Jan 16 2013 South Africa exports record volumes of wine

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by Richard Woodard – South Africa exported a record-breaking 417m litres of wine last year – but bulk shipments continued to account for more than half of volumes. The figures for 2012 showed a 17% increase over 2011 and were 10m litres above the previous record year, 2008, said Wines of South Africa (WoSA).

Favourable exchange rates, a global wine shortage and small harvests in Europe, Latin America and Australia and New Zealand were the main factors behind the growth. However, WoSA CEO Su Birch said bulk wines accounted for 59% of 2012 volumes, something which she said was part of a ‘growing global trend’.

Birch added, ‘Obviously we would prefer the accent to be on packaged wines in terms of job retention in the packaging industry and also to maintain sustainable profit margins for producers.’ Continue reading „ South Africa exports record volumes of wine“

Mai 09 2012

AAWE Working Papers – Future South Africa & climate change

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Sigi HissDie AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) ist eine Organsiation, die sich mit den ökonomischen Bereichen im weltweiten Weinbau befasst. Immer wieder kommen von dort hochinteressante Fachberichte. Diesen möchte ich allen ans Herz legen, weil ohne Dogmen & Gebrüll auskommend. Es geht um „Climate Change &  Future of South Africa’s Wine Industry“

AAWE Working Paper No. 105 Economics
Nick Vink, Alain Deloire, Valerie Bonnardot and Joachim Ewert

Mrz 16 2011

Online: Wines of South Africa – USA

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Sigi Hiss – Lesenswert & informativ!

Feb 24 2011

SOUTH AFRICA: KWV’s profits slump in H1

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By: Arnold Kirkby | 22 February 2011 – Decrease font sizeDecrease font sizeDecrease font size Increase font sizeIncrease font sizeIncrease font size Comment on this article Email this to a friend Print this page Share this article

* Profits down by 80%
* Sales down by 9%
* Big reduction in UK listings

KWV’s net profits have slumped by 80% for the first half of its fiscal year, following write-down charges and a drop in sales. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: KWV’s profits slump in H1“

Feb 24 2011

SOUTH AFRICA: KWV still open to suitors

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By: Arnold Kirkby – South African wine and spirit company KWV has said it is still open to negotiation with possible suitors after this month’s failed takeover by Pioneer Foods.

KWV’s CEO, Thys Loubser, said today (22 February) that he needs more time for new major shareholder HCI to get to grips with the company before anything concrete can be decided. Black empowerment group HCI has purchased 31.8% of KWV from Zeder Investments. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: KWV still open to suitors“

Dez 15 2010

Decanter: SA descendants of warring generals produce ‚entente‘ wine

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by Ian Evans in Cape Town- TWO direct descendants of opposing Boer War generals have joined forces to make a series

Boer and Brit

of wines under the label Boer & Brit. Stefan Gerber, the great-great-grandson of Afrikaner leader Paul Kruger, and Alex Milner, a great-great-grandson of British general Sir John French met while studying winemaking at Stellenbosch University in the early 2000s.

They soon realised that their family history placed them on either side of South Africa’s white history – Boers and British, Dutch Reformed Church and Catholic.

Sir John (later Field Marshall) French launched a cavalry charge to end a 124-day siege of Kimberley in 1899/90, while Kruger was the Transvaal president and the public face of Boer resistance. Continue reading „Decanter: SA descendants of warring generals produce ‚entente‘ wine“

Jul 08 2010

South Africa – 2010 Harvest Report

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Harvest Report 2010
Tricky in the vineyard, great in the cellar. Provided by Sawis, in collaboration with VinPro Consultation Service, with additional research by Romi Boom and Angela Lloyd.

Oesverslag 2010
In die wingerd, ʼn moeilike oesjaar – in die kelder, ʼn uitstekende oesjaar vir gehalte. Verskaf deur Sawis, in samewerking met VinPro Konsultasiediens. Bykomende navorsing deur Romi Boom en Angela Lloyd.

Ken Forrester Vineyards Harvest News
When we tasted the free run juice of our 2010 Chenin Blanc it was oozing fruit and charm. Continue reading „South Africa – 2010 Harvest Report“

Apr 20 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: Wine firms get sustainability seal

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 17:01 editorial team – The South African Wine and Spirit Board has launched a “sustainability seal” for the country’s wine producers. The organisation issued the seal, which is limited to wineries with Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) accreditation, late last month. Effective from the 2010 vintage, the voluntary scheme allows wineries with IPW accreditation to “show their commitment to protecting the environment and producing wine in harmony with nature”. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: Wine firms get sustainability seal“

Mrz 16 2010

SOUTH AFRICA: Winelands in the dark over mining threat

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Mining  yay or mining nay?
Mining yay or mining nay?
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Confusion reigns in South Africa’s winelands, over claims that the country’s African Exploration and Mining Finance Corp (AEMFC) has withdrawn its application to prospect in the Western Cape.

Earlier this month, AEMFC applied for rights to prospect for tin, zinc, lead, lithium, copper, manganese and silver in the wine-producing regions.

This was followed, however, by a statement dated 11 March, in which company chairman Mputumi Damane said the firm has withdrawn its application “for strategic business reasons”. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: Winelands in the dark over mining threat“

Mrz 12 2010

South Africa to Spare 300-year-Old Vineyards From Tin Mining

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By Carli Lourens – March 11 (Bloomberg) — South Africa’s government said it will stop its own company from exploring for and mining tin and other metals in an area that includes 300-year-old vineyards and some of the country’s best-known wine estates.

The government’s Department of Mineral Resources will block the application to explore and later mine on the land made by state-owned African Exploration Mining and Finance Corp.

“It would be counterproductive if we allow mining to take place,” Sandile Nogxina, the director general of the department, said in an interview from his mobile phone today. The mining company applied after only looking at a geological map that “doesn’t deal with what is happening on the ground.” Continue reading „South Africa to Spare 300-year-Old Vineyards From Tin Mining“

Feb 19 2010

SA wine industry ‚driving jobs, GDP‘

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The South African wine industry’s annual contribution to the economy grew to R26.2-billion or 2.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2008, a new study finds, confirming the substantial growth in the industry and its economic impact since 2003.

According to a study conducted by Conningarth Economists for the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (Sawis), when the previous study was done to measure the wine industry’s macro economic impact on the economy in 2003, the industry’s annual contribution was R22.5-billion. Continue reading „SA wine industry ‚driving jobs, GDP‘“

Dez 15 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: Distell loses Two Oceans wine ruling

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Richard Woodard –  Distell has been ordered to change the advertising, packaging and website for its Two Oceans wine brand after advertising authorities ruled that it was misleading consumers.  South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made the ruling following a complaint from rival wine producer Cape Point Vineyards.  Distell may appeal, it said today (15 December). Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: Distell loses Two Oceans wine ruling“

Okt 27 2009

The Losh Cause – South Africa’s wine marketing misses a beat?

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Chris Losh –    A fortnight ago, Wines of South Africa held its biennial tasting event for the country’s wine producers in London. At the show, the trade body unveiled its latest marketing tool: ‚DNA SA – a Brand Blueprint for South African Wine‘. Will this approach help the nation steal greater share from its competitors? Chris Losh looks for holes.  I’ve not been out to The Cape for a few years, so it was good to be able to take stock of how South Africa is coming along at its big ‚Mega Tasting‘ in London earlier this month. Continue reading „The Losh Cause – South Africa’s wine marketing misses a beat?“

Sep 03 2009

SurePure technology approved in South Africa

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Richard Woodard – South Africa has become the first country to approve a new hi-tech process which uses light energy to purify wine – and claims to dramatically reduce the need to add sulphur. The SurePure system transmits ultra-violet energy to deactivate microbes found in liquids, eliminating potential harmful effects by stopping the microbes from replicating. Continue reading „SurePure technology approved in South Africa“

Sep 01 2009

South Africa May Run Short of Wine, Distell Says

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By Mike Cohen – Distell Group Ltd., South Africa’s biggest wine and liquor maker, said the country may experience wine shortages as grape production falls short of demand. Continue reading „South Africa May Run Short of Wine, Distell Says“

Aug 24 2009


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AN EXPLORATION OF PINOT NOIR OF THE MARITIME HEMEL-EN-AARDE REGION ALONGSIDE OTHER COOL CLIMATE PINOT NOIRS OF ELGIN, NEW ZEALAND AND BURGUNDY. One of South Africa’s largest comparative tastings of the femme fatale – Pinot Noir – will take place in the Hemel-en-Aarde near Walker Bay in the Western Cape. The tasting is the brainchild of Sommelier Jörg Pfützner and is supported by the Hemel-en-Aarde Wine Growers Association in an attempt to raise an awareness of the standard of cool climate Pinot Noirs of South Africa. Continue reading „“INVESTIGATING PINOT NOIR” – Jörg Pfützner“

Jul 24 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: KWV chairman steps down as name change approaches

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Arnold Kirkby –  Danie de Wet has resigned as chairman of South African drinks giant KWV, which is in the process of changing its name while unbundling its financial and operational interests. The company has also sold off its grape juice concentrate plant in Upington to Orange River Wine Cellars (OWC) for ZAR70m (US$9.2m).

KWV will become KWV Holdings on 18 August and will be responsible for all operations, while KWV Investments, whose major income is derived from its Distell investment, becomes known as Capevin Holdings.

Investment management expert, Thys du Toit, takes over from De Wet, who has been a director since 1996 and chairman since 2004. OWC, a co-operative, is KWV’s sole supplier of juice to the concentrate plant. Selling it means KWV will be able to focus on its wine and brandy portfolios. „We believe OWC will be in a better position to continue servicing our current customers,“ said KWV CEO Thys Loubser.

Jun 05 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: WoSA drops Cape Wine for World Cup

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 09:43 editorial team – Wines of South Africa is dropping its biennial trade fair, Cape Wine, next year to focus its funds and efforts on the FIFA World Cup. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: WoSA drops Cape Wine for World Cup“

Feb 25 2009

South Africa wineries fight fires

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Rebecca Gibb – Wineries in South Africa are battling to extinguish bushfires that have been raging from Stellenbosch to the Somerset West area over the last 10 days. The fires have put properties including Lourensford and Vergelegen at risk. They passed through Vergelegen’s 3,000ha property on Sunday night, but no vineyards were damaged. Continue reading „South Africa wineries fight fires“

Feb 14 2009

South Africa dismisses „poverty wages“ for wine workers claim

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 09:04 editorial team – The South African wine industry has countered claims that its workers „face poverty wages“ supplying supermarkets in the UK. A report commissioned by anti-poverty charity War on Want, released today (13 February), warned of „worsening conditions for (South African) employees as UK retailers and wine brokers drive down suppliers‘ prices to boost their profits“. Continue reading „South Africa dismisses „poverty wages“ for wine workers claim“

Jan 30 2009

First UV-treated wine to be available this year

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Ian Evans in Cape Town – The first UV-treated wine is set to be released later this year following successful trials in South Africa. The wine, produced by L’Ormarins wine estate in Franschhoek, is treated by a UV (Ultra Violet) light machine that, according to the owners, kills unwanted microbes and yeasts. This, says cellar master Neil Patterson, reduces the need to add sulphites during the winemaking process. Continue reading „First UV-treated wine to be available this year“

Okt 10 2008

South Africa’s two wine industries

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An analysis by Michael Fridjhon – South Africa does not really have much of a secondary wine market. Continue reading „South Africa’s two wine industries“

Sep 14 2008

South Africans agree that Riesling is Riesling

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by Cathy van Zyl MW  – The South African Wine & Spirit Board (SAWB) has agreed that Riesling, rather than Crouchen Continue reading „South Africans agree that Riesling is Riesling“

Sep 02 2008

SOUTH AFRICA: Wine exports continue strong showing

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Wine exports from South Africa have continued to rise in the year to July, according to recent statistics. Continue reading „SOUTH AFRICA: Wine exports continue strong showing“

Sep 02 2008

South Africa sweeps the board at Decanter World Wine Awards

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Adam Lechmere

In an evening full of surprises, South Africa emerged triumphant from Continue reading „South Africa sweeps the board at Decanter World Wine Awards“

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