Jul 15 2011 Australian drinks to carry health warnings

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by Keziah Reed – Australian wine brands such as Leasingham, Hardys, Jacob’s Creek and Banrock station will soon carry DrinkWisehealth warnings.

Australian drinks industry-funded watchdog DrinkWise has issued a series of labels carrying the message – ‘Get the Facts’ – and encouraging consumers to find out more via its website

Other labels will warn, ‘Kids and alcohol don’t mix’, ‘Is Your Drinking Harming Yourself or Others?’ and ‘It is Safest Not to Drink While Pregnant’.

The labels will not be compulsory but DrinkWise has published a list of its member companies which have signed up to the initiative. Continue reading „ Australian drinks to carry health warnings“

Jul 15 2011 Cork industry rallies with research programmes

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by Laura Ivill -As the cork harvest begins in the Montado forest in the Alentejo region of central Portugal, the cork industry is emerging from a decade of crises with a battery of research measures designed to meet the challenges of alternative closures.
The inexorable rise of screwcaps and synthetic stoppers over the last ten years has been followed the global banking crisis and, in Portugal, the collapse of the economy. Continue reading „ Cork industry rallies with research programmes“