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ProWein 2013: Über 350 österreichische Aussteller in Halle 7

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Die österreichische Gruppenausstellung auf der Düsseldorfer ProWein (24.-26. März) ist der größte Auftritt der österreichischen Weinwirtschaft. Die steigende Anzahl der österreichischen Teilnehmer unterstreicht die internationale Bedeutung der Messe. In der Österreich-Halle, in Halle 7, präsentieren rund 350 heimische Produzenten ihre Produkte und neuen Jahrgänge. Geschäftsführer Willi Klinger und sein Team freuen sich auf Ihren Besuch während der Messe beim zentralen ÖWM-Stand in Halle 7.0, Stand C 13.

Auch auf der diesjährigen ProWein steht die gesamte Halle 7.0 den österreichischen Winzerbetrieben zur Verfügung. Continue reading „ProWein 2013: Über 350 österreichische Aussteller in Halle 7“

Mrz 07 2013


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This year, for our series ‘Brane seen through the eye and lens of…’, Henri Lurton has invited the photographer François Poincet, winner of the Terroir d’Images Contest in 2011 and well-known in the wine industry for his photographic contributions to the Wine Spectator, Decanter or Vigneron magazines. Particularly  pleased to be solicited for this project, François agreed to give HIS own vision of Brane-Cantenac, an original vision indeed, since he chose to pay homage to all those men and women who are usually invisible while contributing daily to the production of a great wine. “I really wanted to do something different, less conventional and out of the beaten track without the earnestness of the wine and vine world” François told us. “And I really enjoyed very much taking these pictures because I had to push the people to their limits and extract the positive aspect of their personality. I aimed at looking at the work in the vine or in the vat room from an opposite angle, with humor, letting the people express themselves fully, while bringing out the love they have for their jobs. In the beginning, they were a bit bashful, but with the help of the ‘word of mouth’, it caught on and they participated naturally investing themselves into the project with lots of enthusiasm. On the third day, I was able to capture the best moments because I did not take myself seriously either and everyone involved let go, playing with the lens freely. The introverts remained introverted, the extroverts extroverted and it shows on each snapshot, however I managed to have them ‘drop their masks’ pushing the shyest ones around so that they finally expressed themselves. As a result, those photo sessions became like a real break for everyone. Continue reading „CHATEAU BRANE CANTENAC – APRIL 10 2013“

Mrz 07 2013 Champagne negociant facing break-up

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by Giles Fallowfield – Champagne negociant business Pressoirs de France is almost certain to be broken up and its assets sold off after the company’s administrator failed to sell it.

Myriam and Nicolas Dubois

‚Optimistic‘: Myriam and Nicolas Dubois (pic:

Administrator Jean-Luc Mercier, appointed by the French courts in January after the business went into receivership, has now launched a tender calling for bids for the two main assets of the company, based in Faverolles-et-Coemy, near Reims.

Mercier has listed these assets as the vineyards it owns – some 10.67 hectares of vines worth an estimated €11-15m – plus 165ha of supply contracts, including 84ha where the contract has a further four years to run. Vineyard land in Champagne regularly fetches more than €1m per hectare, but there is some debate about the value of the supply contracts.

Growers are paid for their grapes in four tranches, but Mercier had warned that the second payment for the 2012 crop – some €2.5m, due on 5 March – would not be met by the deadline. Continue reading „ Champagne negociant facing break-up“