Sep 26 2014

Champagne Bruno Paillard vendange 2014 report, September 11th to 25th.

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Maison Bruno Paillard owns 87 parcels of vineyard in 16 Crus for a total surface of 32 hectares. This vineyard covers half of its proper needs. They complement those supplied by private growers through long term contracts since its foundation in 1981.

2014 climate condition:

After a very early budding and a favorable spring, with nice weather at the time of the  flowering, July and August have offered pretty bad weather to Champagne vineyards.

Happily, the four weeks before the harvest delivered much better weather conditions permitting the grapes to finish maturing in good conditions: dry and sunny days with moderate temperature and cool nights. In our own vineyards we had 1 single hour of rain while picking, the day before last at Festigny.

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