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Prädikat Wine Estates Achieve Success with Wines from Top Vineyard Sites – ERSTE LAGE – Renaissance of German Wines Continues

The latest sales results posted for VDP members in 2010 have added a crowning touch to the VDP Prädikat Wine Estates’ centennial last year. Top-quality German wines continue to be in vogue not only in Germany, but above all, in international markets. The wines from top vineyard sites – ERSTE LAGE wines – have profited considerably from this development and have served as a driving force.

VDP president Steffen Christmann notes: “From an economic standpoint, positive sales results for Germany’s finest dry Grands Crus – GROSSE GEWÄCHSE wines – are important to us, but no less important is the role these wines play as ambassadors for the image of German wine in the super premium category worldwide.” In all, the positive sales results of Germany’s 200 Prädikat wine estates in 2010 reflect their success in the league of the world’s top quality producers.

VDP Sales Overview
During the past year, sales volume of VDP estates increased by 15%, and now equals ca. 35 million bottles. Compared with 2009, the average price per bottle dropped in 2010, yet since 2005, the average price per bottle of GROSSES GEWÄCHS has risen 30%, to €26,00. Equally remarkable and positive: in terms of overall sales, the value of the proportion of ERSTE LAGE wines has increased by ca. 12% – the first time sales in this category have reached a double-digit figure.

Domestic Market
Sales continue to be stable in the German market. Competent, professional advice plays an increasingly important role in the specialty trade (wine shops), where sales increased 5% in 2010. Wine enthusiasts seem to correlate wine quality with reliable advice. Although the wine market in Germany as a whole for German wines showed a decrease both in value (-5.7%) and volume (-5%) in 2010, this is not reflected in the sales figures of the VDP estates, whose quality and sales goals remain on target.

Foreign Markets
There was considerable growth in exports of top-quality German VDP-wines in 2010. In the meantime, nearly every fourth bottle of a VDP wine is enjoyed abroad. Yet, the distribution pattern is quite varied. Traditionally solid markets, such as the USA (stagnant), England (dwindling since 2007), and Japan (unrelated to the current natural catastrophes in March 2011), have become problematic. On the other hand, smaller, new markets have emerged. In addition to Scandinavia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Italy, and Switzerland, a flourishing market for higher priced wines from ERSTE LAGEN has developed in the Baltic States – a trend that began in 2009.

Outlook 2011
The 2010 harvest was quite small. Most VDP estates report an average yield of 41.5 hl/ha, or 30 – 50% below the long-term average. The logical question: will they be able to meet customer demand? The answer is positive in that many estates don’t release their wines for sale before bottle aging, i.e. customers will – as always – be supplied with wines of earlier vintages. According to Steffen Christmann: “We really don’t see a supply problem here. There are sufficient stocks to meet the demand for top-quality wines, and the 2010 vintage is just around the corner.”
VDP – General Sales Overview in 2010
(Figures are projected, not absolute)

Total sales in 2010 (0.75-liter bottles): ca. 35,000,000

VDP membership: 194 estates (as of 01.01.2011)
Collective holdings: 4,900 ha (12,100 acres)
Average yield: 41.5 hl/ha (vintage 2010)
SALES MARKETS (on average)
Domestic: 75% (2004: 86%)
Export: 25% (2004: 14%)
(Export share ranges from 0-80%, Mosel growers are particularly export-oriented.)

Total: ca. 289 million Euros
Per estate: ca. 1,4 million Euros
Small, but high-caliber, markets in Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Italy, China etc.

Average bottle price of Grosses Gewächs: €26,00

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