Sep 04 2015

The 2015 harvest in the Bourgogne winegrowing region: A top vintage!

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A sunny year with excellent quality

After early flowering and a very hot and dry summer, with episodes of welcome rainfall in August, the harvest began at the end of August in the southern part of the Bourgogne winegrowing region. Winegrowers are very happy with the condition of the fruit that has already been picked or is waiting its turn to be brought in.
The fine weather held any threat of disease at bay, allowing each winemaker to choose a harvest date when their grapes reach optimum maturity.

Even though the lack of rain this year has had some consequences in terms of yields, the Bourgogne winegrowing region has really enjoyed an outstanding season.

However, the winemakers of Chablis, Irancy and Saint-Bris were hit by a hailstorm on 1 September. The episode caused major concern, but the damage is limited. The storm followed a straight line, sparing the majority of plots. Those vines that were hit by hail could be picked immediately as the grapes were ripe. A return to cooler, dryer weather also helps prevent any deterioration in the health of the grapes or the quality of the fruit.

The 2015 vintage promises to be a magnificent one right across the Bourgogne winegrowing region.


Chablis: 5% of the region hit by hail (200-300 hectares out of 5,400 hectares). A few plots of Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru have suffered partial damage.

Irancy: 100% of the appellation was hit, but damage is patchy. Losses range from 5-60%, depending on the plot.

Saint-Bris: Just 40 hectares in the southern part of the appellation were hit, with losses of 20-50%.

Sep 04 2015

First Impressions from Bordeaux 2015

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PDF – 2015 Bordeaux First Impressions

Sep 04 2015

Entdecke Weine vom Zürichsee – 14. Weinpavillon am 13. & 14. September 2015

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An der 14. Edition des Zürichsee Weinpavillon präsentieren elf Weingüter vom Zürichsee die Weine des neuen Jahrgangs. Auch dieses Jahr wird die grosse Degustation wiederum im prächtigen Jürg-Wille-Saal des Restaurant Löwen in Meilen durchgeführt.

Dem Pinot Noir, der roten Königsrebsorte am Zürichsee, wird dieses Jahr ein Seminar gewidmet. Urs Zweifel, vom traditionsreichen Familienunternehmen Zweifel Weine in Zürich, führt durch eine Degustation aus verschiedenen Pinot Noir-Stilen und aus verschiedenen Jahrgängen. Der Eintritt ist frei. Continue reading „Entdecke Weine vom Zürichsee – 14. Weinpavillon am 13. & 14. September 2015“