Nov 27

First impressions of the 2012 vintage at Château Palmer

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The highlights of a cycle
The 2012 vintage is characterized by a singular contrast between spring, summer and the beginning of fall.  The month of April, particularly cool and damp, led to a late and heterogeneous bud bloom.  This was followed by late flowering, in less-than favorable conditions, resulting in a high percentage of coulure on our oldest plots of Merlot.
On July 15th, the weather conditions confirmed an especially late situation, resembling that of the 2008 vintage.
The trend of the vintage reversed itself in the heart of summer with a hot and dry month of August.  Ready to receive the benefits of the sun, the vine completed veraison and developed a good phenolic concentration in the grape skins.

The weather changed again during the last week of September.  Harvest began on the 1st of October in rather damp conditions.  The pressure of the possibility of botrytis developing was constant.  The low yields, close to 28hL/ha, contributed nonetheless to maintaining healthy conditions around the grape bunches.

Contrasted varieties influenced by the vintage and complimentary
The grapes were harvested healthy and ripe.  The Merlots were exuberant with a degree of alcohol reaching 14 %.  In tasting, our memories transport us to a style close to some beautiful vintages at the end of the 2000s, such as 2009.  The Cabernets are linear and precise with a degree of alcohol at 12.5 %.
Malolactic fermentation is about to begin. This will allow the technical team to compete its aromatic perception of the vintage.

Impatient and curious to discover this latest member of the family of Château Palmer vintages, we now await mid-December before beginning work on the blend, the next key step in the elaboration of the 2012 vintage.

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