Jan 29 2013 New smoke taint test developed

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by Richard Woodard – Scientists have developed a means of testing grapes for smoke taint – a vital tool as bushfires continue to threaten vineyards, particularly in Australia.

Research commissioned by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)has resulted in a successful way of assessing the extent of smoke taint in grapes and wines, according to an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Continue reading „ New smoke taint test developed“

Dez 10 2012 Vranken-Pommery spends E37m buying new vineyards

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by Richard Woodard – Champagne group Vranken-Pommery Monopole has spent more than €37m increasing its vineyard holdings with the purchase of five companies in Vranken Pommerythe region, including Bissinger & Co.

The deals, for a total of €37.6m, include the acquisition of Bissinger’s Domaine du Montchenois, a 22-hectare vineyard on the Massif de Saint-Thierry, north-west of Reims, and supply contracts covering some 228ha of vines in total.

Vranken-Pommery said Bissinger was the primary focus of the acquisitions, which also include traditional broker GV Courtage, SC du Pequigny – the owner of 2.6ha of vineyards in the southern Aube area – and CDA Gmbh, the agency which handles Vranken-Pommery and Bissinger products in eastern Europe.

‘These acquisitions will enable the company to streamline its organisation and flows, improve the security of its grape supplies … integrate the additional margin linked to a flow of 2m bottles a year, have in its possession a single, uninterrupted domaine of over 20ha in Champagne,’ said the company, which owns the Pommery, Vranken and Heidsieck Monopole brands. It financed the purchases with a capital increase of €42.5m, using the remainder of the funds to strengthen its financial structure.

Nov 29 2012 Doubt about value of new Chilean denominations

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by Adam Lechmere, and David Furer –  Chile has approved three new regional denominations – Costa, Andes and Entre Cordilleras – which it hopes will show the country’s Aconcagua‚fantastic diversity as a producer of high quality wines and [their] sense of origin.‘

Aconcagua Valley

The new denominations cover the entire range of Chile’s viticultural regions, from Malleco Valley in the south to Elqui Valley in the north. They are not compulsory but ‘complementary’.

While the move has been broadly welcomed, some observers are doubtful as to to their practical use.

Costa encompasses westerly appellations within Limari, Casablanca, San Antonio, Colchagua and Itata; Andes covers the high eastern appellations within Elqui, Choapa, Maipo, Cachapoal, Curico, Maule; and Entre Cordilleras (‘between the ranges’) covers the central appellations where 60% of Chile’s wine is produced.

‘It is important to explain that these indications are not an integral part of Chile’s Denomination of Origin system, but rather provide additional information,’ a brochure released by Wines of Chile says.

The new areas were passed into law in a decree by Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture and added to its 1994 wine law on 29 September this year.

Aurelio Montes of Montes Wines told there are already too many appellations. ‘Consumers can’t hold in their minds the appellations all over the world. In Chile they can remember Colchagua, Apalta, Casablanca – but no more than that.’

He said that while Costa and Andes were worthwhile as descriptors, but they account for less than 50% of production. ‘The rest is Entre Cordilleras and that is a long and difficult name. Apalta for example is one of the most prestigious appellations within Entre Cordilleras, but I’ll never use that descriptor on my labels. No one will.’

Michael Cox, UK director of Wines of Chile, agreed. ‘Entre Cordilleras is not distinctive enough. For example Peumo in Cachapoal is fast becoming the top region for Carmenere. People will use Peumo and not bother with Entre Cordilleras.’

Rupert Lovie at Errazuriz distributors Hatch Mansfield said the four-wine Manzanar vineyard range – which is on sale in the UK – carries the Aconcagua Costa denomination.  They would not be using Entre Cordilleras, from which the majority of Errazuriz wines comes. ‘We don’t see a reason to, as the wines are well-established.’

Nov 27 2012 Cos d’Estournel appoints new chief

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – Aymeric de Gironde, international commercial director of AXA Millésimes, has been appointed general manager of Chateau Cos d’Estournel.Aymeric de Gironde

de Gironde (pictured) will take over from Jean-Guillaume Prats – who announced his departure last month – in February 2013.

Before working at  AXA Millésimes – a role which included prestigious estates such as Chateau Pichon Baron, Chateau Suduiraut and Chateau Petit Village in Bordeaux and several other estates in Portugal, Burgundy and Hungary – de Gironde spent from 1997 to 2006 with the LVMH Group, with Hennessy and Krug in New York and Paris.

In a letter sent to clients confirming the appointment, Cos owner Michel Reybier wrote, ‘Serving the beautiful terroir of Cos d’Estournel, he will put into practice our philosophy of excellence in French and foreign markets which he knows pretty well, and will interact with you to promote further the presence of our wines. I wish him great success in his new position for which he has my full support.’

Prats will be moving to LVMH Group, as CEO of its Estates & Wines group, makers of Cloudy Bay and Cape Mentelle.

Christian Seely, managing director of AXA Millesimes, called the job at Cos d’Estournel a tremendous opportunity for de Gironde and said, ‘We wish him all the best in his new position.’


Apr 25 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – New releases but Lafite dominating early sales, say merchants

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – A handful of releases this week all show price drops, of up to a third less than last year, but still merchants are reporting a sluggish campaign with little interest in anything except Lafite.bordeaux Lafite: pointing the way to healthy 2011 sales? Since the dramatic announcement of Chateau Latour’s withdrawal from the en primeur system, and Chateau Lafite Rothschild’s price release at €420, not much has moved.

This week there have been a few key releases, including Hubert de Bouard’s Carillon d’Angelusand Chateau Bellevue, both at €35 ex-Bordeaux, a 30% and 21.35% drop respectively on their 2010 prices, and Chateau Suduiraut, from the AXA Millesimes stable, at €45 ex-Bordeaux, a drop of 7.22% from 2010.

Other releases include Chateau Haut Marbuzet, in Saint Estephe, at €21.60 a drop of 18%, andChateau Sociando Mallet at €20.40, a drop of 8.11%. Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – New releases but Lafite dominating early sales, say merchants“

Mrz 29 2012 Smith Haut Lafitte plans new winery

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by Jane Anson – Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in the Graves is to open a new €3m winery intended specifically for the second wine Les Hauts de Smith.Smith Haut Lafitte

The new buildings, which so far have been costed at €3m, will have capacity for 1200 hectolitres across 15 vinification vats, plus 10 vats for blending.

The winery will be self-sufficient in energy, using wood from the estate’s 60ha of forest for fuel, and with a subterranean barrel cellar to ensure natural temperature control.

The architect for the project is Jean-Bernard Nadau, a specialist in landscape design and eco-architecture who has previously worked on the High Bridge Cultural Park in New York, and on the sculpture garden at Smith Haut Lafitte.

‘We also intend to be carbon neutral,’ owner Daniel Cathiard told, ‘offsetting our emissions and ensuring we are capturing and controlling carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.’

Technical director Fabien Teitgen said a separate winery would allow more precise work with Les Hauts de Smith by increasing the number of tanks, and decreasing their size, allowing the same plot-by-plot work as the first wine receives. ‘Both wines have their own distinct identity – this will allow us to respect and develop that.’

The winery will be ready to vinify the 2012 vintage this September, and fully open in Spring 2013.

Jan 25 2012 New movie lifts lid on Master Sommeliers

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by Adam Lechmere, and Amy Payne – A new film about to be released shines a spotlight on the gruelling world of the Master Sommelier qualification – an exam less than somm200 people have ever passed.

Somm: the four candidates

Somm tells the stories of Brian McClintic, Dustin Wilson, Ian Cauble and DLynn Proctor as they prepare for the entrance exam for the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Described variously as ‘the new rockstars’, ‘prophets’, ‘egomaniacs’, and ‘sickly gifted’, the four Americans go through ‘thousands and thousands of hours’ of wine tasting, wine theory and practice.

In scenes reminiscent of The Apprentice and dozens of other reality TV shows, Somm – as sommeliers are sometimes called in the US – shows them in the depths of despair, as well as approaching what they concede is a ‘brutal’ ordeal with masochistic relish. ‘Somm highlights not only their extreme level of commitment but the all-encompassing effect it has on their lives,’ Geoff Kruth, chief operating officer of the Guild of Sommeliers says. Continue reading „ New movie lifts lid on Master Sommeliers“

Jan 12 2012 Domaine Faiveley builds new winery to increase capacity

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by Adam Lechmere – Domaine Faiveley has started work on a new €5m winery designed by the architects of Napa Valley’s Erwan faiveleyDominus.

Erwan Faiveley: ‚a new image for Mercurey‘

Erwan Faiveley, the head of the major Burgundy producer, said the new building will be ‘one of the most beautiful wineries in Burgundy.’

It is being built by Swiss architect Jean-Frédéric Luscher, responsible for the ultra-modern Dominus in Napa, owned by Christian Moeiux, and for Glenelly in South Africa, which belongs to May-Eliane de Lencquesaing, the former owner of Chateau Pichon Lalande in Bordeaux.

The winery, built alongside the existing Faiveley property, Clos l’Évêque in Mercurey, will have capacity for 90ha of grapes, with ten 70h/l oak fermenters. It will be completed in time for the 2013 harvest, Faiveley told Continue reading „ Domaine Faiveley builds new winery to increase capacity“

Jan 06 2012 Two new American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) have been approved

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by David Furer – Two new American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) have been approved.Naches Heights

Image: Naches Heights

Naches Heights, located on a volcanic plateau west of Yakima town, will become Washington state’s 12th AVA in January.

The area is dominated by two organic and biodynamic growers, Naches Heights Vineyard and Wilridge Winery & Vineyard.

Paul Beveridge of Wilridge Winery & Vineyard told that both he and Cline intended to use the Naches Heights AVA name on their labels and were looking at marketing options to promote the region.

‚While the large Columbia Valley AVA is Continue reading „ Two new American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) have been approved“

Dez 20 2011 New AVA approved

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by Bob Ecker – The US government last week approved a new American Viticultural Area – Coombsville in Napa County, meteorCalifornia.

Meteor Vineyards, Coombsville AVA

The new 11,075-acre (4,484ha) Coombsville appellation east of the City of Napa becomes the 16th AVA in Napa County.

Long known as an ideal spot for growing grapes, today some 20 wineries are producing wines within this sparsely populated region.

Bordered by Oak Knoll District to the northwest, Los Carneros  to the southwest, Wild Horse Valley to the east and Solano County’s Green Valley to the southeast, Coombsville is cooler than some nearby areas but with a very long growing season. Indeed, many vintners harvested grapes into November of this year.

Jason Alexander, general manager of the new AVA’s Meteor Vineyards Continue reading „ New AVA approved“

Nov 15 2011 Screwcap now ‚the norm‘: new study

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by Richard Woodard – Acceptance of screwcaps on wine bottles has more than doubled among UK consumers over the screwcapspast eight years, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by research company Wine Intelligence for its 2011 Closures Report, suggests that 85% of the regular wine-drinking population now accepts screwcaps – compared to only 41% in 2003. Continue reading „ Screwcap now ‚the norm‘: new study“

Okt 25 2011 Gonzalez Byass follows En Rama with new range

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by Adam Lechmere – Gonzalez Byass has announced the launch of a new range of sherries – the Fino Palmas range.Byass Palmas

This follows Byass’s launch two years ago of its Tio Pepe En Rama, a young, ultra-fresh fino made from unfiltered and unclarified Tio Pepe.

The experiment was widely considered a success and Byass doubled production of the wine this year.

The Palmas range consists of four sherries of different ages, from casks with abundant growth of flor, the bloom of yeast that covers the surface of fino sherries in cask. Continue reading „ Gonzalez Byass follows En Rama with new range“

Aug 04 2011 Bordeaux in danger of losing touch with new generation – Moueix

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by Adam Lechmere – Top Bordeaux is in danger of losing touch both with its market, and its smaller producers, two Jean and Edouard Moueixmembers of one of the region’s most powerful families tell Decanter.

Edouard Moueix (left) and Jean Moueix. Pic: Patrick Cronenberger

In an article by Jane Anson in the current issue of Decanter magazine, cousins Jean and Edouard Moueix, both running separate companies belonging to the extended Moueix clan, speak out against pricing, and the danger of the biggest properties losing touch with grassroots Bordeaux.

Edouard Moueix, who works with his father Christian at Libourne negociants JP Moueix, spoke of his concern that the lives of many small producers and merchants was ‘a living hell’ due to the downturn and the difficulties in distribution.

‘We want small producers to benefit from our distribution channels,’ he says of the company that has built the reputation of Petrus and also owns highly-regarded right bank properties such as Trotanoy, Lafleur Petrus, Hosanna and Magdelaine.

Moueix is proud of the fact that his company never underpays – ‘[we] have never bought a generic Bordeaux at less than €1000 per 900 litre tonneau.’

‘But the Bordeaux system makes it harder for us to keep doing that,’ as tonneaux now change hands for as little as €600. As a result there are fewer properties they can work with. Continue reading „ Bordeaux in danger of losing touch with new generation – Moueix“

Jul 04 2011 Chateau Pichon Lalande appoints new winemaker

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by Adam Lechmere – Chateau Pichon Lalande has confirmed it has appointed Philippe Moreau as its new technical director.1855 Chateaux

Moreau takes over from former Pichon boss Thomas Do Chi Nam, who has joined Chateau Margaux as technical director.  This followed the departure of Margaux winemaker Philippe Bascaules to work in Napa as Francis Ford Coppola’s estate manager and winemaker.

Moreau is currently technical director of Chateau de Pez and Chateau Bernadotte, both sister properties to Pichon in the Champagne Louis Roederer group. He will retain responsibility for both those properties in his new role, Pichon managing director Sylvie Cazes told

She added that Moreau would be assisted by vineyard director François Taris and winemaker Stéphanie Danglade, across the three properties.

Mai 24 2011

Decanter: Gonzalez Byass doubles production of new sherry

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by Adam Lechmere – Gonzalez Byass has doubled production for the re-launch of its Tio Pepe En Rama, a sherry that it hopes will revive the flagging sector.

Tio Pepe En Rama – rama literally means ‘raw’ – is a young, ultra-fresh fino made from unfiltered and unclarified Tio Pepe taken from the cask in spring when the flor is at its thickest. This is the second year of production. Continue reading „Decanter: Gonzalez Byass doubles production of new sherry“

Apr 28 2011

Wines of New York & Brazil to debut at Decanter New World Fine Wine Encounter

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by staff  – The wines of Brazil and New York as well as the classic New World wine regions will be showcased at next month’s Decanter New World Fine Wine Encounter.

The most renowned wineries from Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and the US will be showing their finest wines at Decanter’s latest event at the Landmark Hotel in London on 14 May. Continue reading „Wines of New York & Brazil to debut at Decanter New World Fine Wine Encounter“

Mrz 07 2011

Decanter: New wine film to lift lid on China and Bordeaux

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by Adam Lechmere -A new wine documentary exploring the relationship between Bordeaux and China is in production.

Presented by Andrew Caillard MW of Australian auctioneers Langton’s, The Fine Wine Game aims to ‘explore the phenomenon that is China and the burgeoning interest in Bordeaux,’ producer Warwick Ross told Continue reading „Decanter: New wine film to lift lid on China and Bordeaux“

Mrz 03 2011

Decanter: Maltus sells out of new Napa wine

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by Adam Lechmere – Bordeaux winemaker Jonathan Maltus has sold the entire production of his new Napa wine.

Worlds End

Maltus owns Chateau Teyssier in St Emilion, and made his name as one of the first of the ‘garagistes’ in St Emilion a decade ago.

He has just released his first wines from Napa, California, under the World’s End label.

It is these that have sold out – indicating a new wave of optimism in the American market, Maltus says.

‘There is a real sense of optimism. For the last couple of years the golden rule has been “anything over US$30 won’t sell”, but these wines are over $100 a bottle.’ Continue reading „Decanter: Maltus sells out of new Napa wine“

Jan 18 2011

US: Wine Institute eyes export boost with new campaign

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By: editorial team

California’s Wine Institute is to launch a global branding campaign featuring a new „California Wines“ logo in an effort to boost exports. The Discover California Wines campaign will use images of well-known landmarks, rural vistas and seasonal cuisine that are linked to the region to promote the wines.  It will also focus on sustainability. Continue reading „US: Wine Institute eyes export boost with new campaign“

Dez 26 2010

AUS: South Australia gets new wine region

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By: editorial team – The Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation (AWBC) has officially handed Mt Gambier geographic indication status.

Mt Gambier wine area in South Australia gets GI status
Mt Gambier wine area in South Australia gets GI status

The industry body confirmed this week that Mt Gambier has entered Australia’s GI register, making it South Australia’s newest wine region. The move means that local winemakers will be able to use Mt Gambier on bottle labels, enabling them to distinguish their wines from others on Australia’s Limestone Coast, such as Coonawarra.

The move is another example of the AWBC’s ‚regionality strategy‘, which seeks to enhance the quality image of Australian wine in key export markets by focusing more greatly on regional differences, the trade body said.

Nov 29 2010

New St Emilion classification approved

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux- After four years of drama, confusion and near-farce, a new St Emilion classification will St Emilioncome into effect from the 2012 harvest.

The French appellations body, the INAO, has finally approved the new regulations, almost exactly four years since the 2006 classification collapsed into a legal morass.

The classified wines of Saint Emilion are the only ones in the world to submit to a 10-year classification, where chateaux are revised upwards and downwards depending on quality.

Following rancorous disputes over the 2006 classification – brought by chateaux that had lost their status – the system has been in limbo. Continue reading „New St Emilion classification approved“

Aug 26 2010

New Alsace chief calls for sweetness code on labels

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Stuart Peskett – Sweetness codes could be a feature of every bottle of Alsace wine if the new president of the Alsace trade council has his way. Rémy Gresser, a biodynamic producer who farms 11ha (hectares) in Andlau, who is now president of the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace (CIVA), already uses a sweetness code for his own wines.

He told the labelling system for the region is ‚incomplete‘ at present, and that he plans to introduce a code to indicate a wine’s sweetness on a one-to-five scale. Continue reading „New Alsace chief calls for sweetness code on labels“

Aug 26 2010

Languedoc clarifies new ’simplified‘ pyramid system

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Rebecca Gibb – France’s Languedoc region claims a new grand cru and grand vin system will ’simplify‘ life for its consumers. The base appellation AOC Languedoc will sit at the bottom of a three tiered pyramid. Superior appellations including Minervois and St Chinian will be labelled Grands Vins du Languedoc.

The best vineyard sites such as Minervois La Liviniere and Corbieres Boutenac will be able to use the highest rating: Grands Crus du Languedoc. The appellation’s trade association the CIVL said the idea was to make the system easier to understand.
Jerome Villaret, executive officer of the CIVL told, ‚We wanted the hierarchy in order to simplify Languedoc AOC Wines for the consumer. Continue reading „Languedoc clarifies new ’simplified‘ pyramid system“

Mai 28 2010

New Royal Tokaji winery to open in September

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Tokaji By Rebacca Gibb

Hungary’s Royal Tokaji Company plans to double production by opening a new €3.25million winery in September. The official launch of the winery will coincide with the company’s 20th anniversary, co-founded by Decanter columnist and Decanter’s Man of the Year 1995, Hugh Johnson OBE.

The new facility will increase annual production capacity from 30,000 to 60,000 six-bottle cases, and will focus on increasing volumes of dry Furmint and a late harvest wine rather than the region’s signature style Aszu. Continue reading „New Royal Tokaji winery to open in September“

Mrz 25 2010

New ‚atomic bomb‘ test can detect vintage fraud

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by Maggie Rosen – Radioactive carbon dioxide can help detect vintage fraud, Australian scientists say. In a study presented to the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco this week, Dr Graham Jones of the University of Adelaide showed that measuring the amount of C-14 – or radiocarbon – in a wine can help determine whether it is really from the vintage stated on the label.

Between the 1940s and 1960s, atomic testing released C-14 into the atmosphere, which has since been diluted by CO2 from burning fossil fuels.

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