Jul 29 2011 Penfolds Grange denies setting minimum retail price

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by Adam Lechmere – Treasury Wine Estates CEO David Dearie has strongly denied Penfolds will set a minimum price for Grange, and that he had been quoted out of context.

In an interview with The Drinks Business, Dearie was quoted as saying ‘Next year we will set a minimum price [for Grange] and you must hit that minimum price or you won’t get an allocation.’ Continue reading „ Penfolds Grange denies setting minimum retail price“

Jul 29 2011

VDP – Sonder-Depesche

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Die Prädikatsweingüter zu Gast in Berliner Galerien
Anlässlich der Eröffnung der Berliner Kunstsaison am 2./3. September 2011 kombinieren wieder einige renommierte Galerien ihre exklusiven Vernissagen zeitgenössischer Kunst mit den besten Deutschen Weinen der VDP-Prädikatsweingüter und bieten neugierigen Kunstflaneuren, Kunden und Weinliebhabern Genuss für alle Sinne. Einladungen bzw. Karten erhalten Sie direkt bei der veranstaltenden Galerie…

Alle Wein-Vernissagenfinden Sie hier…

Continue reading „VDP – Sonder-Depesche“

Jul 29 2011 Hugh Johnson’s home on the market

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by Adam Lechmere – Saling Hall, the home of Hugh Johnson OBE and his family for the last 40 years, is for sale.Saling Hall

The fine Elizabethan manor house with its superb 12-acre (4.8ha) gardens is on the market through estate agents Savills for £2.8m.

Johnson and his wife Judy bought Saling Hall in Essex in the early 1970s, a major attraction being the extensive five-room cellar.

‘It really is very special,’ the Decanter columnist, author and gardener told ‘The oldest part of the house is Tudor, and no one quite knows why it had such enormous cellars.’

The house, with its Elizabethan panelling and magnificent fireplaces – one is nine feet wide – is described by Savills as ‘the quintessence of English country comfort dressed up as a miniature stately home’.

For Johnson, who is a renowned arboriculturalist and horticulturalist as well as a wine critic, the gardens at Saling Hall are its most compelling feature. Continue reading „ Hugh Johnson’s home on the market“

Jul 29 2011 Low Port yields expected after hail, sunburn

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by Richard Woodard – Port producers in the Douro Valley expect yields to be down this year after being hit by hail, and extreme heat, in the past two months.

After an unusually hot May and a cool early June, temperatures soared into the low 40s Celsius during the last weekend of the month, inflicting the worst sunburn in living memory on the vineyards.

Writing in his Graham’s Port blog, Symington Family Estates viticulturist Miles Edlmann said the heat particularly affected the Vilariça Valley, which had also been damaged by hail earlier in the month. Continue reading „ Low Port yields expected after hail, sunburn“

Jul 27 2011


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Und Sie als Gastronom oder Fachhändler können sich daran beteiligen. Ob Verkostungsaktionen,

Weinmenüs, Seminare oder spezielle Weinempfehlungen… alles zählt, was VDP Weine in den Mittelpunkt rückt.

Auch im Jahr 1 nach dem VDP Jubiläum möchten wir weiterhin Aktionen etablieren und unterstützen, die den Traubenadler in das Bewusstsein der Weinkunden rücken.

Vom 3. bis 17. September 2011 rufen wir zum zweiten Mal die VDP Weinwochen im gesamten Bundesgebiet aus. Damit unterstützen wir ganz gezielt Sie, die Fachhändler und Gastronomen, die sich täglich für Deutsche Spitzenweine einsetzen. Continue reading „VDP-WeinWochen“

Jul 27 2011 Chateau d’Yquem bottle fetches £75,000

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by Richard Woodard – A 200-year-old bottle of Château d’Yquem has been sold for £75,000, becoming the most Chateau d'Yquem 1811expensive bottle of white wine in the world.

French collector and restaurateur Christian Vanneque bought the record-breaking 1811 Sauternes from The Antique Wine Company at London’s Ritz Hotel and will put it on display – behind bullet-proof glass – at his new restaurant, Sip Sunset Grill, in Bali, Indonesia.

The former head sommelier at La Tour d’Argent in Paris said he fully intended to open and drink the wine, telling BBC News: ‘I call it my “petite folie”. Petite folie is a little craziness, something you buy furtively like this, which is expensive of course, but you buy it for you.’

Stephen Williams, managing director of The Antique Wine Company, said the wine was part of a cellar bought from a European client four years ago, and was put on the market after being verified at Chateau d’Yquem.

Ten barrels of 1811 Yquem were made – about 3,000 bottles – most of it exported to Russia, he added, but there are now only 10 confirmed bottles left in existence.

‘I always have a tear in my eye when I sell a bottle like this,’ Williams said, ‘but it’s some consolation when you know it’s going to a good home.’

The 1811 vintage is renowned as the most famous of the ‘Comet vintages’ – years in which an astronomical event has happened before harvest, in this case the Great Comet of 1811.

Michael Broadbent, in his book Vintage Wine, said he last tasted the 1811 Yquem in 1998. ‘It reminded me of raspberries and cream. Considerable depth and length. Dry Finish.’

Jul 27 2011

VINDABA – Südafrika organisiert die erste Weintourismusmesse in 2012

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Weintourismus am Kap – Südafrika setzt neue Akzente
Südafrikas Regierung integriert Weinurlaub in die nationale Tourismusstrategie

Südafrikas Wein- und Tourismusbranche präsentiert vom 25.–27. September 2012 die erste gemeinsame Messe für Weintourimus: die Vindaba. Zeitgleich lockt auch die CapeWine, Südafrikas international anerkannte Weinfachmesse, zahlreiche Weinexperten und Medienvertreter in das moderne Convention Center nach Kapstadt. Südafrikas Tourismusminister Marthinus van Schalkwyk integriert Weintourismus von nun an in die „National Tourism Sector Strategy“. Gemeinsam mit den beteiligten Organisationen will die Regierung die positiven Synergien beider Branchen fördern, um Südafrika als eine der 20 weltweit führenden Fernreisedestinationen zu positionieren. Continue reading „VINDABA – Südafrika organisiert die erste Weintourismusmesse in 2012“

Jul 26 2011 Hungarian ‚vin de merde‘ conviction quashed

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by Panos Kakaviatos – A journalist’s libel conviction for describing a wine as ‘shit’ has been quashed by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Hungarian journalist Péter Uj was fiercely critical of a wine made by the state-owned T. Zrt wine company.

He wrote that the wine ‘had been enough to make me cry: sour, blunt and over-oxidised stuff, bad-quality ingredients collected from all kinds of leftovers, grey mould plus a bit of sugar from Szerencs, musty barrel – but because we are still there … hundreds of thousands of Hungarians drink [this] shit with pride.’ Continue reading „ Hungarian ‚vin de merde‘ conviction quashed“

Jul 26 2011 Duchess of Cornwall to be figurehead for English wine

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Duchess of Cornwall and Bob Lindo

The Duchess of Cornwall and Camel Valley's Bob Lindo

by Tessa Ditner – The Duchess of Cornwall has been appointed president of the United Kingdom Vineyards Association.

The Duchess takes over from Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, who will become Honorary Lifetime President in recognition of his long term dedication and commitment to the UK wine industry, UKVA said.

‘We are delighted and honoured that HRH The Duchess of Cornwall has agreed to be our new President,’ UKVA chairman Ian Edwards said.

‘Her support for this growing industry acknowledges the phenomenal growth in awareness of English and Welsh vineyards and wines.’

The Duchess will host next year’s English and Welsh Wine of the Year awards – held this year in the House of Lords. Continue reading „ Duchess of Cornwall to be figurehead for English wine“

Jul 26 2011 Australian Riesling head and shoulders above New Zealand – Decanter panel

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by Adam Lechmere – Australian Riesling is infinitely superior to New Zealand’s, according to a Decanter panel of eight New World Riesling experts.
Earlier this year the panel tasted 79 Australian and 55 New Zealand Rieslings from a variety of vintages, the majority from 2010 and 2009 with a handful of vintages going back to 2005 and earlier.

The wines came from all Riesling-producing regions of the two countries. The vast majority of Australian wines were from the Adelaide Hills, and Clare and Eden Valleys, while most New Zealand Rieslings were from Marlborough, with a few from Central Otago, Nelson and other regions. Continue reading „ Australian Riesling head and shoulders above New Zealand – Decanter panel“

Jul 26 2011 New website for English sparkling wine

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by Adam Lechmere – A new website has been set up to showcase and sell English sparkling wines.nyetimber – which was launched two days ago – is the brainchild of three Plumpton College graduates and wine trade professionals.

The aim of the site is to showcase only the highest-quality English sparkling wine, managing director Jeremy Cook told

Producers will be vetted by means of blind tastings, ‘or they must have won an award,’ Cook said.

Smaller producers will be able to piggy-back on the site without having to set up their own marketing and sales operation. Continue reading „ New website for English sparkling wine“

Jul 22 2011

PLV – Cooperative San Antonio Abad / D.O. Manchuela

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Sigi Hiss – Dreimal Weiss & einmal Rot. Preis-Leistung stimmt. Die Empfehlung  SAN ANTONIO COOPERATIVE

Jul 22 2011 Vom Herkunftszeichen zur Dachmarke Rheinhessen

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Vom Herkunftszeichen zur Dachmarke Rheinhessen……………… Continue reading „ Vom Herkunftszeichen zur Dachmarke Rheinhessen“

Jul 22 2011 Weinmosternte 2010 – kleinste Ernte seit 25 Jahren

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Weinmosternte 2010 – kleinste Ernte seit 25 Jahren

Abbildung 1 zeigt die Verteilung auf die einzelnen Anbaugebiete. Rheinhessen belegt mit einem Anteil von 29% an der Gesamternte Platz 1, gefolgt von der Pfalz (23%). Es folgen Baden (13%), Württemberg (12%) und die Mosel (10%).

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat das endgültige Ergebnis der Weinmosternte 2010 veröffentlicht. Insgesamt wurden in den 13 deutschen Anbaugebieten 7.055.243 hl Weinmost geerntet. Es ist damit die seit 1985 kleinste Ernte und liegt um 30 % oder 2,1 Mio. hl unter der des Vorjahres und 26 % unter dem 10-jährigen Durchschnitt (2000-2009). Auf Weißmoste entfielen 59 %, auf rote Moste 41% der Ernte.

Durchschnittlich wurden in Deutschland 70,6hl/ha mit 81° Oechsle geerntet. Die Weinmosternte entfällt zu 1 % auf Landweine, 58 % Qualitätsweine und 40 % Prädikatsweine.

Auch wenn die Ergebnisse der Weinmosternte und der Weinerzeugung aus methodisch unterschiedlichen Erhebungen stammen und deshalb nur bedingt miteinander vergleichbar sind, fällt auf, dass der Anteil der erzeugten Prädikatsweine (23 %) deutlich niedriger und die der erzeugten Qualitätsweine (75 %) deutlich über der „gewachsenen“ Ernte liegt. Die Winzer haben vor dem Hintergrund der Vermarktungsmöglichkeiten die Möglichkeit der Herabstufung von Prädikats- zu Qualitätsweinen auch für die Ernte 2010 genutzt.

Jul 22 2011 In 10 Schritten sicher in Facebook bewegen

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In 10 Schritten sicher in Facebook bewegen.

Facebook – jeder hat es schon gehört, jeder würde gerne wissen was da passiert. Aber es ist unsicher sagen alle und die Daten bleiben ja immer dort und jeder kann Sie sehen.
Aber … Es kann nur das gesehen werden was auch eingegeben wurde. Wir erklären Ihnen wie Sie sich sicherer in Facebook bewegen können und wie Sie Ihre E-Mailbox nicht mit Facebook-Nachrichten „zumüllen“ aber trotzdem die wichtigen Informationen schnell bei Ihnen sind um den Überblick zu behalten. Continue reading „ In 10 Schritten sicher in Facebook bewegen“

Jul 22 2011 : Winzerprojekte für den LEH – Der Königsweg für den Fassweinmarkt?

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Autoren: Torsten Klein und Bernd Wechsler

Die Individualisierung des Konsums und des Lebensstils ist ein Megatrend der Gesellschaft. Viele Verbraucher suchen heute in einem schier unüberschaubaren Sortiment Produkte mit Charakter und der „persönlichen Note“. (Bsp.: Die „Mein Burger“-Kampagne des Fastfood-Riesen McDonalds). Das Angebot von der Stange verkauft sich allenfalls noch über den Preis, gefragt sind authentische und einzigartige Produkte, die dem Konsumenten einen emotionalen Mehrwert bieten.

Deshalb ist die Personifizierung und Individualisierung von Produkten heute ein wichtiges und gängiges Marketinginstrument. Dieser Trend ist seit einigen Jahren auch bei Weinen für den Handel festzustellen. Im LEH waren Weingutsweine früher eher die Ausnahme als der Regelfall. Der Großteil des Sortiments wird sicher auch heute noch von Kellereien und Genossenschaften gestellt. In den letzten Jahren aber haben es „Projektweine“ von Winzern sogar bis in die Regale der großen Discounter geschafft. Einzelne Winzer oder Winzergruppen geben dem Wein das „menschliche Gesicht“ und so eine positive Abgrenzung gegenüber den anonymen Produkten im Weinregal.

Die Qualitätsprojekte von WQM waren in der Vergangenheit vor allem Projekte zwischen Erzeugergemeinschaften und vermarktenden Wein- oder Sektkellereien. Im Mittelpunkt stand die sensorische und analytische Weinqualität Continue reading „ : Winzerprojekte für den LEH – Der Königsweg für den Fassweinmarkt?“

Jul 22 2011 New Zealand vineland value drops 60%, but no takers

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by Rebecca Gibb in Auckland – New Zealand vineyard prices have fallen significantly over the last four years, but the market for vineland is still stagnant, experts say.

Prices across the country have come down by as much as 60% but there are still properties that have been on the market for several years.

John Hoare, viticulture specialist for the Marlborough branch of real estate agent Bayleys, told, ‚Prices Continue reading „ New Zealand vineland value drops 60%, but no takers“

Jul 22 2011 Chateau de France fire destroys chai and part of 2010 vintage

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by Adam Lechmere – A fire has destroyed the three-storey chai at Chateau de France in Bordeaux, and ruined a large part Chateau de Franceof the 2010 vintage.

The fire at the Pessac-Leognan property started around 7.30pm on Monday in the chateau’s cellars, local newspaper Sudouest reported.

It is unclear exactly how much of the 2010 vintage has been destroyed or ruined by the fire, but by Tuesday morning, Sudouest said, it was obvious the damage was considerable.

A police inquiry will determine the cause of the fire, described by a spokesman for the fire service as ‘intense’.

Fifty firefighters with six high-pressure hoses Continue reading „ Chateau de France fire destroys chai and part of 2010 vintage“

Jul 19 2011 Bordeaux 2010 report – Fatigue, readjustment, and a missed opportunity

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by Adam Lechmere – As the 2010 en primeur campaign draws to an end, merchants around the world are emerging into the daylight, dusting themselves down – and finding they have had a more successful 2010 than they had expected.

They are pleasantly surprised. 2010 was quietly – almost sheepishly – hyped as a vintage to rival 2009, and merchants were always doubtful how it would play with clients who had filled their cellars last year.

But they are also frustrated. Traditional customers have baulked at the high prices of the top wines, even as they realise, after two huge vintages, that properties they have bought for years are now permanently beyond their reach.

Some merchants – like Gary Boom at Bordeaux Index – say Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2010 report – Fatigue, readjustment, and a missed opportunity“

Jul 19 2011 Loire follows Bordeaux, Burgundy with ‚earliest ever‘ harvest

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by Adam Lechmere – The Loire is the latest wine region to announce that its harvest will be one of the earliest on record this year. Vignerons in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne have alread cancelled holidays in order to manage harvests that will be starting weeks earlier than normal.

Now the Loire trade body, Vins de Loire, has said early ripening, dry conditions and temperatures well above the seasonal norm mean harvest will begin at the end of August. Continue reading „ Loire follows Bordeaux, Burgundy with ‚earliest ever‘ harvest“

Jul 19 2011 Strikes threaten Sherry harvest

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by Patricia Langton – The Sherry industry is facing a series of crises as the threat of strikes at harvest time is added to Gonzalez Byass barrel roomoversupply and falling prices – but there is reason for optimism, some insiders say.

This week negotiations between bodega employers and union representatives resumed in a bid to avoid a further strike at harvest time over pay and working conditions.

The last year has seen a cocktail of scandals and setbacks. In August 2010, nine bodegas, and the industry’s consejo regulador, were fined €6.7m for attempting to fix the prices of supplies for supermarket Sherries. Continue reading „ Strikes threaten Sherry harvest“

Jul 19 2011

Les Vignobles André Lurton: ISO 14001

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Les Vignobles André Lurton, members of the firstBordeaux Wine Environmental System Management association,chalk up a new win for their environmental policy!

Just one year after its launch by the CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux), its Wine Environmental Management System chalks up a major achievement as the first dedicated WESM association, with a membership of 27 wineries from the region, including all five of Vignobles André Lurton’s production sites, has been awarded ISO 14001 accreditation. Continue reading „Les Vignobles André Lurton: ISO 14001“

Jul 16 2011 Young Austrian winemakers strip off for calendar

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by Panos Kakaviatos – A group of female Austrian winemakers has posed in scanty underwear for a new calendar that Austrian erotic calendarpromises to be ‘sexy but not overly erotic’.

The Jungwinzerinnen, or Young Female Winemakers calendar 2012 is the brainchild of publisher Ellen Ledermüller-Reiner (pictured, centre) who started work on the project nine years ago.

‘It really helps the wineries, because we get so much publicity from the calendar, which is a big hit,’ Ledermüller-Reiner told

‘It should attract attention and be sexy, but not be cheap or overly erotic,’ she added.

The young wine workers had different reactions from family and friends when they told them they were appearing in the calendar, according to interviews with the Austrian Krone newspaper. Continue reading „ Young Austrian winemakers strip off for calendar“

Jul 16 2011 Major Chinese retailer ditches Left Bank Bordeaux

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – One of China’s largest wine retailers has announced it will stop promoting the classified aussinoestates of the Medoc as their prices make them ‚too dangerous‘.

Aussino Cellars, which has 200 stores in 100 cities across China, has cancelled a dinner with the Union des Grands Crus and has said it will promote the Right Bank instead of Left Bank wines.

Grace Cai of Aussino told, ‘The prices of the Grand Cru wines are too high because of the booming wine market in China, and it is very dangerous to keep on promoting them. Continue reading „ Major Chinese retailer ditches Left Bank Bordeaux“

Jul 15 2011 Australian drinks to carry health warnings

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by Keziah Reed – Australian wine brands such as Leasingham, Hardys, Jacob’s Creek and Banrock station will soon carry DrinkWisehealth warnings.

Australian drinks industry-funded watchdog DrinkWise has issued a series of labels carrying the message – ‘Get the Facts’ – and encouraging consumers to find out more via its website

Other labels will warn, ‘Kids and alcohol don’t mix’, ‘Is Your Drinking Harming Yourself or Others?’ and ‘It is Safest Not to Drink While Pregnant’.

The labels will not be compulsory but DrinkWise has published a list of its member companies which have signed up to the initiative. Continue reading „ Australian drinks to carry health warnings“

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