Jan 31 2013 New Zealand launches sales offensive in China

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by Richard Woodard – New Zealand is ‚firing the first shots‘ in a push to boost wine sales in China in a collaboration between government and New Zealand Winegrowers.

New Zealand

‚Loading the sling‘: New Zealand targets China
Wine exports to China were up 50% to NZ$25m in the year to June 2012 – a huge increase from the 2008 figure of NZ$2.44m – but the Wine High Impact Programme (HIP) aims to boost that still further.

The project, a collaboration between the Government’s international business development agency New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), and New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW), has held six events in China in the past six months, plus a trial social media campaign which attracted 4,500 followers on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

In November, leading Chinese wine influencers and journalists visited New Zealand to tour top wineries and attend a number of seminars.Now the project is to organise a series of workshops and seminars to give New Zealand wineries market intelligence and help them devise successful business strategies for the market.

‘We’ve been busy loading the sling and identifying targets, and now it’s time to start firing the shots,’ said Karyn Murray, NZTE wine programme manager.‘This is all about creating sustainable, profitable growth for New Zealand wineries, and we’re excited about the partnership between NZTE, NZW and wineries looking to exploit the huge opportunity that exists in China.’

Aug 24 2012 New Zealand ’10th largest exporter‘

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by Adam Lechmere -New Zealand is now the world’s 10th largest wine exporter, despite producing only 1% of the world’s wine, according to the latest figures. The country’s exports hit a record NZ$1.18bn in the past financial year, up 8% on the previous year, with volume up 16%, New Zealand Winegrowers chairman Stuart Smith said in the industry body’s annual report

New Zealand
Continue reading „ New Zealand ’10th largest exporter‘“

Jul 24 2012 David Cox leaves New Zealand winegrowers

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by James Lawrence – New Zealand Winegrowers has announced the surprise resignation of its European director, David Cox.David Cox

A brief press release issued by New Zealand Winegrowers‚ CEO Philip Gregan this morning said Cox (pictured) had left the organisation ‚to pursue other interests and projects.‘

The release made no mention of the reason for Cox’s departure, nor did it thank him for his three-year tenure at the organisation; global marketing director Chris Yorke quoted the latest Nielsen figures on New Zealand wine’s market share and average retail price per bottle of £6.33. Cox told he had left his role without securing another position in the wine trade.

‚My resignation was not prompted by another job offer, I simply felt that it was time to move on and assess new opportunities and challenges‘, he said. ‚It is the beginning of our new financial year, so it was an appropriate time for me to depart. I am looking forward to what the future will bring,‘ Cox added. Continue reading „ David Cox leaves New Zealand winegrowers“

Mrz 08 2012 New Zealand heading for shortage in 2012

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by Rebecca Gibb – New Zealand expects a small 2012 vintage, which is likely to put the brakes on its decade-long growth spurt.

Fairhall DownsThe industry is predicting crops could be as much as 30% lower compared to 2011’s 328,000 tonne harvest.

A lighter crop could lead to a grape shortage, which marks a massive turnaround for an industry that has been burdened by oversupply since 2008.

Stuart Smith, chair of industry body, New Zealand Winegrowers, told ‚I expect that the vintage will be around 300,000 tonnes. However, even if we had a 328,000 tonne harvest like last year, we would still be short by about 10%. We now have very low stocks on hand and export sales are growing at a good rate.‘

Export sales have grown from just 23 million litres in 2002 to 154m litres in 2011, and are worth NZ$1.1 billion compared to $246m in 2002.

‚If we get a 300,000 tonne vintage, growth will stop because we won’t have any stock; even if we get 300-328,000 tonnes there will be practically no growth.‘ Continue reading „ New Zealand heading for shortage in 2012“

Okt 13 2011 New Zealand wine producers assess wine loss on stricken ship

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by Rebecca Gibb – The container ship that ran aground on a reef off New Zealand’s North Island last week contained at least 4000 cases of wine.
Marlborough producer Astrolabe confirmed it had 4000 cases of wine on board cargo ship, Rena, with a retail value of up to NZ$800,000 (£400,600). It is likely there are more wineries affected with one local wine insurance specialist urging clients to come forward with documentation. Continue reading „ New Zealand wine producers assess wine loss on stricken ship“

Sep 12 2011 New Zealand Wine Company ’significant loss‘

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by Rebecca Gibb in Auckland – The New Zealand Wine Company has multimillion dollar losses for 2011 – a sign of the wider financial malaise facing the country’s wine industry.

NZWC, which produces the Marlborough eco-brand Grove Mill, reported a loss of NZ$3.18m (£1.63m) in the year to June 2011 in addition to a shortfall of NZ$1.89m (£97,000) the previous year.

Chief executive officer Rob White said, ‚the combination of the over-supply of grapes, a strong NZ dollar and the global financial crisis has put intense pressure on revenue, margin, net earnings and cash flow management for all NZ wineries and grape growers and has resulted in NZWC posting a significant loss.‘ Continue reading „ New Zealand Wine Company ’significant loss‘“

Jul 26 2011 Australian Riesling head and shoulders above New Zealand – Decanter panel

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by Adam Lechmere – Australian Riesling is infinitely superior to New Zealand’s, according to a Decanter panel of eight New World Riesling experts.
Earlier this year the panel tasted 79 Australian and 55 New Zealand Rieslings from a variety of vintages, the majority from 2010 and 2009 with a handful of vintages going back to 2005 and earlier.

The wines came from all Riesling-producing regions of the two countries. The vast majority of Australian wines were from the Adelaide Hills, and Clare and Eden Valleys, while most New Zealand Rieslings were from Marlborough, with a few from Central Otago, Nelson and other regions. Continue reading „ Australian Riesling head and shoulders above New Zealand – Decanter panel“

Jul 22 2011 New Zealand vineland value drops 60%, but no takers

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by Rebecca Gibb in Auckland – New Zealand vineyard prices have fallen significantly over the last four years, but the market for vineland is still stagnant, experts say.

Prices across the country have come down by as much as 60% but there are still properties that have been on the market for several years.

John Hoare, viticulture specialist for the Marlborough branch of real estate agent Bayleys, told, ‚Prices Continue reading „ New Zealand vineland value drops 60%, but no takers“

Jan 13 2011

NEW ZEALAND – Delegat’s Wine Estate to swallow Oyster Bay Marlborough Vineyards

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By: editorial team – Delegat’s Wine Estate has begun the final stages of swallowing Oyster Bay Marlborough Vineyards, in order to protect its grape supply for the Oyster Bay wine brand.

Delegat’s announced yesterday (10 January) that it will begin acquiring all remaining shares in Oyster Bay Marlborough Vineyards (OBMV). Delegat’s said that the move is compulsory, because it acquired „90% or more“ of the grape supplier’s voting rights in December.

The move is intended to help Delegat’s secure supplies for its Oyster Bay wine brand. OBMV plunged into the red after a collapse in grape prices for its fiscal year to the end of June, raising concerns about the firm’s ability to weather the oversupply problems enveloping New Zealand’s wine industry.

Delegat’s said that remaining OBMV shareholders can either sell up for NZD2.08 (US$1.6) per share or transfer their existing shares to Delegat’s shares. Delegat’s began efforts to acquire the remainder of OBMV in October last year. It already owned 54.9% of the business. The group said at the time that full OBMV ownership would turn it into a „vertically-integrated, diversified wine company“.

Jan 13 2011

NEW ZEALAND: Wine oversupply to last two years – Delegat’s

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By: editorial team – The producer of the Oyster Bay wine brand, Delegat’s, has predicted that New Zealand’s wine surplus will continue to cause the industry headaches for the next two years.

Vineyards will lose their value and grape prices are unlikely to rise in the near-future, Delegat’s MD, Jim Delegat, said at the company’s annual general meeting last month. Delegat’s has this week begun the final stages in its acquisition of Oyster Bay Marlborough Vineyards in order to protect grape supplies for its Oyster Bay brand.

Oversupply has threatened to damage the value of New Zealand wines in key export markets since the industry reported a bumper harvest in 2008. Grape prices have subsequently slumped and, with them, profits.

Trade body New Zealand Winegrowers has said it is increasingly optimistic about the sector’s prospects following successful efforts to rein in the country’s grape harvest in 2010. But, Delegat said that recovery remains some way off. Continue reading „NEW ZEALAND: Wine oversupply to last two years – Delegat’s“

Jan 12 2011

Decanter: New Zealand aims for 20% organic

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by Richard Woodard- Twenty percent of vineyards in New Zealand will be farmed organically or biodynamically by 2020, according to a new target set by Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ).

The area of the country’s vineyards under organic certification has tripled over the past three years, but so far only 1,500 hectares of vines in 115 vineyards are managed organically – 4.5% of New Zealand’s total.

‘By 2020, even if we only achieve 20% of the vinelands in our country as being certified organic and biodynamic, it will be a giant step towards enforcing our very precious environmental image to wine connoisseurs all over the world,” said James Millton, organic grower and winemaker, and chairman of OWNZ. Continue reading „Decanter: New Zealand aims for 20% organic“

Aug 26 2010

NZ: New Zealand wine surplus dilutes export rise

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New Zealand Winegrowers picks positives out of tough year
New Zealand Winegrowers picks positives out of tough year

New Zealand’s wine surplus oveshadowed a 5% rise in exports by value for the year to the end of June, official figures show. Exports increased by 5% on the previous year to reach NZD1.04bn (US$736m), trade body New Zealand Winegrowers said today (23 August). However, the average value of bottled wine exports fell by 11% as a wine surplus in the country continued to put pressure on pricing.

New Zealand Winegrowers said the sector made a „critically important step“ in rebalancing supply and demand by reducing the 2010 grape harvest haul by 7% on 2009. Continue reading „NZ: New Zealand wine surplus dilutes export rise“

Jun 20 2010

Focus – New Zealand strives to drain wine surplus

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Chris Mercer – Bumper harvests have yielded a nervy two years for New Zealand’s wine industry, but the head of the country’s wine trade body believes that producers could turn the corner over the next 12 months.

Horizon could be bright for NZ wine

Horizon could be bright for NZ wine

Official harvest figures out today (17 June) will have raised a few glasses in New Zealand’s winelands, with the 2010 grape haul down 7% – around 19,000 tonnes – on the bumper crops of 2008 and 2009.

It is rare to find a New Zealand Pinot Noir for much under GBP10 (US$14.80) per bottle in the UK, but the grape surplus of the last two years has jeopardised the country’s premium positioning in key export markets. Foreign buyers have snapped up cheap bulk wine, artificially bloating New Zealand’s export volumes, and opportunistic brands have emerged at lower price points.

New Zealand got a „huge shock“ in 2008, but more recently has begun to „see some light at the end of the tunnel“, according to Philip Gregan, CEO of trade body New Zealand Winegrowers (NZWG). Continue reading „Focus – New Zealand strives to drain wine surplus“

Mai 20 2010

NZ: New Zealand Winegrowers upbeat on supply glut

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Chris Mercer – The CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers has said he is confident that winemakers have begun to drain a surplus that threatened to devalue the country’s wine industry.

A smaller grape harvest in 2010 has helped New Zealand to regain some balance between supply and demand, Philip Gregan told just-drinks at the London International Wine Fair today (19 May). Continue reading „NZ: New Zealand Winegrowers upbeat on supply glut“

Feb 20 2010

New Zealand Pinot ‚world’s best value:‘ Matthew Jukes

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Adam Lechmere – New Zealand is making more good value Pinot Noir than any other country, Matthew Jukes says on the publication of his third Classification of New Zealand Pinot Noir. Jukes, one of the UK’s best-known wine critics, and Australian wine journalist Tyson Stelzer have published the classification for the last three years.

Awards are based on an average rating of the five most recent vintages. Entire ranges are tasted, but it is the producers‘ estate wines which set the standard, not the most expensive reserves or single-vineyard wines. Only three wineries have been awarded five stars: Felton Road and Mt Difficulty from Central Otago, and Ata Rangi from Martinborough. Continue reading „New Zealand Pinot ‚world’s best value:‘ Matthew Jukes“

Jan 22 2010

New Zealand: appellation system on the cards?

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James Lawrence – A New Zealand equivalent of a Burgundy Grand Cru may be closer to reality than we think, according to wine writer Oz Clarke. The wine critic told at the annual New Zealand trade tasting last Tuesday that he believes their wine industry has entered into ‚a natural maturity.‘

‚New Zealand is entering into the next stage of its development in contemplating and legally recognising its terroirs,‘ he said. In January last year, producers in Central Otago were given a presentation on Burgundy’s appellation system its contemporary application to present-day New Zealand by a group of wine experts led by Jancis Robinson MW. Continue reading „New Zealand: appellation system on the cards?“

Nov 02 2009

NZ: New Zealand signs Hong Kong wine deal

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New Zeland’s government has signed a deal with authorities in Hong Kong to raise the profile of its wines in the China-controlled principality.  „This arrangement enhances knowledge transfer in wine education and will improve the marketing and profile of New Zealand wines in Hong Kong,“ said New Zealand trade minister Tim Gosner late last week. Continue reading „NZ: New Zealand signs Hong Kong wine deal“

Okt 05 2009

NZ: New Zealand Winegrowers limits harvest to curb surplus

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Chris Mercer – New Zealand Winegrowers has for the first time set a limit on the amount of wine grapes to be harvested, as the trade body attempts to prevent oversupply from cheapening the country’s wines on international markets.

NZ industry chiefs move to cut surplus

Grape growers and wineries should not pick more than eight tonnes per hectare in the 2010 harvest, New Zealand Winegrowers has warned. Industry leaders believe a grape surplus in New Zealand threatens to result in a surplus of wine on international markets, which could reduce the country’s reputation for quality.

David Cox, Europe director for New Zealand Winegrowers (NZWG), told just-drinks today (5 October) that the recommended harvest limit „is part of a significant strategy to try and positively influence the process of getting demand back ahead of supply“. Continue reading „NZ: New Zealand Winegrowers limits harvest to curb surplus“

Sep 17 2009

NZ: New Zealand achieves $1bn wine exports

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 12:54 editorial team – New Zealand has broken the US$1bn barrier for wine exports, a year ahead of schedule, according to trade body New Zealand Winegrowers. Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers, said yesterday (15 September) that the industry exported $1.01bn of wine in the year to 31 July, the equivalent of five bottles per second, according to Statistics New Zealand. Continue reading „NZ: New Zealand achieves $1bn wine exports“

Feb 20 2009

NEW ZEALAND: Winemakers face smaller vintage

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 18:08 editorial team – The 2009 New Zealand grape harvest, which will begin next week, is expected to be smaller than last year, according to New Zealand Winegrowers‘ annual pre-vintage survey. Continue reading „NEW ZEALAND: Winemakers face smaller vintage“

Nov 03 2008

New Zealand’s vineyards reach a milestone

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by Ken Gargett – The 1000th vineyard has signed up to New Zealand’s Sustainable Winegrowing program. Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers, said he was Continue reading „New Zealand’s vineyards reach a milestone“

Okt 02 2008

New Zealand – Rejected wine going cheap

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By GREG NINNESS – Sunday Star Times – New Zealand wine rejected by European buyers because of its high metal content is being sold Continue reading „New Zealand – Rejected wine going cheap“

Sep 06 2008

Roundup of the Sauvignon Blanc conference

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by Dr Jamie Goode

The World Sauvignon Congress, held in Styria at the end of August 2008 brought together 250 delegates from 30 countries. Continue reading „Roundup of the Sauvignon Blanc conference“

Aug 22 2008

Australia becomes New Zealand’s biggest market

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Erica Loi

Australia has overtaken the UK as the biggest export market for New Zealand wines Continue reading „Australia becomes New Zealand’s biggest market“

Aug 21 2008

NZ: Wine exports hit new high – figures

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 08:59 editorial teamNZ wine continues growth
New Zealand has claimed wine exports remain Continue reading „NZ: Wine exports hit new high – figures“

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