Mrz 18 2010

Dom Perignon launches Oenotheque rose

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By John Abbott – Dom Perignon has launched its first Oenotheque rose. The 1990 vintage Oenotheque rose will be the first mature vintage rose released by Dom Perignon, and will sit alongside the current vintage Oenotheque, as well as the Dom Perignon vintage and vintage rose.

The wine is made from a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from Grand Cru sites in Ay, Bouzy and Cramant, and was disgorged in 2007. Speaking at the press launch in London, Dom Perignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy said that the wine’s equal blend made it perfect fit for the Oenotheque range.

‚When you reach 50/50 weighting, you know you’re in business. Everything is in balance.‘ ‚The salient character of the wine is its duality. Weight and intensity. It’s a magnificent sum of great terroirs together. The new addition to the Oenotheque range is being made available 10 years after the original Oenotheque collection was released.

The 1990 vintage also marks Richard Geoffroy’s twenty years as Chef de Cave at Dom Perignon. The Dom Perignon Oenotheque rose is due to be released in the UK in April and is expected to retail at £520 a bottle.

Mrz 18 2010

Riedel wins ‚breathable glass‘ case

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Eisch breathable glass for sale on Tim Teichgraeber – Austrian glassmaker Riedel has declared victory in its lawsuit against its rival Eisch over false claims for breathable glass. Riedel, Nachtmann and Spiegelau filed suit in Munich, Germany alleging that Eisch’s advertisement boasting ‚breathable glass‘ constituted false advertising.

On 19 January the two parties agreed to settle after Eisch’s claim that its ‚breathable‘ glasses were made using a secret process that ‚opens bouquet and aromas within 2 to 4 minutes‘ was not supported in court.

Mrz 18 2010

California vineyards face foreclosure

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Panos Kakaviatos – Some California vineyards are facing foreclosure this year, with many reporting 2009 as their ‚worst year‘ ever. The wine division of the Silicon Valley Bank said some foreclosures could be expected in 2010, continuing a trend which began last year.

‚We expect to see more “bargain transitions” or distressed sales [from 2009 into 2010]‘, Rob McMillan, founder of the bank’s wine division told He added foreclosures were ‚rare‘ in the wine industry. Following 12 years of consecutive growth in the retail value of wine sold in the United States, the market declined in 2009, according to wine industry consultants Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates. Continue reading „California vineyards face foreclosure“