Nov 21 2012

Hamilton Russell Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay

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Our team was extremely proud to hear that our Hamilton Russell Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay was selected as one of the “Year’s Most Exciting Wines” for the 2012 Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines worldwide.

At position number 32 our Chardonnay is the second highest placed Chardonnay out of only five on the Top 100 and has achieved the highest place to date for a South African Wine. This beats the previous most highly placed South African wine, our 2007 Hamilton Russell Vineyards Pinot noir.

The Top 100 is not based solely on a wine’s score. A panel of editors debates a wine’s position and worthiness for inclusion, based on quality, value and excitement. Our 2010 scored 93/100. The Top 100 Wines are the front-runners in a line-up of more than 17,000 wines tasted over the year. Continue reading „Hamilton Russell Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay“

Nov 21 2012

Rebsorten-Tasting „Tempranillo im Wandel der Zeit“

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Tempranillo nimmt im spanischen Weinsektor eine Schlüsselstellung ein, historisch wie qualitativ. Wagt man einen Blick zurück in die spanische Weingeschichte der vergangenen eineinhalb Jahrhunderte, dann lässt sich anhand der Tempranillo der Weg in die Moderne und damit auch in den beispiellosen Boom, den Spaniens Weine auf den internationalen Märkten erfahren haben, auf beeindruckende Weise nachzeichnen. Continue reading „Rebsorten-Tasting „Tempranillo im Wandel der Zeit““

Nov 21 2012

Young winemakers’ vision on the Argentine winemaking

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They are part of the new generation promoting worldwide the Argentine wine. They are awarded and recognized by the international press for their innovations.

These young winemakers are around 30 years old and started to make incursion into the wine world when it did well in the international markets, 7 years ago. These professionals are propelling the new style of Argentine wines. At the tip of the iceberg, Marcelo Pelleritti, Monteviejo winery’s winemaker is found, along with Alejandro Vigil of Catena Zapata, being the precursors of this generation. Then, they are followed by great winemakers such as Ignacio López (Etchart winery), Juan Pablo Michelini (Zorzal Wines), Marcos Fernández (Finca Decero), Matthieu Grassin (Alta Vista), Germán Masera (Noemia) Matías Riccitelli (Matías Riccitelli, Mr & Mr SA), and Sebastian Zuccardi (Familia Zuccardi). Continue reading „Young winemakers’ vision on the Argentine winemaking“