Apr 05 2013 Bordeaux 2012 – Chateau Raymond Lafon not to release 2012

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by Panos Kakaviatos – Chateau Raymond Lafon has joined Chateau d’Yquem and Chateau Rieussec in announcing that it will not make a 2012 vintage wine.

Chateau Raymond-Lafon
Lafon, an unclassified Sauternes producer, told in the build-up to en primeur that a dry September had prevented development of botrytis – the so-called noble rot – which naturally concentrates grape juices whilst imparting spicy flavours that are characteristic of Sauternes.

Chateau co-owner Jean-Pierre Meslier explained that the harvest was too small, describing it as ‘fine and elegant’, but not as ‘concentrated as normal.’

The estate harvested with about 114 grams of residual sugar instead of the chateau’s habitual 130 to 140, he said.

‚When rain fell later in the month, botrytis spread, but more rain than needed in October compromised pickings.‘

The best grapes will make ‘an excellent’ second wine: ‚Les Jeunes Pousses de Raymond-Lafon,‘ Meslier added.

The last vintage that Chateau Raymond Lafon did not produce any wine was 1974.

Mrz 18 2013 Jim Barrett of Chateau Montelena dies

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by Courtney Humiston in Sonoma – James L Barrett, founder of Napa Valley’s Chateau Montelena, has died at the age of 86 – ‚of a life well lived‘, as his son Bo said.

Bo and Jim Barrett

‚A live well lived‘: Jim Barrett, right, with Bo

Jim Barrett, who died on 14 March, founded the Calistoga winery in 1972, and shot almost immediately to world renown when critics famously favoured his 1973 Chardonnay over four white Burgundies at the 1976 Paris Tasting.

Chateau Montelena —along with the Cabernet Sauvignon of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, which out-scored top Bordeaux producers at the same tasting—is often credited with elevating the status of Napa Valley wines in the international marketplace and laying the foundation for the commercial success they are today.

In 2010 one of the last bottles of ex-cellar 1973 Chardonnay was sold at a London auction for US$11,325 (£7,419).In a statement Barrett’s son Bo paid tribute to a ‚tough and loving‘ man.

‘I join with my family to announce the sad news that my father, Jim Barrett, passed away today at the age of 86. He was a tough and loving man who will be greatly missed at home, at the winery and throughout the Napa Valley. My father bought Chateau Montelena in 1972 and has worked hard every day since to grow the best grapes and produce the best wines. My dad died of a life well lived.

‘He, along with the entire family, has prepared a succession plan for Chateau Montelena which will ensure the winery stays in our family for as many decades going forward as we have enjoyed during his life. There will be no changes to the current plan, Chateau Montelena has a wonderful future, for which we have been working toward over the past 40 years with improvements and upgrades to maintain the calibre of wines we produce.’

Barrett, a former attorney and veteran of the Korean war, rescued the historic winery, which was originally completed in 1888, from neglect and dilapidation. The building was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places thanks, in part, to Barrett’s careful restoration and the significance of his contribution to the California wine industry.

Chateau Montelena will remain in the family — as it always has — with Bo Barrett, who has been the director of winemaking since 1982, assuming the role of CEO.

In addition to its Chardonnay, Chateau Montelena makes Cabernet Sauvignon from the Calistoga estate (as it has since 1978) as well as Zinfandel and Riesling. The wine has a reputation for maintaining the elegance of an ‘old world’ style that was Barrett’s original vision. A full obituary will be published on Tuesday.

Mrz 07 2013


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This year, for our series ‘Brane seen through the eye and lens of…’, Henri Lurton has invited the photographer François Poincet, winner of the Terroir d’Images Contest in 2011 and well-known in the wine industry for his photographic contributions to the Wine Spectator, Decanter or Vigneron magazines. Particularly  pleased to be solicited for this project, François agreed to give HIS own vision of Brane-Cantenac, an original vision indeed, since he chose to pay homage to all those men and women who are usually invisible while contributing daily to the production of a great wine. “I really wanted to do something different, less conventional and out of the beaten track without the earnestness of the wine and vine world” François told us. “And I really enjoyed very much taking these pictures because I had to push the people to their limits and extract the positive aspect of their personality. I aimed at looking at the work in the vine or in the vat room from an opposite angle, with humor, letting the people express themselves fully, while bringing out the love they have for their jobs. In the beginning, they were a bit bashful, but with the help of the ‘word of mouth’, it caught on and they participated naturally investing themselves into the project with lots of enthusiasm. On the third day, I was able to capture the best moments because I did not take myself seriously either and everyone involved let go, playing with the lens freely. The introverts remained introverted, the extroverts extroverted and it shows on each snapshot, however I managed to have them ‘drop their masks’ pushing the shyest ones around so that they finally expressed themselves. As a result, those photo sessions became like a real break for everyone. Continue reading „CHATEAU BRANE CANTENAC – APRIL 10 2013“

Mrz 01 2013 Jacky Lorenzetti acquires 50% of Chateau d’Issan

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Emmanuel Cruse is to become co-owner of his family estate, Chateau d’Issan in Margaux, with Bordeaux wine and property magnate Jacky Lorenzetti.

Chateau d'Issan

Lorenzetti, who already owns Chateaux Lilian Ladouys in Saint Estepheand 5th growth Chateau Pédesclaux in Pauillac, has acquired 50% of the capital of Issan, can confirm.

The Cruse family has owned the 1855 third growth estate since 1945, initially bought by Emmanuel Cruse’s grandfather, of the same name. He split the estate equally between his two sons, Roland and Lionel Cruse, and it is Roland’s descendants who have sold their share.

Emmanuel Cruse, who is Lionel Cruse’s son and also Grand Maitre of the Commanderie de Bontemps, retains all of his share and will remain as managing director. As part of the deal, he will also become MD of Lilian Ladouys and Pédesclaux, after spending the past couple of years a consultant to the estates that Lorenzetti bought in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Continue reading „ Jacky Lorenzetti acquires 50% of Chateau d’Issan“

Mrz 01 2013

Château Smith Haut Lafitte honoured by the critics!

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This year 2013 kicks off brightly for Château Smith Haut Lafitte which won many awards by major actors of national and international critic. The Wine Spectator, the Grand Jury Européen and the Wall Street Journalamong others just rewarded the wines of this Grand Cru Classé that never stops being spoken of.

The Grand Jury Européen held in January a blind tasting with the best 30 red 2001 Bordeaux including “4 pirates”. The 14 experts, professionals of the wine world from 5 countries, tasted the wines blind and the results are clear: Château Smith Haut Lafitte comes first with a very high cohesion of opinion from the tasters. Here is a news that will please the team of the Château whose only goal is to create a wine “worthy of its magnificent terroir”, according to Daniel Cathiard, the owner. Continue reading „Château Smith Haut Lafitte honoured by the critics!“

Feb 27 2013 Gerard Perse sells Chateau Monbousquet stake to pension firm

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux & Chris Mercer – Chateau Monbousquet owners Gerard and Chantal Perse sign ‚alliance‘ with pensions firm. A French pensions company has acquired an interest in Chateau Monbousquet in Saint Emilion, as part of a succession plan devised by owners Gerard and Chantal Perse.

MonbousquetThe company, which remains anonymous, has agreed to form an ‚alliance‘ with Vignobles PerseChantal Perse has confirmed to

No financial details have been disclosed, but it is understood that the deal involves the sale of a minority stake in Monbousquet, the first chateau bought by Chantal and her husband, Gerard, in Saint Emilion in 1993.

‚This alliance is to pass on our heritage, the fruit of more than 40 years work, to our children,‘ Chantal Perse said. The family also owns Pavie, a Saint Emilion premier grand cru classé A as of 2012, and grand cru classéPavie-Decesse, plus Clos Lunelles in Castillon. All Monbousquet wines will still be sold via the Bordeaux marketplace, she added.  Continue reading „ Gerard Perse sells Chateau Monbousquet stake to pension firm“

Dez 21 2012 Chateau Rieussec will make no 2012 vintage

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux –  Chateau Rieussec, the Sauternes estate owned by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) has joined Chateau d’Yquem in announcing that it will not be making a 2012 vintage wine.

DBR director Charles Chevallier told they ‘simply felt there was not sufficient juice of first wine quality to justify the production this year.’ He confirmed however they would be making a second wine, Les Carmes de Rieussec. Continue reading „ Chateau Rieussec will make no 2012 vintage“

Dez 19 2012 Chateau d’Yquem will not make 2012 vintage

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joy of terroir, terroir, by Chris Mercer – Chateau d’Yquem has pulled out of making a Sauternes in 2012 after the vintage failed a post-harvest taste test.

‚Prepared to not make a vintage‘: Yquem

The LVMH-owned Sauternes first growth confirmed to that ‚there will be no Chateau d’Yquem in the 2012 vintage‘.

It is the first time in 20 years that the chateau has made such a call.

‚This is a very difficult decision, but the tasting of the harvest confirmed that the level of quality is not satisfactory to become Yquem,‘ said chateau spokeswoman Valérie Lailheugue.

A late start to this year’s harvest meant that all Sauternes producers were already under pressure, but poor weather in October proved too much for many grapevines to handle. Continue reading „ Chateau d’Yquem will not make 2012 vintage“

Dez 18 2012


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Etiquette MR 2010 specimenEvery year since 1945, a great artist has created an original artwork for the Château Mouton Rothschild label. Thus, on the initiative of the Château’s owners, the most famous names are brought together in a collection to which a new work is added each year. The commission to illustrate the 2010 vintage was given by Baroness Philippine de Rothschild to the American sculptor Jeff Koons, born in York (Pennsylvania) in 1955 and a leading figure of contemporary art.

In the vein of Pop Art and kitsch, Koons takes familiar objects and uses a wide variety of techniques to illuminate them with colours, distort and recreate them. For a time he was the world’s most expensive living artist, while the exhibition of his works at the Château de Versailles in 2008 aroused high passions. Koons also revisits Antiquity, as with this Birth of Venus, a fresco from Pompeii, which his silver drawing turns into a Venus with Vessel – both the cup which holds and the ship which, under a bright sun, bears off into the distance an exquisite wine…Surely Mouton Rothschild 2010!

A Premier Cru Classé, Château Mouton Rothschild comprises 84 hectares (207 acres) of vines at Pauillac in the Médoc, planted with the varieties typical of the region: Cabernet Sauvignon (83%), Merlot (14%) and Cabernet Franc (3%). This First Growth benefits from exceptionally favourable natural conditions, in the quality of the soil, the position of its vines and their exposure to the sun. Combining a respect for tradition with the latest technology, from grape to bottle it receives meticulous attention from highly skilled winemakers and vinegrowers responsible foreach parcel of the estate. The grapes are harvested by hand in small open baskets, sorted on vibrating tables and vinified in oak vats, after which the wine is matured in new oak casks.


2010 was a dry and relatively cool year, with an ideal amount of sunshine and a few showers at just the right time, in mid-June and early September. A dry and cool spring was followed by a generally dry summer with some very hot spells. The harvest took place in excellent conditions between 28 September and 13 October. Naturally concentrated, the grapes were small and their juice, rich and highly coloured, displayed good acidity. The wine is a dark and intense red with a blueish tint. With Cabernet Sauvignon predominant, it displays a complex range of aromas. From lightly toasted vanilla notes, the nose opens with airing to reveal fruit aromas, especially blackcurrant and black cherry. Powerful and well-integrated tannins reveal exceptional depth and roundness on the palate, ending on a fresh and mineral finish. Length, elegance, harmony: Mouton Rothschild 2010 promises to be a remarkable vintage – and a worthy successor to the 2009!


Nov 27 2012

First impressions of the 2012 vintage at Château Palmer

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The highlights of a cycle
The 2012 vintage is characterized by a singular contrast between spring, summer and the beginning of fall.  The month of April, particularly cool and damp, led to a late and heterogeneous bud bloom.  This was followed by late flowering, in less-than favorable conditions, resulting in a high percentage of coulure on our oldest plots of Merlot.
On July 15th, the weather conditions confirmed an especially late situation, resembling that of the 2008 vintage. Continue reading „First impressions of the 2012 vintage at Château Palmer“

Nov 09 2012 Chinese fake bottle cache not Chateau Lafite

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by Jane Anson -The house where 10,000 bottles of fake Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) wines were found had been under surveillance by Chinese police for some

china, chinese wine, chinese fake wine, fake wine,

time. The huge cache of bottles, believed to be forgeries, was found in an empty house in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province that had been under surveillance by the local law enforcement agencies, and was known about by the DBR lawyers.

Contrary to reports in the Chinese media, there were no bottles of Chateau Lafite Rothschild itself – but large quantities of the company’s DBR Collection brands, which include Légends, Saga, and Réserve Spéciale.

The police have questioned the owner of the house, a Mr Zou, although he denies any involvement, explaining that last month he found his house, which had stood vacant for nine years, filled with wine bottles. The house was reportedly guarded by five large dogs, including two Tibetan mastiffs.

Christophe Salin, the managing director of DBR (Lafite) told, ‘We are aware of it and our lawyers in China are working with the Chinese fraud office.’

It is believed that forgers are now less willing to fake high-cost wines such as Lafite Rothschild, as the punishment for forgery in China is linked to the value of the goods, and death sentences have recently been handed down to forgers of the most expensive products. Continue reading „ Chinese fake bottle cache not Chateau Lafite“

Okt 11 2012 Norman Foster commissioned to revamp Chateau Margaux cellars

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -Lord Norman Foster has designed new cellars for Bordeaux’s Chateau Margaux.margaux

Lord Norman Foster, architect of the Reichstag in Berlin and Millau Viaduct in France, is to create new cellars for 1855 1st Growth Chateau Margaux.
Lord Foster will create an underground bottle library for past vintages, and a new vinification cellar that will allow both the red and white wines to be made in the same part of the estate for the first time since the late 1970s.

British-born Foster, a winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize Laureate, is perhaps the best-known architect to date to take on a Bordeaux winery.  Earlier projects include Jean Nouvel’s new winery at Chateau La Dominique in Saint Emilion and Christian de Portzamparc’s celebrated new cellars at Chateau Cheval Blanc. Continue reading „ Norman Foster commissioned to revamp Chateau Margaux cellars“

Sep 26 2012 Chateau Bellefont-Belcier to be sold to Chinese investor

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Chateau Bellefont-Belcier, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe, is the latest property – and the first classified growth – to be sold to a Chinese Chateau Bellefont Belcierpurchaser.

This 13ha estate has been on the market for some time, and will be the first classified growth on either Left or Right Bank to be bought by a Chinese investor, if the agreed-upon sale goes through. The deal was overseen by Franck Lagorce Conseil, a land management consultancy based in Bordeaux.

The price of the property, formerly owned by Jacques Berrebi, Alain Laguillaumie and Dominique Hébrand, has not been revealed, but a classified estate in Saint Emilion should fetch between €1m and €2m per hectare.

‘A serious offer has been accepted for the estate,’ Lagorce told, Continue reading „ Chateau Bellefont-Belcier to be sold to Chinese investor“

Sep 04 2012 Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion doubles in size

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion has doubled its vineyard holdings with the inclusion of vines from newly-purchased estate Chateau du Thil Chateau Carmes Haut-BrionComte Clary. Chateau du Thil Comte Clary is between Chateau Carbonnieux and Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in the Pessac-Leognan appellation.

The sale, in which the 17.2ha estate was split between two new owners, was announced earlier in the summer and finalised on 29 August. The Cathiards of Smith Haut Lafitte have bought 11.6ha and Groupe Pichet of Carmes Haut-Brion has acquired 5.6ha.

Carmes Haut-Brion bought only red vines, with the stated intention of improving the quality its wines by allowing greater selection, and to develop its reputation in export markets by increasing the volumes available to sell.

Pauline Astier of Groupe Pichet told that the grapes from Continue reading „ Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion doubles in size“

Jul 24 2012 Interview – Stephanie de Bouard of Chateau Angelus

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by Adam Lechmere – Stephanie de Bouard, 30, is the daughter of Chateau Angelus owner Hubert de Bouard. After a five-year career in private banking in London she has Stephanie de Bouardjust joined the family firm as deputy managing director, the eighth generation of the family to run the renowned St Emilion Grand Cru Classé. In her first interview with the UK press, she tells Adam Lechmere how she will approach the job.

You’ve just been appointed deputy managing director of Chateau Angelus – but you’ve always been part of the team. I remember a couple of years ago your father couldn’t present a Decanter Fine Wine Encounter masterclass and you stepped in at the last moment…

Well, I was born in Bordeaux, and grew up in St Emilion. Angelus has always been a passion, shared with the family, and even while I was in London for my private banking activities I always kept close links with my father and my family, and with the strategy of the estate. And when I was in London, I frequently did things for the business. Angelus was my passion and banking was my work.

Was it difficult to leave the banking world?

I really enjoyed working in private banking for the five years I spent in London, especially in this tough competitive environment – which by the way considerably speeded up my learning process. But I knew that one day I would go back to St Emilion and to my roots, and to continue being involved alongside my family in what had been initiated more than two centuries ago. So yes, it was difficult, but at the same time what was waiting for me in St Emilion was a wonderful thing. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to explain to be part of this, to be a member of the 8th generation and to feel that you have been given the responsibility to continue what has been started. And of course I’ll still go back to London for tastings and to represent the estate.

Given your experience in banking, what can you bring to Chateau Angelus? Continue reading „ Interview – Stephanie de Bouard of Chateau Angelus“

Jul 06 2012 Chateau Olivier owner dies

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Jean-Jacques de Bethmann, long-time owner of Chateau Olivier in Pessac Léognan, has died in Bordeaux.Chateau Olivier The Bethmann family has owned Chateau Olivier (pictured), one of only seven Pessac Léognan estates to be classified in both red and white wine, since 1886. The family can trace its roots dates back to 15th century Germany, where it was part of a banking dynasty in Frankfurt.

A branch of the family opened a wine merchant house in Bordeaux in 1740, and went on to own Chateau Gruaud Larose during the 19th century.

Although Jean-Jacques de Bethmann, who spent a decade in the US and was an American citizen, lived principally in Paris, the family home was at Olivier and he was a prominent force within the Pessac Léognan appellation.

He was president of the Cru Classés de Graves for several years, and a key member of the technical commission at the Bordeaux wine bureau, the CIVB.

Laurent Lebrun, director of Chateau Olivier, told, Continue reading „ Chateau Olivier owner dies“

Jun 12 2012 Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -Bordeaux’s Chateau Larrivet Haut-Brion has experimented with ageing one barrel of its 2009 wine partially submerged in the sea.Chateau Larrivet Haut-BrionThe barrel was sunk among the oyster parks of Cap Ferret, on the Atlantic coast, said the chateau, which is based in the Pessac Leognan region of Bordeaux.

Bruno Lemoine, director and winemaker of Larrivet Haut-Brion, told that the idea came from a conversation among friends, who each played a part in the experiment. Lemoine provided the wine, oyster farmer Joel Dupuch provided the seabed space and barrel maker Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry, of Radoux, created a 56-litre barrel.

‘We often hear about wines aged at sea being better quality, so I wanted to see what happened,’ said Lemoine, referring to wines transported long Continue reading „ Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea“

Mai 03 2012 Chateau Montus suffers 50% hail damage, Bordeaux flooding

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by Panos Kakaviatos, and Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Chateau Montus, one of the leading chateaux in the Madiran appellation, was severely struck by hail on Sunday rain in st emilionevening – while Bordeaux suffered rainfall two-and-a-half times the average. Hailstones of up to 1.5 centimeters in diameter pelted the communes of Castelnau-Rivière-Basse and Madiran, ‘destroying a large part of vines,’ local newspaper SudOuest reported.

At least 50% of vines at the 85ha property were hit, owner and winemaker Alain Brumont said, with some plots losing up to 95% of their early-season shoots and buds, causing around €3m damage. In total, around 200 hectares of AOC Madiran were affected, with around 70ha almost destroyed. Further serious hail was reported in the AOC Côtes de Gascogne.

The 2012 vintage is expected to be reduced by at least 30% across both Montus and Brumont’s other wine, Torus. Prices, Brumont said, can be expected to rise for Montus up to around €400 per bottle.

The hail was part of a stormy weekend that shook the southern half of France. On Saturday 28 April the French weather station Météo France placed nine departments on alert for high winds in a zone stretching from the Alps in the Massif Central.

Eastern Bordeaux, particularly Castillon and parts of Saint Emilion, saw widespread flooding, after one of the wettest and coldest Aprils on record.

In total, rainfall during the last 24 days of the month was 178.8mm, 223% above the average of 80mm, while total sunshine hours were 32% below average, with 120 hours compared to the usual 177 hours. Local expert John Salvi MW told, ‘This is unheard of, and slowed down vine growth almost completely.’

Part of the concern is that the – brief – return to sunshine this week will put further pressure on the vineyards. Benoit de Guigne, director of Chateau Lagarosse in AOC Cadillac Cotes de Bordeaux, said, ‘While the rain was desperately needed after such a dry start to the year, the vineyards are now so muddy that it is impossible to get spraying machines into them to protect the vines. If the weather turns humid this week, we are going to start worrying about mildew.’

Apr 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011: Chateau Lafite Rothschild releases at €420 per bottle

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by Adam Lechmere – Chateau Lafite Rothschild has released its 2011 at €420 per bottle to the wine trade, a reduction of 30% on last year’s price of €600.Bordeaux 2011 Chateau Lafite Rothschild bottle label

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2011: First major name to release.The wine will be €420 ex-negociant, and merchants will wait to announce their price until they are sure of their allocations. The ex-chateau price is €350.Merchants are still digesting the news but one or two have commented in pleased terms.

An email from Farr Vintners read, ‘Welcome news on the pricing and let’s hope that other chateaux follow this lead and allow us to sell at a lower price than we sell physical vintages.’

Both they and Berry Bros also said they were pleased there was no ‘tie-in’ with the Rothschild-owned Sauternes Chateau Rieussec, which last year merchants were obliged to buy along with their Lafite allocation. There is now a good deal of uncertainty about how the rest of the blue-chip properties will react to this price. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011: Chateau Lafite Rothschild releases at €420 per bottle“

Apr 11 2012 Bordeaux 2011: Chateau d’Angludet first to release

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by Adam Lechmere – Medoc cru bourgeois Chateau d’Angludet is the first Bordeaux 2011 to release – at £198 a case in bond from London merchants.angludetAngludet is €16 a bottle direct from the chateau. The wine is not sold via negociants.

Commentators have been quick to point out this may be 20% less than 2010, but it is still £20 more than the 2008 vintage, which some are using as benchmark for 2011, both in terms of price and quality. The chateau has jumped in price in recent years, London merchant prices going from £150 on release in 2008 to £250 in 2010. The 2008 is currently selling for around £170 a case.

The 2011 from the Sichel-owned Margaux Cru Bourgeois, which was graded ‘Exceptionnel’ before the new Cru Bourgeois listing removed that higher category, has been praised by critics. Simon Staples at Berry Brothers called it ‘damn fine’. Stephen Browett at Farr Vintners in London told the release was ’not significant‘ as it was sold direct from the chateau and therefore not subject to the extra layer of negociant pricing. Other commentators have pointed out that the price of producing wine in Bordeaux made a reduction of more than 20% very difficult when a wine is below £300 a case in the first place.

Decanter’s full Bordeaux 2011 ratings and vintage report will be published at 9am on Monday 16 April.

Apr 10 2012 Herve Berland moves to Chateau Montrose

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Herve Berland, managing director of Mouton Rothschild since 2006, and with the Rothschild family since 1977, will be heading to Chateau BerlandMontrose after his retirement from the Pauillac First Growth.

Berland was at Mouton during the 2011 en primeur tastings, and understands he will be starting his new job today, Tuesday April 10. Berland’s decision to join Montrose, just a few kilometres away from Mouton in Saint Estèphe, will confirm the Second Growth’s habit of attracting former First Growth directors to its 94 hectares

Jean-Bernard Delmas, formerly director of Chateau Haut-Brion, has been in charge of the property since the Bouygues brothers, Martin and Olivier, bought it in 2006. Delmas retired last year.

Nicolas Glumineau, technical director of Montrose, told, ‘Montrose has the terroir of a First Growth, and we certainly look to challenge them each year. Mr Berland will provide the continuity in terms of our search for excellence, Continue reading „ Herve Berland moves to Chateau Montrose“

Feb 23 2012 Chateau Margaux unveils organic and screwcap wines

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by Beverley Blanning MW – Organics and screwcaps could be the way forward for Chateau Margaux, according to new research by the Bordeaux first growth.1855 Chateaux

The estate’s managing director and winemaker, Paul Pontallier, claimed that organic farming was the future direction for Margaux. ‘We are very close to organic farming. I think it’s a matter of a couple of years,’ he said at a London seminar.Pontallier presented 16 wines at the event, including wines produced using alternative farming methods.The organic and biodynamic examples rated more highly than those conventionally farmed among trade members.

Margaux also unveiled its experiments with alternative wine closures on the estate’s second wine, Pavillon Rouge. ‘We’ve all been disappointed and frustrated by corked bottles. Another closure would be welcome if it is better,‘ he said. While trials on synthetic corks were ‘absolutely catastrophic,‘ screwcaps fared better.

A 2003 red wine sealed with an impermeable screwcap closure was preferred to the same wine sealed with a cork or a permeable screwcap at yesterday’s event. Pontallier revealed that this was consistent with tests at the estate. ‚If we have consistent proof that it works better, I don’t see how we could resist,‘ said Pontallier on moving to screwcaps.

The same test on a 2004 white wine from the property drew a less conclusive result from both the audience and Pontallier, who preferred natural cork. ‘It’s very difficult to draw conclusions and every time we do these experiments, we don’t agree. Or if we agree it’s on things we don’t expect to agree on,’ he added.

Feb 08 2012

Chateau Palmer: Blending notes, 2011 vintage

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Between December and February reigns over the technical team of Château Palmer a studious atmosphere conducive to making an exceptional vintage. The tasting sessions to prepare the final blend take place during this period.  Magical moments, with measured gestures and refined palates, which allow us to imagine the final structure of Château Palmer and Alter Ego 2011.

 A play in several acts

 In order to maintain a certain distance and allow the different batches to continue ageing, the blend tastings take place in several steps.

The first act is to blind-taste all of the batches. Very useful, this tasting session allows our tasters to identify the characteristics of the different parcels and their expressions in a specific vintage without knowing their origin. A way of leveling the playing field that can lead to some nice surprises. Continue reading „Chateau Palmer: Blending notes, 2011 vintage“

Feb 03 2012

Château Tertre Daugay becomes: Château QVINTVS

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A new estate joins the Domaine Clarence Dillon family of wines. Last summer the family company announced the acquisition of a beautiful estate in Saint-Emilion.
An exceptional terroir that has been recognised as such for centuries. The estate naturally wraps around a high promontory which represents the end of the plateau of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard benefits from a majestic panorama extending towards the neighbouring village and across the entire Dordogne valley. It is in this place that, for time immemorial, a watch tower has stood to ensure the defence of the village of Saint-Emilion.

The originality of this extraordinary terroir lies in its diversity of soils, slopes and orientations. It is therefore hardly surprising that this wine was featured between 1844 and 1848 among the 14 most sought after and most expensive wines of Saint-Emilion. For close to a century the great reference book Cocks and Feret “Bordeaux et ses Vins” will consistently mention the property as a First Growth of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard was also one of the prominent Saint-Emilion estates to receive a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle de Paris in 1867. Continue reading „Château Tertre Daugay becomes: Château QVINTVS“

Nov 15 2011

Château Palmer – AUTHENTICITY

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Check the authenticity of your bottle of Château Palmer or Alter Ego.

The rare and exceptional nature of Palmer has led us to tighten the authentication and protection procedures for our wines.
That is why we decided to use the Prooftag system from now on for all bottles of our wine.

Starting with the 2009 vintage, every bottle of Château Palmer and Alter Ego will have an authentication seal affixed by the estate before shipment. This seal includes all information pertaining to the bottle in question, which is now registered in a database accessible to consumers. Continue reading „Château Palmer – AUTHENTICITY“

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