Mrz 25 2013 Cava exports at record high in 2012

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According to the Cava Consejo Regulador, producers sold over 161m bottles to foreign markets in 2012 – a 6% increase over 2011. In contrast, 81m bottles were sold in Spain in 2012, a 6% fall from the 87m figure recorded in 2011. The high Spanish level of unemployment and economic crisis are cited as the main culprits.

However, the Consejo reported an overall Cava sales rise of 1.5% – 243m bottles in total were sold in 2012, as opposed to 239m in 2011. Patrice Lesclaux, export manager for Castillo Perelada in Emporda said that Cava was increasingly seen as a ‚must have‘ listing for distributors worldwide.

‚Today, almost all relevant wine importers around the world want to have at least one Cava in their portfolio, as the consumer appreciates Cava for its optimal value for money‘, he said. Germany is currently Cava’s most important foreign market: in 2012 over 39m bottles were sold to German importers.


Jan 16 2013 South Africa exports record volumes of wine

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by Richard Woodard – South Africa exported a record-breaking 417m litres of wine last year – but bulk shipments continued to account for more than half of volumes. The figures for 2012 showed a 17% increase over 2011 and were 10m litres above the previous record year, 2008, said Wines of South Africa (WoSA).

Favourable exchange rates, a global wine shortage and small harvests in Europe, Latin America and Australia and New Zealand were the main factors behind the growth. However, WoSA CEO Su Birch said bulk wines accounted for 59% of 2012 volumes, something which she said was part of a ‘growing global trend’.

Birch added, ‘Obviously we would prefer the accent to be on packaged wines in terms of job retention in the packaging industry and also to maintain sustainable profit margins for producers.’ Continue reading „ South Africa exports record volumes of wine“

Mrz 08 2012 Australian imports up, exports down, winemakers unfazed

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by Adam Lechmere – Australian wine imports increased significantly while exports fell last year – and there was a marked increase in the value of domestic wine sales.Australian Shiraz

While the volume of Australian wine sold in the domestic market fell by 1.5%, the value of domestic sales surged by 9.8%, prompting some winemakers to welcome what is certainly an increase in quality of the domestic product.

At the same time, Australia imported more wine than ever: 67m litres worth AU$470.7m, an increase of 4.2% in volume and 2.6% in value compared with the year before.

Exports last year fell: 746.6m litres were exported worth AU$1.9bn, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released yesterday show.

Although the official figures for the year have just come out, the situation has been known about for months, and prompted one Wine Australia spokesman to joke that any Australian caught drinking foreign wine ‘should have his strides pulled down’.

But most winemakers seem unfazed by the increase in imports. Speaking to Continue reading „ Australian imports up, exports down, winemakers unfazed“

Feb 23 2012 Cava exports hit all-time high

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by Rebecca Gibb – Record Cava exports have brightened up the Spanish sparkling wine’s bleak domestic market in 2011. codorniuCava producers sold a record breaking 152 million bottles to foreign markets in 2011 – a 2% increase over 2010 – but poor domestic sales were mainly to blame for a 2% fall in overall sales in 2011.

Taking into consideration current economic conditions, the Cava regulatory board chairman, Gustavo García Guillamet, said ‚it is very positive to claim that cava sales achieved a record figure in the foreign market‘. However, sales in Spain have been difficult within the domestic market, compounded by an unemployment rate of more than 22%. During the last quarter of 2011, Cava sales suffered an ‚unexpected‘ fall of 8.7% compared to 2010. Continue reading „ Cava exports hit all-time high“

Okt 17 2011 New US-South Korea trade agreement will boost wine exports

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by Panos Kakaviatos – The US congress last week approved the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement which will eliminate tariffs South Korea flagand other barriers to trade in most goods and services within five years.

The agreement, KORUS, immediately removes a 15% tariff on US wines imported to South Korea.

The elimination of South Korea’s high import duty on US wine allows California wineries to be more competitive in this promising wine market, according to a press release from the Wine Institute, which represents more than 1,000 California wineries. Continue reading „ New US-South Korea trade agreement will boost wine exports“

Mai 26 2011

FRANCE: Burgundy wine exports rise in Q1

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Stuart Todd – Global exports of Burgundy wines rose in both volume and value in the first quarter of the year, according to trade body the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins du Bourgogne (BIVB). Continue reading „FRANCE: Burgundy wine exports rise in Q1“

Mai 11 2011

ARGENTINA: Wine exports up in Q1

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 17:13 editorial team – Thirst for Argentine wine rose in key export markets in the first quarter of 2011, according to the latest figures from Wines of Argentina. Wine exports rose by 8% in the three months to the end of March, to 62.9m litres, said the trade body at the end of last week. Bottled wine exports increased by 2% in volume, to 42.5m litres. Continue reading „ARGENTINA: Wine exports up in Q1“

Mrz 21 2011

FRANCE: China lifts Bordeaux wine exports in 2010

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By: Stuart Todd

Bordeaux wine exports regain ground - CIVB
Bordeaux wine exports regain ground – CIVB

Global exports of Bordeaux wines staged a significant comeback last year, driven by particularly strong demand from China, according to trade body the Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin du Bordeaux (CIVB).

In sharp contrast to what the CIVB described as “a catastrophic year” in 2009, exports in calendar 2010 rose by 14% in volume to 1.77m hectolitres and by 17% in value to EUR1.51bn (US$2.1bn).

Germany was the leading export market by volume, just ahead of China. Hong Kong was the premier destination for Bordeaux wines in value terms, followed by the UK and China.

There was a 6% rise in volumes shipped to the US, although exports fell by 28% by value.

Despite a “good recovery”, the CIVB highlighted the precarious position of many Bordeaux producers due to insufficient levels of business. The sector lost around 1m hectolitres of production between 2008 and 2009.

Mrz 15 2011

FRANCE: Côtes du Rhône wine exports rebound

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By: Stuart Todd – Exports of AOC Côtes du Rhône wines returned to growth in both value and volume in calendar 2010, show figures obtained by just-drinks. Exports rose by 12% in volume versus 2009, to 817,000 hectolitres, and by 7% in value to almost EUR305.5m (US$422.8m), trade body InterRhône told just-drinks today (10 march). Exports also surpassed 2008 levels in volume and value.

There was a significant recovery in shipments to the UK, the major export outlet for Côtes du Rhône, with volumes surging by 22% to 187,535hl. There was also strong demand from the US, with shipments increasing by 21.8% to 107,858hl.

Feb 24 2011

US: Wine exports hit record in 2010

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US wine exports rebounded to hit a record $1.14bn in 2010, according to the California Wine Institute.

The value of exports rose by 25% on 2009, although the volume of exports only increased by 2%, to 47.3m nine-litre cases, said the Wine Institute yesterday (22 February). California represents around 90% of exports. Continue reading „US: Wine exports hit record in 2010“

Feb 14 2011

FRANCE: French wines and spirits exports up in 2010

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FEVS hails growth in US and Asia.
FEVS hails growth in US and Asia.

Stuart Todd – French wine and spirits exports rose by 18.3% in value in 2010, according to the sector’s export trade body, FEVS.

Exports reached EUR9.1bn for the year, FEVS said today (14 February). “The business rebound in 2010 is largely a result of an excellent performance in Asian markets and recovery in North America,“ said FEVS president Claude de Jouvencel. „In the EU, recovery has been more timid.”

In terms of product, last year saw a 33% increase in Cognac sales to EUR1.85bn, while vodka exports jumped by 40% to EUR332m. Champagne exports rose by 22% to EUR1.9bn.

The US remained the leading importer of French wines and spirits, with exports to the country of EUR1.6bn, up by 25% on 2009. Sales to the UK rose by 7.5% to EUR1.3bn, while sales to China leapt by 79% to EUR564.8m.

Feb 08 2011

CHILE: Bottled wine exports rise strongly in 2010

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By: editorial team – Exports of bottled wine from Chile rose strongly in value terms during 2010, according to recent figures from trade body Wines of Chile.

Bottled wine exports for the 12 months to the end of December rose by 12% on 2009, to US$1.27bn, Wines of Chile said today (7 February). In volume terms, exports rose by 11% to 47.3m cases. Continue reading „CHILE: Bottled wine exports rise strongly in 2010“

Jan 17 2011

AUS: Australian wine exports lose more value in 2010 – figures

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By: editorial team

  • Exports drop by 9% in value
  • Rise by 2% in volume
  • Renewed momentum for bottled wine in H2
  • Exports of Australian wine continued to lose value in 2010, but the stricken industry regained some momentum in the second half of the year, official figures show. Continue reading „AUS: Australian wine exports lose more value in 2010 – figures“

    Aug 20 2009

    NZ Wine industry sees increase in value of exports

    Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 08:17 editorial team. The New Zealand wine industry saw a 24% increase in the value of wine exports in the year to the end of June, according to the New Zealand Winegrowers Association. Wine exports reached NZ$992m, up NZ$194m on the previous year, the trade body said today (19 August). Continue reading „NZ Wine industry sees increase in value of exports“

    Apr 15 2009

    FRANCE: Champagne exports tumble in 09

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    Stuart Todd – Worldwide Champagne sales fell 34% in volume terms in the first two months of 2009, with EU markets hardest hit, according to regional trade body CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne). Continue reading „FRANCE: Champagne exports tumble in 09“

    Jan 12 2009

    Australian – Wine exports suffer 18% fall

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    Scott Rochfort – Wine exports suffer 18% fall
    THE Australian wine industry has suffered its largest-ever annual slump in exports, with the value of wine shipped overseas falling 18 per cent to $2.47 billion last year. With the local wine industry already enduring a glut and then a savage drought in recent years, Continue reading „Australian – Wine exports suffer 18% fall“

    Dez 25 2008

    The global downturn and France

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    by Jane Anson – As the world’s second biggest wine producer, the French wine industry is undoubtedly vulnerable to the global financial crisis. France exported €9.43bn ($11.7bn) of wines and spirits in 2007, up almost 7% on 2006. The UK and US were the leading importers, with a combined value of €2.54bn, according to Ubifrance, the French export development agency. However, in the first eight months of 2008, exports dropped by almost 10% in volume. Continue reading „The global downturn and France“

    Dez 18 2008


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    Exports of Burgundy wines have risen sharply since mid-2005. Although 2008 did not start as strongly as 2007, the 2007/2008 sales campaign is still the second best campaign carried out in Burgundy (after 2006/2007) thanks to an excellent year-end in 2007. Continue reading „EXPORTS: HOLDING UP WELL DESPITE THE CRISIS“

    Sep 01 2008

    French wine, spirits exports slow in H1 – figures

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    After two exceptional years, exports of French wines and spirits slowed significantly in the first half of 2008 Continue reading „French wine, spirits exports slow in H1 – figures“

    Aug 21 2008

    NZ: Wine exports hit new high – figures

    Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 08:59 editorial teamNZ wine continues growth
    New Zealand has claimed wine exports remain Continue reading „NZ: Wine exports hit new high – figures“

    Jul 25 2008

    Champagne exports fizz at Vranken-Pommery

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    Source: editorial team

    International demand for Champagne continued Continue reading „Champagne exports fizz at Vranken-Pommery“

    Jul 23 2008

    Burgundy value rises despite economic slowdown

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    by Sophie Kevany

    Burgundy, the French region that exports the largest percentage of its wines, had a record-breaking year in 2007, but has been hit by dollar weakness in the first part of 2008. Continue reading „Burgundy value rises despite economic slowdown“