Apr 14 2011

Decanter: Bordeaux 2010 – merchants celebrate difference to 2009

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by Adam Lechmere – Wine merchants in the UK are confident they are going to be able to sell Bordeaux 2010 – simply because it is so ‚wildly different‘ to its predecessor. 

Bordeaux 2010 vintage en primeur Lafite Rothschild
Winemakers and chateau owners across Bordeaux shrugged their shoulders when faced with the inevitable question, is it better than 2009?And most merchants agree there are few similarities. For Simon Davies at Fine & Rare in London,2010 is the ‘non-identical twin’ of 2009, and those who bought the former will buy the latter because ‘you can’t have one without the other’. 

Its difference is its ‘trump card’, Adam Brett-Smith at Corney & Barrow told ‘It is so wildly different. Continue reading „Decanter: Bordeaux 2010 – merchants celebrate difference to 2009“

Apr 14 2011

Decanter: Young Italians ‚drink less wine than ever‘

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by Jane Parkinson – Younger Italians are drinking less wine than ever before, according to recent research
The statistics, by market research firm Unicab, showed 69% of Italians over 65 drink wine every day, while only 13% of 16- to 35-year-olds do the same.
Giovanni Brunetti of Unicab said one of the main reasons for the decline was ‘social evolution’. Continue reading „Decanter: Young Italians ‚drink less wine than ever‘“