Jan 08 2013

Cercle Rive Droite gets equipped with an application for iPhone and iPad

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The Cercle Rive Droite de Grands Vins Bordeaux now provides an application for iPhone and iPad: a digital wine-tasting notebook and many other interactive features.

A mobile application dedicated to wine tasting…

Available in French, English and very soon in Chinese, the Cercle Rive Droite’s iOS application enables users, professionals as well wine lovers, to discover all the member Châteaux (information & background sheet for each estate), consult tasting notes, select their favourite wines and share their comments on Facebook. Continue reading „Cercle Rive Droite gets equipped with an application for iPhone and iPad“

Jan 08 2013 New NZ Europe chief facing ‚premium challenge‘

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by Richard Woodard – Chris Stroud, new European marketing manager for New Zealand Winegrowers, says the trade body’s key challenge in 2013 will be maintaining its

Chris Stroud

premium position while coping with the small 2012 vintage. Chris Stroud aims to boost NZ wine in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden

Stroud was appointed just before Christmas as marketing manager – Europe after an ‘extensive search’ by New Zealand Winegrowers. The announcement follows the surprise resignation of David Cox as European director last summer after three years in the role.
Stroud, who spent over nine years at Treasury Wine Estates, has been working for NZ Winegrowers for the past 18 months as market programme manager, taking over as acting manager following Cox’s departure.

‘I see the key challenge facing New Zealand wine is to maintain our premium position in the markets while ensuring we manage the reduced [2012] vintage effectively,’ Stroud told
‘My key priority in Europe will be to work with my colleagues at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to build awareness of New Zealand wines within our key focus markets of Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.’ ‘We have been very impressed with how Chris has handled the recent step up in responsibility and are confident he will ensure New Zealand Winegrowers continues its momentum to build the high regard for New Zealand wines in Europe,’ said Chris Yorke, global marketing director for New Zealand Winegrowers.

Jan 08 2013 Three given suspended sentences for massive Champagne fraud

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by Giles Fallowfield – Three former managers of the Esterlin Champagne co-operative have been given eight-month suspended prison sentences and €2,000 fines for selling fake vintage Champagne.

Between 2002 and 2005, Patrick Jean, the former president of Esterlin, commercial director Lysiane Géraudel and chef de Cave Franck Zehner sold 426,000 bottles of fake vintage champagne to the Ed supermarket group, a subsidiary of the Carrefour group.

The three were first indicted in 2005, as reported. The Mancy-based co-operative also has to pay a fine of €20,000, the court in Chalon decided before Christmas. The court has additionally levied a fine of €2.841m payable to French customs and excise. However the Ed supermarket group, which sought €2m in damages, is understood to be unhappy with its award of €5,000.

The CIVC, Champagne’s governing body, also brought a civil action against Esterlin, communications director Thibaut Le Mailloux confirmed.

It did this ‘as soon as the case was brought to the attention of the criminal court by the fraud squad,’ he said. ‘This is what we systematically do when such cases – albeit rare – occur. This shows our strong determination to take action against any company or individual whose criminal actions directly or indirectly damage the reputation of Champagne.’ It is unclear whether further action will be taken against the co-op.

During the trial Zehner said in a signed statement read out in court, ‘Since I arrived in 2000, there has never been a true vintage [Champagne] sold to Ed, never.’

The co-defendents claimed not to know what went on in the cellar and sought to blame Zehner for the fraud and other problems at the co-op. However the judge suggested Zehner would have had no interest in organising the fraud on his own. If that had been the case, he quipped, ‚We are here in the presence of a crime without a motive.‘

When the current Esterlin president Eric Potié, who is also president of theFederation of Cooperatives of Champagne (FCVC), was asked by the judge if these practices had disappeared at the co-op, his response was: ‘In my position, I am unable to know exactly what is in the cellar, but it seems to be correct.’