Mai 12 2011

20. Mai 2011: Südafrika’s Weine in Zürich

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Sigi Hiss – Südafrikas Weine sind eine Reise mit (Mehr) Wert. Ich war in 2008 selbst 3 Wochen vor Ort & habe das Weinland Südafrika kennen & lieben gelernt. Mit Sicherheit werde ich wieder in den kommenden Jahren meine Zelte für einige Wochen dort aufschlagen. Eine traumhafte Weinregion nach der anderen fügt sich in weitem Bogen um Kapstadt herum an. Vorher kann Mann & Frau die Weine Südafrikas in Zürich erleben & genießen. Continue reading „20. Mai 2011: Südafrika’s Weine in Zürich“

Mai 12 2011

Decanter: Chapoutier looks for English vineland

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by Adam Lechmere – Michel Chapoutier is looking for land to make wine in England, he has told

The Rhone veteran is convinced English wine has a future and he is actively looking for land – but not in the more orthodox vineyard areas of Kent or Sussex where the majority of English wine is made. Continue reading „Decanter: Chapoutier looks for English vineland“

Mai 12 2011

Decanter: Chinese executive in ‚Lafite‘ scandal disciplined

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by Adam Lechmere –  executive at Chinese petroleum giant Sinopec has been demoted after it was discovered he spent Millions on alcohol – including the finest cru classe Bordeaux.
Lu Guangyu, the general manager of operations in Guangdong for state oil giant Sinopec spent some 1.6 million yuan (US$245,000) of company money buying bottles of 1996 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild as well as an expensive Chinese liquor called Moutai. Continue reading „Decanter: Chinese executive in ‚Lafite‘ scandal disciplined“

Mai 12 2011

Decanter: Parker ‚only wine critic‘ to get Spanish gong

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by Panos Kakaviatos – American wine writer Robert Parker has become the only wine critic to be awarded Spain’s Gran Cruz al Merito Civil. In a ceremony last Wednesday in Madrid, government minister Rosa Aguilar gave the award to the influential wine writer.

The honour has not been bestowed on a wine critic before, according to Raphael Del Rey, director of the Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino (OEMV).

Parker said on his bulletin board that he found the experience ‘surreal’. ‘I write about a beverage of pleasure, not about curing cancer, and to say it is humbling is to understate my sentiments and good fortune,’

Mai 12 2011

Vorhang auf für die edelsten Penfolds-Weine 2011!

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Vor der Premiere der neuen Luxury & Icon-Weine von Penfolds ist die Erwartung jedes Jahr hoch. Auch in diesem Mai steigt die Spannung wieder weltweit – vielleicht sogar noch mehr als sonst. Denn der Jahrgang 2008 ist etwas ganz Besonderes und sticht selbst im Vergleich mit der stets hohen Qualität von Penfolds hervor. Continue reading „Vorhang auf für die edelsten Penfolds-Weine 2011!“

Mai 12 2011

Decanter: German frosts worst for 30 years

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by Richard Woodard – German vineyards have been devastated by some of the worst frosts the country has seen for 30 Frost damage on Pinot Noir vineyears.

Frost damage on Pinot Noir (pic courtesy of

Temperatures dipped as low as -5C on the night of 3-4 May in areas including the Pfalz, Rheinhessen, Franken and Württemberg.

The German Wine Institute (DWI) said it was too soon to assess the impact on the 2011 vintage, but local reports in Franken suggested up to half the crop could be lost in some areas, and in a few cases losses might be as high as 90% – with some comparing the situation to the 1981 vintage.

Early varieties such as Dornfelder have been particularly badly affected, with Pinot Noir (locally known as Spätburgunder) also suffering damage to the vine’s tender young shoots. Continue reading „Decanter: German frosts worst for 30 years“

Mai 12 2011

Decanter: California momentum lies in marginal varieties

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by Adam Lechmere – The vibrant heart of California winemaking lies in the marginal varietals like Grenache, Albariño – and Chardonnay.
Writing in the June issue of Decanter magazine, US wine critic Jon Bonné says the ‘real momentum’ in California comes from smaller wineries. ‘The state’s established labels (often now owned by corporate interests) aren’t going anywhere’, he says. Continue reading „Decanter: California momentum lies in marginal varieties“