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First Impressions from Bordeaux 2015

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PDF – 2015 Bordeaux First Impressions

Mrz 28 2014

Bordeaux 2012

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DSC05578Sigi Hiss: Millésima in Bordeaux, eine große Weinhandelsfirma am Bordelaiser Handelsplatz, inzwischen unter den Big Playern an den Quais in Bordeaux. Doch steht die Firma nur privaten Weinliebhabern zur Verfügung aber das mit sehr großem Erfolg. Die Lagerhallen sind atemberaubend und Tausende OHK’s stapeln sich bis unter die Hallendecken. Am liebsten möchte man mit einem Gabelstapler durchfahren, einfach mal aufladen und ab nach Hause damit. Fraglich, ob da eine Palette reichen würde, bei mir wohl eher nicht. Dass jede einzelne Kiste wirklich Millésima gehört, somit in deren physikalischem Besitz ist, liest sich erst mal logisch und wäre keiner weiteren Erwähnung wert. Wenn es da nicht immer wieder negative Schlagzeilen gäbe, die uns daran erinnern, dass dies nicht überall selbstverständlich zu sein scheint. Bei Millésima ist da nichts zu befürchten: Was angeboten wird, kann auch geliefert werden. Übrigens, für die deutschsprachigen Märkte sind die Weinexpertinnen Ulrike Treptow und Stephanie Niggl-Unique zuständig.


Aber zu den 2012ern, um die geht es ja hier. Ich habe mir, vor dem Schreiben dieser Zeilen, nochmals die Notizen der 2012er-Primeur Woche aus dem Jahr 2013 durchgesehen. Der Vergleich zu den heute gemachten Notizen bringt mich zu dem was später in der Flasche ist, ein grosses Stück näher. Continue reading „Bordeaux 2012“

Mrz 14 2013 Cercle Rive Droite moves into Left Bank of Bordeaux

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Alain Raynaud, founder and president of the Cercle Rive Droite group, is launching a similar group for properties from the Left Bank of Bordeaux.

Alain Raynaud

‚Not a move against UGC…‘ Alain Raynaud

The Cercle Rive Gauche will effectively be a sister organisation for the Cercle Rive Droite, with both groups overseen by the newly-created Cercle des Grands Vins de Bordeaux.

The groups will organise separate tastings, but will travel together for overseas events, including ones planned for this year in the United States, and Asia.

Raynaud played down any idea that he was competing with the Union des Grands Crus, the formidable and long-established left bank group of chateaux.

‘This is absolutely not a move against the Union des Grands Crus,’ Raynaud – who was himself president of the UGC from 1994 to 2000 – said. ‘But they have done such a good job that many of their members have effectively become luxury goods, and are no longer affordable in all markets. This new group is filling a need for a new organisation able to market the more affordable quality estates on the Left Bank.’ Continue reading „ Cercle Rive Droite moves into Left Bank of Bordeaux“

Dez 20 2012

Olivier Bernard succeeds Sylvie Cazes as President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux!

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olivier_bernardThe board of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux met on the 18th of December and thanked Sylvie Cazes warmly for her accomplishments during her four years as President of the organization.

Sylvie Cazes increased the number of tastings abroad with members of the UGCB and innovated by introducing such new markets as Brazil and India. She also focused her attention directly on consumers. Thanks to her impetus, the Week-end des Grands Crus now attracts some 1,800 wine enthusiasts from around the world to Bordeaux, and the number of events organized abroad in conjunction with wine importers and distributors has increased significantly. Today the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux offers their 134 members the opportunity to take part in more than 80 international events a year, attended by some 35,000 trade professionals and journalists as well as 11,000 consumers.

The members of the board unanimously elected Olivier Bernard to succeed Sylvie Cazes as president. This well-known figure from the Pessac-Léognan appellation, where he manages the family estate, Domaine de Chevalier, is also the Managing Director of the family firm Financière Bernard (Lucien Bernard, Millesima, Sobovi, Wine&Co, etc.). Said M. Bernard Continue reading „Olivier Bernard succeeds Sylvie Cazes as President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux!“

Dez 05 2012 Bordeaux launches winemaker and estate matchmaking service

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux –  The Bordeaux government is launching a new initiative to match young winemakers looking to buy their first estate with properties owned by older winemakers approaching retirement. The plans come from the French national land agency, SAFER, together with the Ministry of Agriculture in the Gironde: the idea is to help the estimated 1,000 vineyard owners who are over 55 and do not have a succession plan in place. Continue reading „ Bordeaux launches winemaker and estate matchmaking service“

Nov 12 2012 Montrose’s Glumineau takes over Roederer Bordeaux operation

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Nicolas Glumineau, formerly of Chateau Montrose, is taking over the running of Roederer’s Bordeaux estates after the departure of Sylvie Nicolas GlumineauCazes last week.

Glumineau, 38 (pictured), has been chief operations officer at Chateau Montrose, the renowned St Estephe second growth, since 2007, and has previously worked at both Chateau Haut-Brion and Chateau Margaux.

He will now have overall responsibility for all the Louis Roederer Bordeaux properties – Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Chateau de Pez, Chateau Haut Beauséjour and Chateau Bernadotte.

Glumineau leaves the Bouygues-owned Montrose after a highly successful run of vintages, and with a new managing director, Hervé Berland, formerly of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, installed since April.

He will begin at Roederer on 19 November. Cazes is due to step down on 31 December. Continue reading „ Montrose’s Glumineau takes over Roederer Bordeaux operation“

Okt 26 2012 Bordeaux 2012 – Soft tannins and ‚ripe fruit‘ potential say vignerons

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Bordeaux 2012 is a vintage with low, soft tannins and good fruit flavours, vignerons say – but a good deal of work is necessary in the winery to deliver that potential. Almost all red grapes are now in Bordeaux cellars across both Left and Right banks – in some cases a little earlier than expected following last week’s rains.

The vintage is ‘close to 2000, which also started with difficult weather but saw a magnificent end of season,’ Hubert de Bouard, owner of Saint Emilion’s Chateau Angelus said.

‘But perhaps 2012 has just missed out on being exceptional, with rain falling a few days earlier than I would have liked. It will still be a very good vintage for those who have followed their vines closely through the growing season,’ he told Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2012 – Soft tannins and ‚ripe fruit‘ potential say vignerons“

Sep 25 2012 Bordeaux white harvest finishes 20% down

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – The majority of white grapes in the 2012 Bordeaux harvest have been brought safely in to the cellars under warm and sunny conditions, but the forecast for the week ahead is rain, complicating decisions over when to bring in the red grapes.

First estimates of yields for the white wines, according to CIVB president George Haushalter, are around 20% down on last year, with reds expected to be between 10-20% down. Jean-Christophe Mau at Chateau Brown in Pessac Léognan said the whites have good concentration, and ‘the first juices look promising and extremely fine.’ Continue reading „ Bordeaux white harvest finishes 20% down“

Aug 31 2012 Bordeaux braces itself for ‚winemaker’s vintage‘

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – The Bordeaux 2012 harvest will be several weeks later than in recent years – and the smallest since 1991, according to the agriculture Picking in Bordeaux Harvestminister. Bordeaux 2012 likely to be ‚winemaker’s vintage‘

Difficult climatic conditions during the growing season, from a rainy spring and early summer to a searingly hot August, have meant that 2012 looks to be another ‘winemaker’s vintage’ – as difficult vintages are usually dubbed.

Rain during April, May and June put heavy pressure on the vineyards, and the cold temperatures meant flowering was inconsistent.

Most winemakers report that the warm end of July, and hot August, salvaged what was looking to be a disastrous year.

But with temperatures reaching 40 degrees over several days in August – the 9th, 10th, 25th, and 27th were particularly hot – meant that some grapes shut down entirely, and others were scorched by the sun. Continue reading „ Bordeaux braces itself for ‚winemaker’s vintage‘“

Aug 24 2012 First full history of Bordeaux first growths to be published

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by Adam Lechmere – The first-ever comprehensive history of all five first growths, by Decanter writer Jane Anson and with a foreword by Francis Ford Coppola, will be Bordeaux Legendspublished next month.

During the writing of Bordeaux Legends – the 1855 First Growth Wines, Anson was given unprecedented access to the five most celebrated chateaux of Bordeaux – Haut Brion, Latour, Margaux, Lafite-Rothschild and Mouton-Rothschild.

‘I spent many hours over several weeks in the archives at Margaux, Haut Brion and Lafite,’ she told She also researched extensively in the city archives in Bordeaux, and in London at Christie’s, Berry Brothers and the Royal Society.

Francis Ford Coppola – who owns Inglenook in Napa, one of the most venerable American wineries – describes the book in his foreword as ‘a most interesting and valuable history to those who realise that truly great wine is something of a miracle.

‘The idea that there are five superb wines which are thought of as „the best“ threads its way through time and geography and stimulates the wonderful world of fine wine in many ways.’

Bordeaux Legends – published as Elixirs in French – took Anson about two years to write, her research taking her from Bordeaux, where she lives, to Paris, London and Hong Kong. Continue reading „ First full history of Bordeaux first growths to be published“

Jun 27 2012 China’s Bright Food buys Bordeaux negociant DIVA

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – A Chinese food company has bought a majority stake in major Bordeaux negociant DIVA. DIVA is the first négociant to cede a majority stake to a Chinese company – in this case Shanghai Sugar Cigarette and Wine (SSCW), a subsidiary of state-owned Bright Food, which says it is China’s largest food products group.

The new partnership, due to be signed in Paris on Wednesday, means that SSCW will take 70% of the shares of DIVA Bordeaux. Pierre Beuchet, founder and president, and managing director Jean-Pierre Rousseau, will keep a stake of around 30%. A representative of SSCW will become chairman of a new supervisory committee.

Rousseau told, ‘The job of being a négociant has become more and more capital intensive, and we needed investment to develop to the next level. We looked at various options for funding, but I believe a good part of the future of Bordeaux lies with China, and we have to be part of it.’ Rousseau will continue to run DIVA, a company founded in 1979 and with a turnover in 2011 of €33m, for at least the next five years. Continue reading „ China’s Bright Food buys Bordeaux negociant DIVA“

Jun 25 2012

Sigi Hiss: Besser als erwartet – Bordeaux der Jahre 1978, 1979 & 1981

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Sigi Hiss –  Auf Einladung von Patrick Thalmann, Weinliebhaber und Genussmensch, wie er im Buche steht, stand eine ausgiebige Bordeaux Degustation auf dem Programm. 1978, 1979 und 1981. Keiner dieser drei ist ein Jahrhundertjahrgang und präsentiert sich deshalb auf Auktionen und im Handel mit noch humanen Preisen. Relativ betrachtet zumindest, denn ein Château Mouton Rothschild oder Château Latour kostet ja nie nur ein paar Euro oder Franken. Auch in mäßigen Jahrgängen sind das beileibe keine günstigen Weine.

Start war zur Mittagszeit mit einem Apéro und anschließendem Mittagessen. Und gleich in die Vollen ging es mit dem sogenannten Pegelweinen, ein 1978er Mouton Rothschild und ein 1980er Mayacamas, blind versteht sich. Dreier Serien von je einem Weingut waren angesagt, das Château wurde bekannt gegeben nicht aber die Reihenfolge der Jahrgänge. Es folgte nach dem Einpegeln Cheval Blanc aus dem Saint-Émilion , danach Cos d’Estournel aus dem Saint-Estèphe und ein US-Rindsfilet von bester Güte. Der willkommenen Unterbrechung durch das amerikanische Rind war dann Pauillac im Glas. Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande zuerst und darauf folgend Château Latour. Continue reading „Sigi Hiss: Besser als erwartet – Bordeaux der Jahre 1978, 1979 & 1981“

Jun 12 2012 Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -Bordeaux’s Chateau Larrivet Haut-Brion has experimented with ageing one barrel of its 2009 wine partially submerged in the sea.Chateau Larrivet Haut-BrionThe barrel was sunk among the oyster parks of Cap Ferret, on the Atlantic coast, said the chateau, which is based in the Pessac Leognan region of Bordeaux.

Bruno Lemoine, director and winemaker of Larrivet Haut-Brion, told that the idea came from a conversation among friends, who each played a part in the experiment. Lemoine provided the wine, oyster farmer Joel Dupuch provided the seabed space and barrel maker Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry, of Radoux, created a 56-litre barrel.

‘We often hear about wines aged at sea being better quality, so I wanted to see what happened,’ said Lemoine, referring to wines transported long Continue reading „ Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea“

Jun 12 2012 Bordeaux vineyard prices up 10pc in 2011

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -Deals for prestigious wine-growing areas spark rise in the average price of Bordeaux vineyards.Investor thirst for key wine-growing areas drove up the average price of vineyard land in Bordeaux by 10% last year, official figures show.

Buyers paid an average €76,000 (US$94,400) per hectare in 2011, according to French agency SAFER, which records all land transactions across France. However, vineyard prices varied sharply depending on location. A simple AOC Bordeaux red or white could be picked up for €15,000 per hectare last year, down €1,000 from 2010, while the best vineyard land in Pauillac fetched €1.65m per hectare, up 65% in just one year. Continue reading „ Bordeaux vineyard prices up 10pc in 2011“

Jun 07 2012

Sigi Hiss: Bordeaux 2011 Bericht im Sommelier-Magazin erschienen

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Sigi Hiss – Soeben druckfrisch erschienen, das neue Sommelier Magazin. Das Verbandsorgan der Deutschen Sommelier-Union.  Keine Angst, da hat man nicht ein trockenes „Vereinsmeiererei-Berichtsheft“ in der Hand. Lebendig mit bekannten Weinexperten wie Master Sommelier Frank Kämmer, Schwabe mit Drang hinaus in die Welt. Bekanntlich haben ja die Schwaben & die Badener eine ganz besondere Beziehung zueinander. Beide neigen dazu die Sache beim Namen zu nennen, so auch MS Frank Kämmer.

Ein Badener & Schwabe im Sommelier Magazin – das kann nur interessant sein.

Frank Kämmer Master Sommelier:

„Es ist wichtig, dass man ab und zu daran erinnert wird, dass es wichtigere Dinge gibt, als die Frage, ob in Burgund nun 2009 oder 2010 der bessere Jahrgang war. Wer nicht hin und wieder auch noch an einem einfachen Schoppen aus der Literflasche als Feierabendtrunk oder zum fröhlichen Zechen mit Kumpels seine Freude haben kann, der sollte sich kritisch hinterfragen, ob der Sommelierberuf ihn nicht schon zu seinem Nachteil verändert hat.“


Sigi Hiss:

“Ich kaufe und trinke schon seit Jahren keine Bordeaux mehr, die sind preislich nicht mehr von dieser Welt“, so die Aussage eines Weinfreundes, kurz vor dem Abflug nach Bordeaux. Widersprechen kann man da erst mal nicht. Die Preisexzesse kennen seit Jahrzehnten immer nur eine Richtung, jene nach oben. Und das mit einer Regelmäßigkeit und Arroganz, die Wut aber auch Resignation bei den Weintrinkern hervor ruft………….

Master Sommelier Frank Kämmer und Weinjournalist Sigi Hiss im aktuellen SOMMELIER MAGAZIN.  Jetzt im Briefkasten!

Mai 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011:Mouton release follows raft of big-name discounts

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux, and Adam Lechmere – Chateau Mouton-Rothschild has released its 2011 at €360, on par with its first growth peer Chateau Margaux.Chateau Mouton Rothschild

The announcement follows the recent raft of big-name releases, all at discounts that have been initially well-received by the wine trade, in London at least. Pichon Comtesse showed a full 47.3% drop from to €72 ex-negociant, down from €138 in 2010. Over the road, Pichon Baron also came out at €72, a drop of over 45% on last year.

Others drops included 33% from Clos Fourtet, down to €48 per bottle ex- negociant, Leoville Barton down 37.5% to €45, and 25% from Clerc Milon, down to €48. Petit Mouton, the second wine of Mouton, came down 33.3% to €72, from €108 last year.

Rauzan Segla, which last year was heavily criticised for its high prices, offered a 31.4% drop to €57.60 (down from last year’s €84). Grand Puy Lacoste came down 33.3% to €38.30, while Leoville Poyferre came down just over 39% to €51.60. ‘We had to offer the market a good drop,’ Florence Cathiard of Chateau Smith Haut-Lafitte told Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011:Mouton release follows raft of big-name discounts“

Mai 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Latour & Cheval Blanc, similar prices meet with different reactions

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Adam Lechmere -Bordeaux superstars Chateau Latour and Cheval Blanc are the biggest releases of the day – and they have had radically different reactions from the trade.Latour, one of the finest wines of the vintage for many critics, has come out at €450 ex-negociant and is on the market in the UK for around £4,800 a case.Cheval Blanc, co-owned by LVMH, whose chairman Bernard Arnault is a business rival of Latour’s owner François Pinault, came out at €465, down 48.3%. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Latour & Cheval Blanc, similar prices meet with different reactions“

Mai 10 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Pontet Canet release galvanises en primeur

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by staff – London merchants are reporting renewed interest in what has been a lacklustre en primeur campaign with the release of Chateau Pontet Canet, 34% down on last year’s price. The 2011 from the Pauillac second-growth, which is certified biodymic, has been highly praised by critics and merchants alike. Steven Spurrier for Decanter gave it 18 points, describing it as ‘both exuberant and classic… a wonderfully elegant Pauillac with superb vineyard expression.’ Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Pontet Canet release galvanises en primeur“

Mai 09 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Primeurs offers being met with ’stoney silence‘, merchants report

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by Panos Kakaviatos – American merchants say they are buying very little Bordeaux 2011 because prices are too high for the quality – and because they still hold unsold Bordeaux en primeur wine tastingsstocks of the more expensive 2010. And in Britain, wine merchants are ambivalent but there are few who believe the campaign has any momentum: the release of Chateau Beychevelle has been met with ‘stony silence’, one reported.

US merchants are grumbling that the Bordeaux 2011 campaign has not taken off because expected price decreases are not low enough. Chris Adams, of New York importer Sherry Lehmann, came back from Bordeaux en primeur tastings last month ‘genuinely excited about the prospects for the campaign’ but now calls the high prices ‘a shame’ so far – ‘and really surprisingly so,’ he said.

‘There’s been no incentive for me to take any positions, as I still have decent stocks of 2010s that haven’t sold through, and the price decreases aren’t significant enough for me to see any real value for the consumer. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Primeurs offers being met with ’stoney silence‘, merchants report“

Mai 03 2012 Chateau Montus suffers 50% hail damage, Bordeaux flooding

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by Panos Kakaviatos, and Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Chateau Montus, one of the leading chateaux in the Madiran appellation, was severely struck by hail on Sunday rain in st emilionevening – while Bordeaux suffered rainfall two-and-a-half times the average. Hailstones of up to 1.5 centimeters in diameter pelted the communes of Castelnau-Rivière-Basse and Madiran, ‘destroying a large part of vines,’ local newspaper SudOuest reported.

At least 50% of vines at the 85ha property were hit, owner and winemaker Alain Brumont said, with some plots losing up to 95% of their early-season shoots and buds, causing around €3m damage. In total, around 200 hectares of AOC Madiran were affected, with around 70ha almost destroyed. Further serious hail was reported in the AOC Côtes de Gascogne.

The 2012 vintage is expected to be reduced by at least 30% across both Montus and Brumont’s other wine, Torus. Prices, Brumont said, can be expected to rise for Montus up to around €400 per bottle.

The hail was part of a stormy weekend that shook the southern half of France. On Saturday 28 April the French weather station Météo France placed nine departments on alert for high winds in a zone stretching from the Alps in the Massif Central.

Eastern Bordeaux, particularly Castillon and parts of Saint Emilion, saw widespread flooding, after one of the wettest and coldest Aprils on record.

In total, rainfall during the last 24 days of the month was 178.8mm, 223% above the average of 80mm, while total sunshine hours were 32% below average, with 120 hours compared to the usual 177 hours. Local expert John Salvi MW told, ‘This is unheard of, and slowed down vine growth almost completely.’

Part of the concern is that the – brief – return to sunshine this week will put further pressure on the vineyards. Benoit de Guigne, director of Chateau Lagarosse in AOC Cadillac Cotes de Bordeaux, said, ‘While the rain was desperately needed after such a dry start to the year, the vineyards are now so muddy that it is impossible to get spraying machines into them to protect the vines. If the weather turns humid this week, we are going to start worrying about mildew.’

Mai 02 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Merchants selling Rieussec at a loss, blaming negociant ‚bundling‘

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by Adam Lechmere – A number of London wine merchants are reportedly furious with Bordeaux negociants for forcing them to buy another chateau’s wines along with their allocations of Lafite 2011.rieussecRieussec: bundled in?

In a practice known as ‘bundling in’, Bordeaux – according to the wine merchants has spoken to – demands that a merchant take a certain amount of cases of Chateau Rieussec in Sauternes at what merchants claim is an unrealistic price, or their allocation of Lafite and its second wine Carruades de Lafite, and sister wine Duhart-Milon will be compromised.

Merchants say they are now having to sell Rieussec – a Sauternes first growth – at a loss. It was released by negociants at €48 a bottle, which at standard margins would sell in London for over £500 a case.

This is far beyond the ‚real value‘ of Rieussec, merchants say. It is on the market now for between £350 and £375 a case, meaning merchants make no money on it. ‘The situation is farcical,’ Farr Vintners director Oliver East told ‘We are always annoyed by it but this year we have vented our annoyance.’ He said he had written to negociants but with no response. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Merchants selling Rieussec at a loss, blaming negociant ‚bundling‘“

Apr 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – New releases but Lafite dominating early sales, say merchants

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – A handful of releases this week all show price drops, of up to a third less than last year, but still merchants are reporting a sluggish campaign with little interest in anything except Lafite.bordeaux Lafite: pointing the way to healthy 2011 sales? Since the dramatic announcement of Chateau Latour’s withdrawal from the en primeur system, and Chateau Lafite Rothschild’s price release at €420, not much has moved.

This week there have been a few key releases, including Hubert de Bouard’s Carillon d’Angelusand Chateau Bellevue, both at €35 ex-Bordeaux, a 30% and 21.35% drop respectively on their 2010 prices, and Chateau Suduiraut, from the AXA Millesimes stable, at €45 ex-Bordeaux, a drop of 7.22% from 2010.

Other releases include Chateau Haut Marbuzet, in Saint Estephe, at €21.60 a drop of 18%, andChateau Sociando Mallet at €20.40, a drop of 8.11%. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – New releases but Lafite dominating early sales, say merchants“

Apr 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Cos d’Estournel releases 45% down on 2010

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by Adam Lechmere, and Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Cos d’Estournel has released its 2011 today at €108 per bottle ex-negociant, 45% less than last year but still 40% more than other vintages.Bordeaux 2011 picture of Cos d'EstournelUK merchants are selling the wine at £1200 a case. The second wine, Pagodes de Cos, comes out at €30, down 25% on last year.

A third release comes from Pomerol’s Chateau Gazin, at €42, down 12.5% on last year.

Cos d’Estournel has for several years been one of the most renowned – or notorious – wines of the Medoc. Managing director Jean-Guillaume Prats tripled the price in 2009: the 2008 and 2007 vintages were released at €65 a bottle, while 2009 was released at €210. The 2010 was released at €198.

The general feeling in Bordeaux, one observer said, is that ‘Cos still hasn’t done enough after tripling the price in 2009, and there are lots of cheaper vintages out there.’ Those after bottled vintages of Cos from the less stellar vintages can choose from the 2001, 2004 or 2008 at around £850-900 a case.

The 2009 is now selling at around £2375, the 2010 just under £2000. After hail at the beginning of September wreaked havoc in the Cos vineyards – and those of its neighbours in St Estephe – the 2011 was subject to rigorous selection. Only 30% of the crop made it into the first wine, of which only 9,000 cases were made, compared with 21,000 last year. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Cos d’Estournel releases 45% down on 2010“

Apr 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011: Chateau Lafite Rothschild releases at €420 per bottle

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by Adam Lechmere – Chateau Lafite Rothschild has released its 2011 at €420 per bottle to the wine trade, a reduction of 30% on last year’s price of €600.Bordeaux 2011 Chateau Lafite Rothschild bottle label

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2011: First major name to release.The wine will be €420 ex-negociant, and merchants will wait to announce their price until they are sure of their allocations. The ex-chateau price is €350.Merchants are still digesting the news but one or two have commented in pleased terms.

An email from Farr Vintners read, ‘Welcome news on the pricing and let’s hope that other chateaux follow this lead and allow us to sell at a lower price than we sell physical vintages.’

Both they and Berry Bros also said they were pleased there was no ‘tie-in’ with the Rothschild-owned Sauternes Chateau Rieussec, which last year merchants were obliged to buy along with their Lafite allocation. There is now a good deal of uncertainty about how the rest of the blue-chip properties will react to this price. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011: Chateau Lafite Rothschild releases at €420 per bottle“

Apr 25 2012 Bernard Magrez buys three Bordeaux estates

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Bernard Magrez, owner of Chateau Pape Clement and Chateau La Tour Carnet, has extended his portfolio of estates with the addition of threeBernard Magrez new Bordeaux names. These are the 15-hectare Chateau Malleprat in Pessac Leognan, the 10ha Chateau Moulin d’Ulysse in Listrac-Medoc and the 3.5ha Chateau Romer in Sauternes, the smallest classified property in the appellation.

According to French journal Revue du Vin de France, Magrez’s intention is not necessarily to bottle the wines under their existing names, but to use them to bolster production of his current estates. For example, he already owns the nearby Chateau Latrezotte in Barsac, where he produces a wine called La Sauternes de ma Fille, and he can now integrate its production with that of Chateau Romer.

In the Medoc, he will use his newly purchased vines to create a second wine for his neighbouring classified chateau, La Tour Carnet. Magrez is now owner of approximately 40 properties, in Bordeaux, Languedoc, Spain, Portugal, Napa, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Morocco and Japan.

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