Apr 04 2013 Koch vs Greenberg – Trial heats up as ex-employee takes stand

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By Chris Mercer – Greenberg’s ex-house manager sides with Koch in court as wine fraud trial looks set to over-run.

Bill Koch

Heated exchanges have so far marked the wine fraud court battle between collectors Eric Greenberg and billionaire William Koch in New York, as the case looks set to run into next week.

Antipathy between the two men was ratcheted up further this week as Greenberg’s former house manager, Jaime Cortes, gave evidence as a witness for Koch.

From the witness box, understands from a source watching the proceedings that Cortes made clear that there was little love lost between himself and his former employer, who he labelled a ‚tyrant‘.

He confirmed that he had referred to Greenberg as an ‚a**hole‘ in a previous email, the court heard. Cortes also made reference to his ex-employer’s aggressive behaviour, and suggested that Greenberg intimated he would try to pass suspect bottles on to somebody else after being made aware that he might have counterfeits in his cellar. Continue reading „ Koch vs Greenberg – Trial heats up as ex-employee takes stand“

Apr 04 2013

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