winemaker Craig Williams, for their share in the winery.

However, Joseph Phelps contested the decision, arguing that incorrect standards of law and evidence had been used. The sum has now risen to US$30m, including more than US$2m in attorneys‘ fees and interest accruing at 10%. Forrest Hainline, attorney for Shelton and Williams, said of the most recent court decision: ‚Tom Shelton and Craig Williams built the Phelps winery and reputation. ‚I am pleased with the award, but saddened that Tom did not live to see justice done, and disappointed that Joseph Phelps and his cohorts continue to try to resist justice being done.‘

Feb 18 2010

New threat to France: the New New World

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Richard Woodard – Traditional wine-producers like France must bolster their domestic markets as well as pursuing exports, according to a wide-ranging new report. At the same time the ‚New New World‘ – led by Brazil, India and China – will become competitors as well as future markets.

The warning comes from France’s team of foreign trade advisors the Comité National des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CNCCEF), which says countries currently viewed as future growth markets will become threats as well as opportunities as they develop their own wine industries. Continue reading „New threat to France: the New New World“