Aug 13 2010

Walliser Weine gewinnen dreimal «Grosses Gold»

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NZZ – Neue Züricher Zeitung Online: Die besten Zürcher Weine kommen aus Neftenbach und Männedorf.
In den letzten vier Tagen wurden an der Internationalen Weinprämierung (IWPZ) in Zürich fast 2400 Weine aus dem In- und Ausland degustiert, beurteilt und bewertet. Am Donnerstag wurden die Gewinner der «Grossen Gold»-, Gold- und Silberdiplome veröffentlicht.

(sda) Die Schweiz, genauer gesagt der Kanton Wallis, holte bei der diesjährigen Prämierung gleich dreimal die Höchstnote «Grosses Gold». Zwei dieser Auszeichnungen gingen an denselben Hersteller, den Weinkeller von Adrian Mathier in Salgesch. Continue reading „Walliser Weine gewinnen dreimal «Grosses Gold»“

Aug 13 2010

US: Jackson Family Wines appoints Marcia Monahan to Matanzas Creek

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Jackson Family Wines has appointed a new winemaker at its Matanzas Creek winery in California. Continue reading „US: Jackson Family Wines appoints Marcia Monahan to Matanzas Creek“

Aug 13 2010

High prices, low stocks stifle Asia’s appetite for 2009s

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by Rebecca Gibb – The 2009 vintage was billed as the year Asian markets would jump aboard the en primeur train but small allocations, high prices and a continued reluctance to buy wine as futures in China have been blamed for a less successful campaign than expected.

Sales of the highly rated 2009s did increase in the Far East compared to 2008 but negociants and UK merchants admit the campaign did not meet their expectations.

One Bordeaux-based merchant told it was ‚pretty disappointed‘ with the 2009 campaign in the Far East but also admitted it had ‚pared back‘ allocations. Continue reading „High prices, low stocks stifle Asia’s appetite for 2009s“

Aug 13 2010

Russia bans Moldovan wine

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The Moldovan wine industry’s biggest market, Russia, has banned wine imports from the former Soviet republic after a leading health official claimed it ’should be used to paint fences‘.

The Russian customs service has stopped Moldovan wine from entering the country over concerns about quality and health risks, according to news agency Reuters.

In the three weeks to 15 July, the Russian customs agency said there were more than half a million bottles labelled as ‚poor quality‘ and more than 90 batches failing to meet hygiene standards. Continue reading „Russia bans Moldovan wine“

Aug 13 2010

Bordeaux aims to sweeten up US market

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Sauternes by Rebecca Gibb – Bordeaux’s sweet wine producers are heading to the US to host after-work parties in a bid to make the category ‚young‘ and ‚fun‘.

The Union des Grands Vins Liquoreux de Bordeaux will launch ‚Sweet Hours‘ in New York and San Francisco in November. It has already run a series of these after-work parties aimed at 25-35 year-olds in Bordeaux but the US dates mark the first Sweet Hour events outside the region. Continue reading „Bordeaux aims to sweeten up US market“