Mrz 10 2010

FRANCE: Oeneo Bouchage renamed Diam Bouchage

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Source: Stuart Todd – Oeneo Bouchage, the French wine closures company, has been renamed Diam Bouchage, a move which reflects the company’s focus on the Diamant Process. This claims to eradicate detectable levels of cork taint by using patented technology developed jointly by Oeneo and the French Atomic Agency.

The company has to date marketed 1bn Diam closures. Last month, Oeneo completed the sale of the activities of its subsidiary, Sibel –  which specialises in traditional closures for sparkling wines –  to French counterpart, Oller.

Mrz 10 2010

UK: E&J Gallo Winery forecasts tough 2010

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Chris Mercer – E & J Gallo Winery will continue trimming back its range in the UK in 2010, as the trend for promotions and a „savage“ tax on wine make the country a tough place to do business. The country’s wine market is unlikely to show much improvement in 2010, according to George Marsden, E&J Gallo’s vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Gallo is refocusing its UK wine range around five core brands, a strategy that began last year in an attempt to adapt to the tough market conditions. The privately-owned wine giant reported a drop in volume sales in 2009, of which around three quarters was a result of the firm withdrawing ranges, the group told a briefing with journalists in London today (9 March). Continue reading „UK: E&J Gallo Winery forecasts tough 2010“