Jul 19 2011 Bordeaux 2010 report – Fatigue, readjustment, and a missed opportunity

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by Adam Lechmere – As the 2010 en primeur campaign draws to an end, merchants around the world are emerging into the daylight, dusting themselves down – and finding they have had a more successful 2010 than they had expected.

They are pleasantly surprised. 2010 was quietly – almost sheepishly – hyped as a vintage to rival 2009, and merchants were always doubtful how it would play with clients who had filled their cellars last year.

But they are also frustrated. Traditional customers have baulked at the high prices of the top wines, even as they realise, after two huge vintages, that properties they have bought for years are now permanently beyond their reach.

Some merchants – like Gary Boom at Bordeaux Index – say Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2010 report – Fatigue, readjustment, and a missed opportunity“

Jul 19 2011 Loire follows Bordeaux, Burgundy with ‚earliest ever‘ harvest

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by Adam Lechmere – The Loire is the latest wine region to announce that its harvest will be one of the earliest on record this year. Vignerons in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne have alread cancelled holidays in order to manage harvests that will be starting weeks earlier than normal.

Now the Loire trade body, Vins de Loire, has said early ripening, dry conditions and temperatures well above the seasonal norm mean harvest will begin at the end of August. Continue reading „ Loire follows Bordeaux, Burgundy with ‚earliest ever‘ harvest“

Jul 19 2011 Strikes threaten Sherry harvest

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by Patricia Langton – The Sherry industry is facing a series of crises as the threat of strikes at harvest time is added to Gonzalez Byass barrel roomoversupply and falling prices – but there is reason for optimism, some insiders say.

This week negotiations between bodega employers and union representatives resumed in a bid to avoid a further strike at harvest time over pay and working conditions.

The last year has seen a cocktail of scandals and setbacks. In August 2010, nine bodegas, and the industry’s consejo regulador, were fined €6.7m for attempting to fix the prices of supplies for supermarket Sherries. Continue reading „ Strikes threaten Sherry harvest“

Jul 19 2011

Les Vignobles André Lurton: ISO 14001

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Les Vignobles André Lurton, members of the firstBordeaux Wine Environmental System Management association,chalk up a new win for their environmental policy!

Just one year after its launch by the CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux), its Wine Environmental Management System chalks up a major achievement as the first dedicated WESM association, with a membership of 27 wineries from the region, including all five of Vignobles André Lurton’s production sites, has been awarded ISO 14001 accreditation. Continue reading „Les Vignobles André Lurton: ISO 14001“