Dez 07 2012 Inside the First Growths Part 3

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Bordeaux first growths 1855A lasting legacy

All five histories are finely intertwined. At key moments in their development, a handful of owners controlled them. For almost the entire 18th century, just two families – the Ségurs and Pontacs (and later Fumels) – owned all four original first growths. And for two years, from 1718 to 1720, when de Ségur also bought Mouton, all five châteaux had their fates, and their commercial directions, dictated by these two key dynasties.

The role that politics played in their ascendancy became clear, but it is their geographical position, their terroir and their obsessional detail that really set them apart. Lafite stands at the highest point of Pauillac, with some of the deepest gravel of the appellation. Latour has some of the most exceptional terroir in all of Bordeaux within its 47 hectares of the walled L’Enclos. Mouton was the site of some of the great leaps forward for Bordeaux wine over the past four centuries, and its Continue reading „ Inside the First Growths Part 3“