Jul 24 2012

Schweizer Winzerinnen und Winzer verführen Politiker

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Wir Schweizer Winzerinnen und Winzer haben uns entschieden, die Herzen der politischen Elite (zurück) zu erobern. Mit dem Versand von zwei Weinflaschen an Bundes-, Stände-, und Nationalräte, begleitet von einem Brief „Stolz auf die Schweiz, stolz auf unsere Weine!“ Wir wollen unsere Politiker nicht nur auf aktuelle Themen wie die ausländische Konkurrenz oder den starken Franken sensibilisieren. Vielmehr wollen wir ihnen aufzeigen, dass unsere sechs Weinbauregionen bereits seit mehreren Jahren Wein von hoher Qualität herstellen, hochentwickelte Produkte, aus biologischer oder integrierter Produktion, naturnah… und aus der Region! Wir wollen sie daran erinnern, dass wir einen sehr grossen Wissensstand aufweisen, sowohl in der Schokoladen-, Finanz- oder Uhrenindustrie, als auch in der Weinproduktion. Zudem gehört die Berufsausbildung als Winzer in der Schweiz zu den besten der Welt. Continue reading „Schweizer Winzerinnen und Winzer verführen Politiker“

Jul 24 2012 ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement

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„>by Chris Mercer – Vinexpo CEO Robert Beynat says a ‚complicated‘ US wine market and the economic downturn contributed to the postponement of its first consumer show.

vinexpo rendez-vous

Billed as ‚the one rendez-vous you can’t miss‘, too many wineries thought otherwise. Rendez-Vous by Vinexpo was postponed indefinitely this week.

‚Despite a lot of effort, we only succeeded in selling 52 tasting areas out of the 150 scheduled,‘ Beynat said. The three-day show, the first of its kind by Vinexpo, was to be held in New York in November with up to 6,000 consumer visitors expected and a one-day ticket costing US$180.

Louis Latour, Barton & Guestier and Baron Philippe de Rothschild were among the exhibitors signed up. Beynat is ‚disappointed‘ but said the decision to cancel was a ‚responsible‘ one.

‚With this limited number of exhibitors we were afraid of attracting a limited number of visitors,‘ he told ‚I guess the economic crisis didn’t help.’ Continue reading „ ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement“

Jul 24 2012 David Cox leaves New Zealand winegrowers

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by James Lawrence – New Zealand Winegrowers has announced the surprise resignation of its European director, David Cox.David Cox

A brief press release issued by New Zealand Winegrowers‚ CEO Philip Gregan this morning said Cox (pictured) had left the organisation ‚to pursue other interests and projects.‘

The release made no mention of the reason for Cox’s departure, nor did it thank him for his three-year tenure at the organisation; global marketing director Chris Yorke quoted the latest Nielsen figures on New Zealand wine’s market share and average retail price per bottle of £6.33. Cox told he had left his role without securing another position in the wine trade.

‚My resignation was not prompted by another job offer, I simply felt that it was time to move on and assess new opportunities and challenges‘, he said. ‚It is the beginning of our new financial year, so it was an appropriate time for me to depart. I am looking forward to what the future will bring,‘ Cox added. Continue reading „ David Cox leaves New Zealand winegrowers“

Jul 24 2012 Terlato prepares third Jack Nicklaus launch

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by Adam Lechmere  Terlato Wines is about to release a Jack Nicklaus white wine under the legendary golfer’s two-year-old wine brand.Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus Wines and Terlato launched in 2010 with a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2007 Private Reserve, a Bordeaux-style blend. The Cabernet Sauvignon was vinified from parcels of fruit in the Rutherford Bench district of Napa Valley, the Private Reserve from sites in Stags Leap.

Nicklaus, a keen wine collector, took part in all the early blending sessions in a process Bill Terlato called ‘a natural marriage’ between them and the champion golfer. Now Terlato has put together a Sauvignon Blanc-based white, the 2011 Nicklaus Private Reserve Napa Valley, which will retail at US$35. Continue reading „ Terlato prepares third Jack Nicklaus launch“

Jul 24 2012 Maconnais pushes for Premier Crus

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Vineyards in Macon have reached the next stage in their battle for promotion to Premier Cru status. Macon is currently the only region of Burgundy without any Premier Crus, and producers in Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Loché, Pouilly-Vinzelles and Saint Véran have been waging a six-year long campaign to get recognition for their best vineyards.

In 2010 they sent a geological study of the terroir of 400ha and 73 individual climats to the National Institute for Appellations (INAO). The intention is to show the measurable differences between land that should be classified Premier Cru and that of surrounding plots.

Mathieu Bubel, marketing director of Maison Drouhin, which produces several Maconnais wines within its négociant label, told Continue reading „ Maconnais pushes for Premier Crus“

Jul 24 2012 Interview – Stephanie de Bouard of Chateau Angelus

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by Adam Lechmere – Stephanie de Bouard, 30, is the daughter of Chateau Angelus owner Hubert de Bouard. After a five-year career in private banking in London she has Stephanie de Bouardjust joined the family firm as deputy managing director, the eighth generation of the family to run the renowned St Emilion Grand Cru Classé. In her first interview with the UK press, she tells Adam Lechmere how she will approach the job.

You’ve just been appointed deputy managing director of Chateau Angelus – but you’ve always been part of the team. I remember a couple of years ago your father couldn’t present a Decanter Fine Wine Encounter masterclass and you stepped in at the last moment…

Well, I was born in Bordeaux, and grew up in St Emilion. Angelus has always been a passion, shared with the family, and even while I was in London for my private banking activities I always kept close links with my father and my family, and with the strategy of the estate. And when I was in London, I frequently did things for the business. Angelus was my passion and banking was my work.

Was it difficult to leave the banking world?

I really enjoyed working in private banking for the five years I spent in London, especially in this tough competitive environment – which by the way considerably speeded up my learning process. But I knew that one day I would go back to St Emilion and to my roots, and to continue being involved alongside my family in what had been initiated more than two centuries ago. So yes, it was difficult, but at the same time what was waiting for me in St Emilion was a wonderful thing. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to explain to be part of this, to be a member of the 8th generation and to feel that you have been given the responsibility to continue what has been started. And of course I’ll still go back to London for tastings and to represent the estate.

Given your experience in banking, what can you bring to Chateau Angelus? Continue reading „ Interview – Stephanie de Bouard of Chateau Angelus“

Jul 24 2012 Labruyere buys grower Champagne

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Edouard Labruyere, who owns property in Pomerol, Meursault and Beaujolais, has added a grower Champagne to his portfolio.Edouard Labruyère

Domaine Christian Busin consists of 6.5ha of Grand Cru vineyards in Vérzenay, planted to 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay. The purchase was completed last month. Labruyère (pictured) owns Domaine Jacques Prieur in Mersault, Chateau Rouget in Pomerol and Domaine Labruyère in Moulin à Vent, Beaujolais.

Nadine Gublin, who currently makes the wines in Burgundy and consults in Pomerol, will take over the winemaking, with plans to immediately bring down yields, lower the dosage, and concentrate on developing a terroir-led style. Labruyère intends to keep the existing name for at least the next few years, until the desired quality has been achieved.

‘I have been looking for a Champagne property to buy since 2008, and have visited over 35, but the big houses are tough to compete against when buying,’ Labruyère told Continue reading „ Labruyere buys grower Champagne“

Jul 24 2012 Oldest wine‘ discovered in China

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by staff – A 3000-year-old wine is thought to have been discovered in China, according to the Xinhua news agency. Image shows wine vessels with square

China oldest wine

‚prohibition device‘ under them

Archeologists working found what appears to be liquid in a bronze wine vessel unearthed from a nobleman’s tomb on Shigushan Mountain in Baoji city in Shaanxi province.

The tomb belongs to the Zhou Dynasty of 1046 BC – 771 BC, and the liquid is likely to be the oldest wine discovered in China, project leader Liu Jun, director of the Baoji Archaeology Institute said. Liu said the vessel, one of six discovered in the tomb, could be heard to contain liquid when it was shaken, but it they had not yet been able to open it.
It is understood that the liquid inside the vessel is possibly alcohol but not necessarily wine.

According to reports, the most crucial discovery in the tomb is actually a square, table-like ‘prohibition device’ to remind people to drink in moderation since during the Shang Dynasty, which preceded Zhou Dynasty, wine became a symbol of corruption and excess.

Jul 23 2012

Niederschläge haben Rheinland-Pfälzischen Reben bisher nicht geschadet

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Es kann immer noch ein richtig guter Tropfen werden: Der verregnete Sommer hat den Weinreben im Land bisher nicht geschadet, wie das Deutsche Weininstitut am Freitag in Mainz mitteilte. «Es sieht sehr gut aus», sagte Sprecher Frank Schulz. Wichtig für einen hohen Ertrag und gute Qualität sei nun, dass der ab kommender Woche vorhergesagte Sonnenschein anhalte: «Die nächsten acht Wochen werden entscheidend sein.»
Die Entwicklung der Trauben liege im langjährigen Mittel, so dass die Haupt-Weinlese voraussichtlich Anfang September beginnen könne. 2011 war die Erntemenge wegen Frost- und Hagelschäden geringer ausgefallen, der sonnige Spätsommer hatte dann aber noch für einen allseits gelobten Jahrgang gesorgt. (dpa)

Jul 17 2012

Die WeinWisser Geburtstags-Party

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Der WeinWisser wird 20!

Das sind 20 Jahre Probieren, Reden, Probieren, Keller besuchen, Schreiben, Probieren, Zuhören, 4.428 Seiten, Probieren, Online-Archiv bauen, 20 Jahrgänge en Primeur, Lernen, Probieren, 53.260 Weine, Probieren… Was 1992 begann, ist heute eine der wichtigen Quellen für unabhängige Weinbewertung und Weinempfehlungen.

Er begann als „Weinmitteilung an Freunde“ – das ist der WeinWisser auch heute noch. Freunde, mit denen wir den Geburtstag feiern wollen.

Feiern Sie mit!

Feiern Sie mit drei der besten Winzer der Welt und ihren großartigen Weinen. Und feiern Sie mit René Gabriel, dem Vater und Taufpaten des WeinWissers, der durch einen unvergesslichen Abend führt.

Jul 06 2012 Chateau Olivier owner dies

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Jean-Jacques de Bethmann, long-time owner of Chateau Olivier in Pessac Léognan, has died in Bordeaux.Chateau Olivier The Bethmann family has owned Chateau Olivier (pictured), one of only seven Pessac Léognan estates to be classified in both red and white wine, since 1886. The family can trace its roots dates back to 15th century Germany, where it was part of a banking dynasty in Frankfurt.

A branch of the family opened a wine merchant house in Bordeaux in 1740, and went on to own Chateau Gruaud Larose during the 19th century.

Although Jean-Jacques de Bethmann, who spent a decade in the US and was an American citizen, lived principally in Paris, the family home was at Olivier and he was a prominent force within the Pessac Léognan appellation.

He was president of the Cru Classés de Graves for several years, and a key member of the technical commission at the Bordeaux wine bureau, the CIVB.

Laurent Lebrun, director of Chateau Olivier, told, Continue reading „ Chateau Olivier owner dies“

Jul 05 2012

Rheinland-Pfalz will kleinere Weinlagen aufwerten

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Kleinere Weinlagen sollen nach dem Willen der rheinland-pfälzischen Weinbauministerin Ulrike Höfken (Grüne) aufgewertet werden. «Mit dem Grundsatz aus unserem Koalitionsvertrag „je genauer die Herkunftsangabe, desto höher die Qualitätsanforderungen“ soll Verbrauchern eine bessere Orientierung ermöglicht werden», erklärte sie am Dienstag in Mainz.  Der Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP) überreichte der Ministerin eine Wein-Resolution mit Forderungen für das geplante neue Weingesetz. Das Papier hatten laut Ministerium 25 Gruppen unterzeichnet.«Eine geregelte Aufwertung der Lagenweine ist ein Wettbewerbsvorteil und trägt dazu bei, das hohe Niveau unserer Weine und unsere wertvollen Steillagen zu erhalten», erklärte Höfken. «Für Weine mit Einzellagenangabe könnten oft höhere Preise erzielt werden.»
Das Weinbauministerium hatte vorgeschlagen, dass Weine mit Orts- und Lagenangaben auf dem Etikett höhere Qualitätsanforderungen erfüllen müssen. Der Verband unterstütze diesen Vorschlag. Allerdings gebe es auch in einigen Punkten noch Diskussionsbedarf, erklärte Höfken. Laut VDP soll noch dieses Jahr ein neues Weingesetz verabschiedet werden.(dpa)

Jul 05 2012

VDP: Premiere Grosses Gewächs in Berlin & Kloster Eberbach

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+++ 3. September in der Gemäldegalerie, Berlin +++ 23. September im Laiendormitorium in Kloster Eberbach, Rheingau 


3. September, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin:

Am 3. September sind die Prädikatsweingüter mit ihrer Premiere GROSSES GEWÄCHS wieder im Foyer der Gemäldegalerie der Staatlichen Museen Berlin zu Gast. Mit Spannung werden die GROSSEN GEWÄCHSE, die besten trockenen Weine der Prädikatsweingüter des Jahrgangs 2011 (Rotwein 2010) erwartet, die alljährlich im September erstmalig der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt werden. Über 100 Prädikatsweingüter stellen ihre aktuellen Kollektionen mit vielen Spitzengewächsen aus ERSTEN LAGEN vor. Continue reading „VDP: Premiere Grosses Gewächs in Berlin & Kloster Eberbach“

Jul 05 2012

VDP: „Große Weine – Große Kunst“ – Die Prädikatsweingüter zu Gast in der Gemäldegalerie Berlin“

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Auch im Jahr 2012 erhält die Symbiose von Kunst und Wein in Berlin eine Neuinszenierung in mehreren Akten. Ein Rahmenprogramm rund um Wein & Kunst mit Wein-Vernissagen macht ab dem 1. September schon Lust auf die einzigartige Weinpräsentation in der Gemäldegalerie. Bildnachweis: Jon Wyand
Der Abend (18 – 22 Uhr) des 3. September gehört wieder allen Wein- und Kunstinteressierten und lädt zum vinophilen Kunstwandeln ein. Unter dem Titel „Große Weine – Große Kunst“ verbinden sich in der Gemäldegalerie der Staatlichen Museen Berlin beide Genüsse in einem spannungsvollen Dialog. Ein Abend voller geschmacklicher Kultur, bei der sich die Welt der besten Deutschen Weine mit einer der weltweit wichtigsten Sammlungen europäischer Meister auf Augenhöhe begegnet. Noch im September sind die Werke des Haarlemer Meisters Cornelis Bega unter dem Titel Eleganz und raue Sitten zu Gast in der Sammlung.

Große Rieslinge, duftige Silvaner, weiße, graue und rote Burgunder: Die Vielfalt der deutschen Weine ist in Berlin selten so umfassend präsentiert wie an diesem Abend. Zahlreiche Stilepochen finden ihre Pendants in den deutschen Spitzenweinen. Continue reading „VDP: „Große Weine – Große Kunst“ – Die Prädikatsweingüter zu Gast in der Gemäldegalerie Berlin““

Jul 05 2012 Calon Segur family wanted properties to go to French company

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – The Capbern-Gasqueton family of Calon-Segur was ‚reassured‘ that its properties would remain in French hands, its new owners said today.Chateau Calon Segur

The sale of 1855 third growth Chateau Calon Ségur, together with fellow Saint Estephe estate Chateau Capbern Gasqueton, has finally been confirmed. The purchaser is the French insurance company Suravenir, a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Arkea, which also owns Credit Mutuel Bretagne, Massif-Central and Sudouest.

Bordeaux wine group Videlot, owned by Jean-Francois Moueix and run by his son Jean Moueix, is confirmed as a minority shareholder in the purchase. The sale was reportedly worth €200m, including the chateau’s stocks. The current technical team at the chateau, led by Vincent Millet, is expected to remain in place, although no formal announcements have been made.

The director of Arkea, Jean-Pierre Denis, will become head of the management board, and a new director of the chateau will be appointed to replace former owners Vicomte and Vicomtesse Alain de Baritault du Carpia, son-in-law and daughter of Denise Capbern-Gasqueton, who died last year.

Florence Eckenschwiller, spokesperson for Arkea, told the fact the insurance group was French, and partnering with a Bordeaux firm for this investment, reassured the Gasqueton family. Continue reading „ Calon Segur family wanted properties to go to French company“

Jul 05 2012 English wine harvest ’not looking good‘, say winemakers

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by Adam Lechmere – England continues to suffer the wettest early summer since records began, winemakers are beginning to wonder if they are going to have any grapes to harvest at all. Rain has fallen across England more or less continuously since the beginning of June, and the Met Office has confirmed this has not only been the wettest, but one of the coldest and dullest periods for over a century. Figures for June show that 150mm of rain fell – more than double the average amount.

The period from April to June is the second dullest on record with 119.2 hours of sunshine, nearly breaking the record of 115.4 hours set in 1987. It has also been the coolest June since 1991 with a mean temperature of 12.3C. Continue reading „ English wine harvest ’not looking good‘, say winemakers“

Jul 05 2012 Veuve Clicquot launches La Grande Dame 2004

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by Adam Lechmere – Veuve Clicquot has launched the 2004 vintage of its top cuvée La Grande Dame – with chef de cave Dominique Demarville suggesting that future vintages could contain a much higher proportion of Pinot Noir. La Grande DameLa Grande Dame is Veuve Clicquot’s prestige cuvée. The first vintage, of which only 6,000 bottles were made, was 1962, and the first to be released commercially was 1966, launched in 1972.

The 2004 is a blend of 69% Pinot Noir and 31% Chardonnay from eight grands crus: Aÿ, Bouzy, Ambonnay, Verzy, Verzenay, Avize, Oger and Le Mesnil sur Oger. The reserve wine is kept on the lees, with no filtration and no battonage, in concrete tanks. The dosage in all Grande Dame vintages is 9g/l.

Demarville said 2004 had ‘perfect ripening conditions – it was not a difficult year to manage’. It was also an abundant year with harvest almost twice the average size. Launching the wine in London yesterday, Demarville set out his ambitions for Pinot Noir, a grape he wanted to ‘go deeper with’, as he put it, by upping the content in La Grande Dame.

To this end he and his team have been experimenting for the last two harvests with small parcels of Pinot Noir from the best terroirs, vinifying them separately in small 1000-litre tanks at the renovated Veuve Clicquot winery at Verzy.

‘We’re just at the beginning,’ Demarville told ‘We’ve identified the best parcels from the four grands crus Aÿ, Bouzy, Verzy and Verzenay and we are vinifying them separately to see the terroir effect.’ Continue reading „ Veuve Clicquot launches La Grande Dame 2004“

Jul 05 2012

VDP: Resolution zur Profilierung der Herkünfte

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Der VDP und 27 weitere Erzeugergruppierungen übergaben am 3. Juli 2012 eine gemeinsame Resolution zur Profilierung der Herkünfte im Land Rheinland-Pfalz an Ministerin Höfken.Staatsministerin Höfken & VDP-Präsident Steffen Christmann

Resolution zur Profilierung der Herkünfte im Land Rheinland-Pfalz

Die zur Umsetzung anstehende Möglichkeit der Profilierung engerer Herkünfte bietet eine Riesen-Chance für mehr Klarheit im deutschen Weinrecht. Nun muss der Grundsatz – je enger die Herkunft desto höher die Qualität – auch in Deutschland umgesetzt werden.

Dem größten weinbautreibenden Bundesland Rheinland-Pfalz steht dabei durch die vorgesehene Länderermächtigung die Möglichkeit offen, ein entscheidendes Signal zu setzen und mit Verantwortungsbewusstsein für die gesamte Weinbranche in Deutschland durch die Umsetzung des  Herkunftsprinzips in Kombination mit hierarchischen Qualitätsanforderungen zum Erhalt der einzigartigen Kulturlandschaft beizutragen. Continue reading „VDP: Resolution zur Profilierung der Herkünfte“

Jul 03 2012

Weinkonsum weltweit angestiegen

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Im vergangenen Jahr wurden weltweit 244 Millionen Hektoliter Wein konsumiert, was einem Anstieg von rund drei Millionen Hektolitern gegenüber dem Vorjahr entspricht. Dies teilte das Deutsche Weininstitut (DWI) auf Basis der jüngsten Daten der Internationalen Organisation für Rebe und Wein (OIV) mit. Danach wurde 2011 in Frankreich mit 29,9 Millionen Hektolitern am meisten Wein getrunken, gefolgt von den USA (28,5 Mio. hl) und Italien (23,1 Mio. hl). Deutschland steht mit einem Wein- und Sektkonsum von 20 Millionen Hektolitern an vierter Stelle der weltweit größten Weinkonsummärkte. Continue reading „Weinkonsum weltweit angestiegen“