Mrz 16 2010

Zürich & WM 2010 & Weine & Südafrika & Fussball = ?

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Sigi Hiss – Wer die Fussball WM in Südafrika inmitten südafrikanischer Atmosphäre & vor allem mit südafrikanischen Weinen geniessen will, hier ist DIE Location in Zürich dafür – jetzt schon reservieren & Tickets kaufen!!

Mrz 16 2010

FRANCE: Champagne makers to use lighter bottles

Tag: Regionensigi.hiss @ 18:01 editorial team – Lighter bottles are to be made available to Champagne producers as part of efforts to reduce the wine region’s carbon footprint. At 835g, the new bottles are 65g lighter than their current counterparts, Champagne trade body, the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne (CIVC), said today (16 March).

The CIVC is encouraging all Champagne houses and cooperatives to begin using the lighter bottles in order to help the region reduce carbon emissions. If taken up by the vast majority of producers, the new bottle will cut Champagne industry carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tonnes, equivalent to that of 4,000 cars, the CIVC said.

The move is part of the CIVC’s strategy to cut carbon emissions by 25% from 2003 levels by 2020, and by 75% by 2050. Lighter bottles will shave 1% off the industry’s total emissions, the body said at a briefing in London today. The CIVC will not force producers to use the lighter bottle, however.

Mrz 16 2010

UK: Price erosion causes Champagne headache

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Thirst  for cheaper fizz causes industry headache
Thirst for cheaper fizz causes industry headache
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Chris Mercer – Nearly half of the growth in Champagne prices in the UK over the last decade was wiped out by discounting during the country’s economic recession in 2009.

Pricing in key export markets is the major concern in 2010 for Champagne trade body Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne (CIVC).

In the UK, by far Champagne’s largest export market, average prices rose by a fifth between 1999 and the end of 2008. But, almost half of this growth was eroded during a few tough months in 2009, shows an index released by the CIVC at its annual briefing in London today (16 March).     Continue reading „UK: Price erosion causes Champagne headache“

Mrz 16 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: Winelands in the dark over mining threat

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Mining  yay or mining nay?
Mining yay or mining nay?
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Confusion reigns in South Africa’s winelands, over claims that the country’s African Exploration and Mining Finance Corp (AEMFC) has withdrawn its application to prospect in the Western Cape.

Earlier this month, AEMFC applied for rights to prospect for tin, zinc, lead, lithium, copper, manganese and silver in the wine-producing regions.

This was followed, however, by a statement dated 11 March, in which company chairman Mputumi Damane said the firm has withdrawn its application “for strategic business reasons”. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: Winelands in the dark over mining threat“

Mrz 16 2010

Lebensmittelhandel verkauft mehr Wein

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Im vergangenen Jahr wurden nahezu drei Viertel aller Weine hierzulande im Lebensmittelhandel und Discount eingekauft. Wie das Deutsche Weininstitut (DWI) im Vorfeld der internationalen Weinmesse ProWein bekannt gab, stieg der Anteil dieser Anbieter am Weineinkauf 2009 erneut um ein Prozent auf nunmehr 73 Prozent.

Weineinkauf im LEH„Die Discounter haben sich in den letzten Jahren zunehmend zum Nahversorger entwickelt und gewinnen mit einem Marktanteil von mittlerweile 47 Prozent am gesamten Weinabsatz in Deutschland auch als Weineinkaufstätte weiter an Bedeutung“, erläutert DWI-Geschäftsführerin Monika Reule. „Durch ihre Strategie, sich auch mit höherwertigeren Weinen zu profilieren, stieg ihr Umsatz mit Wein 2009 leicht um ein Prozent“, so Reule. Continue reading „Lebensmittelhandel verkauft mehr Wein“

Mrz 16 2010

Deutschland: Weinexporte 2009 rückläufig

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Die weltweite Wirtschaftskrise hat 2009 auch die deutschen Weinexporteure erfasst, allerdings weniger stark als befürchtet. Nach Angaben des Deutschen Weininstituts (DWI) wurden im vergangenen Jahr sechs Prozent weniger Wein ausgeführt als 2008, im Wert gaben die Exporte um acht Prozent nach.

Weinexport USA

„Neben den extrem schwierigen Marktverhältnissen hat in vielen wichtigen Exportmärkten der starke Euro das Geschäft noch zusätzlich belastet. Mit einem Gesamtexportvolumen von rund 200 Millionen Litern Wein im Wert von 394 Millionen Euro bewegen wir uns allerdings immer noch auf dem Niveau von 2007“, erläuterte DWI-Geschäftsführerin Monika Reule im Vorfeld der internationalen Weinmesse ProWein in Düsseldorf.

In den USA, Deutschlands umsatzstärkstem Weinexportland, war der Wert der gesamten Weinimporte  im vergangenen Jahr um 13 Prozent geringer als noch 2008. Dieser Rückgang ging wegen des ungünstigen Eurokurses vor allem zu Lasten der europäischen Weinbaunationen. „Im Vergleich zu anderen Herkünften sind die deutschen Weine mit einem Umsatzrückgang von zehn Prozent und einem Absatzverlust von acht Prozent noch vergleichsweise glimpflich davon gekommen“, so die Einschätzung von Reule. Continue reading „Deutschland: Weinexporte 2009 rückläufig“

Mrz 16 2010

US exports fall

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Richard Woodard – US wine export volumes fell 15% in 2009, impacted by the global economic downturn and a tough year in the highly competitive UK market. According to figures released by California’s Wine Institute, shipments were down 14.9% to 417.9m litres, and dipped 9.5% by value to US$911.8m – after topping the US$1bn mark in a record-breaking 2008.

But Wine Institute president and CEO Bobby Koch pointed to a 16% rise in sales during the fourth quarter. ‚The California wine industry was not immune to the global recession, but fared better than most wine-producing countries,‘ he said.

Mrz 16 2010

Relief in Cape as mining plans shelved

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Richard Woodard – Vineyard owners in the Western Cape are celebrating after a state-owned mining company withdrew plans to prospect in the area. Concerned wineries and their supporters had warned that national pride was at stake over the plans tabled by the African Exploration Mining and Finance Company (AEMFC) to look for tin, zinc and other metals.

The company, which is funded by South Africa’s Central Energy Fund, had applied to prospect for tin, zinc, lead, lithium, copper, manganese and silver in districts including Stellenbosch, Durbanville and Kuils River.

The application was provisionally accepted, prompting a tidal wave of opposition from wine producers, the Cape Winemakers Guild, Wines of South Africa, and the Stellenbosch and Durbanville Wine Routes – as well as wildlife and conservation groups.

The Winelands Action Group was formed, attracting more than 3,000 fans to its Facebook page, and legal action was launched to challenge the plans. But late on Thursday the AEMFC announced that it was withdrawing its application ‚for strategic business reasons‘ following an extensive review process.

Welcoming the decision, Gary Jordan of Jordan Wines said the level of opposition to the plans had been ‚unprecedented‘, with thousands of objections lodged in the space of a week and the support of international wine writers, including Jancis Robinson.

‚Relieved – of course,‘ he told ‚Angry – yes, immensely. National pride was at stake, not just a few wine estates such as Jordan.
‚Hopefully we can now close an unnecessary chapter of the 2010 Cape vintage – it’s bad enough trying to fight heatwaves and thunderstorms, and the lack of enough tank-space at this time of year, so I’m certainly looking forward to the first 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon this morning.‘

Mrz 16 2010

FRANCE: China offers hope as Bordeaux wine sales sour

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Source: Stuart Todd – China provided the major bright spot in a grim year for Bordeaux wine exports in 2009, according to trade body the Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin du Bordreaux (CIVB). Exports to China increased by 40% in value on the previous year to EUR74m (US$101.6m), while volumes doubled to 137,000 hectolitres.

This is in stark contrast to what CIVB president Alain Vironneau called “a catastrophic year” for Bordeaux in general. Global exports fell 14% in volume to 4.96mhl (661m bottles) and by 23% in value to EUR3.37bn. The underlying decline in value exports in 2009 is more marked due to one-off gains in 2008 from sales of prestigious 2005 vintage wines.
Vironneau said there has been “slight improvement” in export sales over the past three months, “even though this does not compensate for our losses – far from it”. Another positive is the 2009 vintage, which experts have described as exceptional.

Mrz 16 2010

Vinum & Prowein

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Sigi Hiss – Die Zeitschrift Vinum & ihr Programm für die Prowein können sie hier nachschauen VINUM_prowein_2010.

Mrz 16 2010

ProWein 2010: Rekordverdächtig – Erstmals über 3.300 Aussteller aus 50 Nationen

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Mit einem neuen Ausstellerrekord startet am 21. März die ProWein in Düsseldorf. An drei Tagen präsentieren sich über 3.300 Aussteller aus 50 Nationen, darunter alle relevanten Weinbaugebiete der Welt sowie zahlreiche Anbieter von Spirituosen. Mit diesem umfangreichen Angebot ist die Leitmesse bestens gerüstet und untermauert ihren Ruf als wichtigstes Treffen der internationalen Wein- und Spirituosenbranche. Insgesamt werden rund 35.000 Fachbesucher aus Handel und Gastronomie erwartet. Continue reading „ProWein 2010: Rekordverdächtig – Erstmals über 3.300 Aussteller aus 50 Nationen“