Mrz 01 2013 Jacky Lorenzetti acquires 50% of Chateau d’Issan

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Emmanuel Cruse is to become co-owner of his family estate, Chateau d’Issan in Margaux, with Bordeaux wine and property magnate Jacky Lorenzetti.

Chateau d'Issan

Lorenzetti, who already owns Chateaux Lilian Ladouys in Saint Estepheand 5th growth Chateau Pédesclaux in Pauillac, has acquired 50% of the capital of Issan, can confirm.

The Cruse family has owned the 1855 third growth estate since 1945, initially bought by Emmanuel Cruse’s grandfather, of the same name. He split the estate equally between his two sons, Roland and Lionel Cruse, and it is Roland’s descendants who have sold their share.

Emmanuel Cruse, who is Lionel Cruse’s son and also Grand Maitre of the Commanderie de Bontemps, retains all of his share and will remain as managing director. As part of the deal, he will also become MD of Lilian Ladouys and Pédesclaux, after spending the past couple of years a consultant to the estates that Lorenzetti bought in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

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Mrz 01 2013 Nomacorc prepares plant-based closure launch

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By Chris Mercer – Nomacorc is on the brink of launching new wine closures that are partially made from plant-based polymers.


The synthetic cork giant has spent the past two years honing the closure. It will be officially unveiled at the Intervitis expo in April and is currently pegged for a full commercial launch towards the end of 2013.

It will be a hybrid of plant-based polymers and oil-based plastic, tapping into a concept already being explored by several food and drink manufacturers, such as Coca-Cola Co and its Plantbottle.

These are early stages but, if successful, the launch could spark a new generation of closures that might one day cut Nomacorc’s reliance on oil-based plastics altogether.

‚This is a pivot point for us,‘ Nomacorc’s global marketing director, Jeff Slater, told ‚It has the potential to be a game changer, but it would be hype to call it that at this stage. A year from now, we’ll know a tremendous amount more than we do today.‘ Continue reading „ Nomacorc prepares plant-based closure launch“

Mrz 01 2013

Château Smith Haut Lafitte honoured by the critics!

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This year 2013 kicks off brightly for Château Smith Haut Lafitte which won many awards by major actors of national and international critic. The Wine Spectator, the Grand Jury Européen and the Wall Street Journalamong others just rewarded the wines of this Grand Cru Classé that never stops being spoken of.

The Grand Jury Européen held in January a blind tasting with the best 30 red 2001 Bordeaux including “4 pirates”. The 14 experts, professionals of the wine world from 5 countries, tasted the wines blind and the results are clear: Château Smith Haut Lafitte comes first with a very high cohesion of opinion from the tasters. Here is a news that will please the team of the Château whose only goal is to create a wine “worthy of its magnificent terroir”, according to Daniel Cathiard, the owner. Continue reading „Château Smith Haut Lafitte honoured by the critics!“