Jan 11 2012 Australia grubbing up programme ‚too slow‘ and too little

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by Rebecca Gibb in Auckland – Wine bosses in Australia are frustrated by the slow progress of the country’s vine removal McLaren Valeprogramme, with around half the projected amount of vines being grubbed up since 2009.

Australia: 20,000 surplus vines

The 2009 Wine Restructuring Action Agenda (WRAA) indicated there were 20-30,000 hectares of surplus vineyards in Australia.

The Winemakers‘ Federation of Australia estimates 14,000 ha have been removed since the Agenda’s launch but reform has not been as been as extensive as hoped.

Stephen Strachan, CEO of the WFA, told, Continue reading „ Australia grubbing up programme ‚too slow‘ and too little“

Jan 11 2012

Verband: Neue Chancen für Winzer im Weinbezeichnungsrecht

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Proplanta ® Bernkastel-Kues – Deutsche Weinetiketten sind nach Ansicht des Weinbauverbandes Mosel für viele Verbraucher im In- und Ausland unverständlich. Continue reading „Verband: Neue Chancen für Winzer im Weinbezeichnungsrecht“