Apr 18 2011

Mallorca Regional Wine: 49% increase of sales in 2010

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2010 was a very positive year for Mallorca Regional Wine marketing.  Sales showed a 49% increase and total wine sales volume reached 12.240  hectolitres.

Sales growth was general for all types of wine, with increases between 42%  and 51%. Red wines were the most representative with 74% of total wine marketed volume and 9.052 hectolitres.

White wines followed with 20% of total Mallorca Regional Wine sales reaching 2.468 hectolitres. And finally rosés, which represented 6%, with 720 hectolitres marketed.

Apr 18 2011

Decanter: Bordeaux 2010- First prices released

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux –  Chateau Bourgneuf Vayron in Pomerol and Chateau La Tour de By in the Medoc have released their Bordeaux 2010 prices, just a week after the official end of the wine futures tasting. Continue reading „Decanter: Bordeaux 2010- First prices released“