Mai 09 2012

AAWE Working Papers – Future South Africa & climate change

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Sigi HissDie AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) ist eine Organsiation, die sich mit den ökonomischen Bereichen im weltweiten Weinbau befasst. Immer wieder kommen von dort hochinteressante Fachberichte. Diesen möchte ich allen ans Herz legen, weil ohne Dogmen & Gebrüll auskommend. Es geht um „Climate Change &  Future of South Africa’s Wine Industry“

AAWE Working Paper No. 105 Economics
Nick Vink, Alain Deloire, Valerie Bonnardot and Joachim Ewert

Mai 09 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Primeurs offers being met with ’stoney silence‘, merchants report

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by Panos Kakaviatos – American merchants say they are buying very little Bordeaux 2011 because prices are too high for the quality – and because they still hold unsold Bordeaux en primeur wine tastingsstocks of the more expensive 2010. And in Britain, wine merchants are ambivalent but there are few who believe the campaign has any momentum: the release of Chateau Beychevelle has been met with ‘stony silence’, one reported.

US merchants are grumbling that the Bordeaux 2011 campaign has not taken off because expected price decreases are not low enough. Chris Adams, of New York importer Sherry Lehmann, came back from Bordeaux en primeur tastings last month ‘genuinely excited about the prospects for the campaign’ but now calls the high prices ‘a shame’ so far – ‘and really surprisingly so,’ he said.

‘There’s been no incentive for me to take any positions, as I still have decent stocks of 2010s that haven’t sold through, and the price decreases aren’t significant enough for me to see any real value for the consumer. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Primeurs offers being met with ’stoney silence‘, merchants report“

Mai 09 2012 Brad Pitt to star in The Billionaire’s Vinegar

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by Adam Lechmere – The Billionaire’s Vinegar, the controversial book about the Jefferson bottles affair, is being made into a film starring Brad Pitt.The Billionaire's Vinegar

The film, which is in development and should be released later this year, is produced by actor Will Smith, who bought the rights to Benjamin Wallace’s 2008 book. The Billionaire’s Vinegar is the story of the affair of the Jefferson bottles and its attendant court cases has enthralled the wine world for years.

At the heart of the case is a cache of more than a dozen supposedly 18th-century bottles apparently found in a walled-up basement in Paris in 1985 by German collector Hardy Rodenstock. Some of these, including the now-notorious bottle of 1787 Lafite, were engraved Th:J. According to Rodenstock they were bought by Thomas Jefferson when he was ambassador to Paris.

Three of the bottles were sold at Christie’s between 1985 and 1987: the 1787 Lafite, a 1784 Château d’Yquem, and a half-bottle of 1784 Château Margaux. Malcolm Forbes, the late publisher, paid US$156,450 for the 1787 Lafite in the 1985 auction, a single-bottle auction record that remains unsurpassed.

Another billionaire businessman, William Koch, has six different lawsuits or appeals running against retailers, vendors and major auction houses involving allegedly fake bottles, several of them connected with the Jefferson bottles.

In 2009 Decanter’s veteran columnist Michael Broadbent and former director of wine at Christie’s, who auctioned some of the bottles, successfully sued Random House, the UK publisher of The Billionaire’s Vinegar for libel, claiming the book made allegations suggesting he had behaved unprofessionally.

Random House apologised unreservedly for making the allegations and accepted that they were untrue, gave an undertaking not to repeat the allegations and paid Broadbent undisclosed damages. Michael Broadbent said he did not wish to comment.