Nov 16 2010

Comment – Wine – There’s Trouble in the Land Down Under

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Recently back from a trip to Australia, Chris Losh has found time to grab a shower, stick a wash on, and describe for us what he sees as a challenging time all round for the country’s wine producers.

These are difficult times to be in charge of directing the Australian wine industry. So it’s perhaps not surprising that, over the last few months, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) has lost a couple of its key players.

First, in early-September, Lisa McGovern, head of Wines of Australia in the country’s biggest export market, the UK, left after barely 18 months in the job. Then, a fortnight later, the AWBC’s overall general manager for market development, Paul Henry, handed his notice in, too.

McGovern’s role is proving to be a particularly difficult post to fill. Her replacement will be, by my reckoning, the fourth new face in the job in six years. While, to lose a senior figure like Henry at such a difficult time is far from ideal. Continue reading „Comment – Wine – There’s Trouble in the Land Down Under“

Nov 16 2010

WINE ENTHUSIAST: 2008 Shiraz vom Weingut Ernst Gouws/Stellenbosch

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Sigi Hiss – Sehr gerne publiziere ich diese Meldung von meinem Freund Ernst Gouws vom gleichnamigen Weingut.

WINE ENTHUSIAST, one of the world’s leading wine magazines in the USA, rated and reviewed the Ernst Gouws & Co Shiraz 2008 as a ‚Best Buy‘, handing it a score of 87 points.
Scoring at 87 points is a tremendous achievement for a South African Shiraz and one on which the Ernst team is particularly proud of.
Gratulation Ernst!