Feb 20 2013 Elkton Oregon AVA approved in US

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By James Lawrence – Elkton Oregon has been approved as the latest American Viticultural Area in the US.

travel, OregonElkton Oregon has been approved as the latest American Viticultural Area in the US.

The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Treasury Bureau (TTB) announced last week that the new designation in southern Oregon’s Umpqua Valley will take effect from 7 March.

Elkton Oregon AVA will encompass an area of 74,900 acres (30,351ha) currently within the northern zone of the larger Umpqua Valley AVA.

Currently, the new AVA will compose of just 5 wineries and 39ha under vine.

‘We sought an AVA for Elkton because we believe our area is so much different from the rest of the Umpqua AVA,‘ Michael Landt, owner ofRiver’s Edge Winery told

‚Our sub-region is ideally suited to growing Pinot Noir and similar cool climate varietals, whereas the southern Umpqua AVA can ripen Syrah,Cabernet and such warm climate varietals.‘

‚It is primarily the climactic differences that set us apart, which is due to our closer proximity to the pacific ocean (about 31 miles or 50 kilometres from Elkton to the beach), and the summertime phenomenon of a westerly marine breezes,‘ he added.

Elkton Oregon joins another Umpqua Valley sub-appellation, the Red Hill Douglas Country Oregon AVA, which was established in 2005.

Jul 24 2012 ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement

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„>by Chris Mercer – Vinexpo CEO Robert Beynat says a ‚complicated‘ US wine market and the economic downturn contributed to the postponement of its first consumer show.

vinexpo rendez-vous

Billed as ‚the one rendez-vous you can’t miss‘, too many wineries thought otherwise. Rendez-Vous by Vinexpo was postponed indefinitely this week.

‚Despite a lot of effort, we only succeeded in selling 52 tasting areas out of the 150 scheduled,‘ Beynat said. The three-day show, the first of its kind by Vinexpo, was to be held in New York in November with up to 6,000 consumer visitors expected and a one-day ticket costing US$180.

Louis Latour, Barton & Guestier and Baron Philippe de Rothschild were among the exhibitors signed up. Beynat is ‚disappointed‘ but said the decision to cancel was a ‚responsible‘ one.

‚With this limited number of exhibitors we were afraid of attracting a limited number of visitors,‘ he told ‚I guess the economic crisis didn’t help.’ Continue reading „ ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement“

Jun 12 2012 Closures not a priority for US consumers, says survey

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by Chris Mercer – Most wine drinkers in the US only notice the bottle closure if there is a problem, according to new research commissioned by Nomacorc, but contested by natural cork producers.Nomacorc

Closures may get many wine professionals foaming at the mouth, but it seems US consumers are not so fussed. Almost all of the 600 regular wine drinkers surveyed by Merrill Partners Research said that closure type is not among their top three reasons for buying a wine.

‚The research showed that most core wine drinkers only focus on the closure when it creates a problem,‘ said Merrill co-founder Pat Merrill. Synthetic closure producer Nomacorc commissioned the study. Natural corks are still used in around 70% of wine sold in the US, but Nomacorc wants to eat further into this share by highlighting its own closures‘ reliability.

Speaking to, Nomacorc’s global marketing director, Jeff Slater, said that half of consumers questioned by Merrill have had a problem with natural cork, including taint and breakages. He said this supports Nomacorc’s position. ‚I don’t pay attention to a broken shoelace, but if I buy new ones and they break again, suddenly it has my attention.‘

However, Carlos de Jesus, spokesperson for leading natural cork producer Amorim, said the Nomacorc-sponsored study ‚flies in the face‘ of other research. ‚There are over a dozen other surveys commissioned by the cork industry around the world, including in the US, that show consumer preference for natural cork is overwhelming,‘ he told De Jesus added that Amorim’s volume sales have risen by double-digit percentage points in the US in the last two years. ‚The US wine industry didn’t grow as fast as that, so we’re confident we have grown market share,‘ he said.

Okt 17 2011 New US-South Korea trade agreement will boost wine exports

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by Panos Kakaviatos – The US congress last week approved the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement which will eliminate tariffs South Korea flagand other barriers to trade in most goods and services within five years.

The agreement, KORUS, immediately removes a 15% tariff on US wines imported to South Korea.

The elimination of South Korea’s high import duty on US wine allows California wineries to be more competitive in this promising wine market, according to a press release from the Wine Institute, which represents more than 1,000 California wineries. Continue reading „ New US-South Korea trade agreement will boost wine exports“

Apr 15 2011

US: Wine companies set to face consumer “revolution” – research

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 16:05 editorial team – The US wine market could see a “revolution” of tastes and styles over the next 20 years as consumers make new demands of producers, according to a recent report.

The wine research and consultancy service Wine Intelligence has warned this week that today’s younger consumers in the US will look for a broader range of varietals, source countries and wine styles as they enter the wine drinking years of 45 to 64, compared with current consumers in the age bracket. Continue reading „US: Wine companies set to face consumer “revolution” – research“

Mrz 17 2011

Decanter: US ‚world’s biggest wine consumers‘

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by Richard Woodard – The US overtook France to become the world’s biggest wine-consuming nation in 2010, according to newly-released figures.
Total shipments in the US, including domestically produced and imported wines, reached nearly 330m cases, up 2% on 2009, according to the report from consultants Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates. Continue reading „Decanter: US ‚world’s biggest wine consumers‘“

Feb 24 2011

US: Wine exports hit record in 2010

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US wine exports rebounded to hit a record $1.14bn in 2010, according to the California Wine Institute.

The value of exports rose by 25% on 2009, although the volume of exports only increased by 2%, to 47.3m nine-litre cases, said the Wine Institute yesterday (22 February). California represents around 90% of exports. Continue reading „US: Wine exports hit record in 2010“

Jan 18 2011

US: Wine Institute eyes export boost with new campaign

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By: editorial team

California’s Wine Institute is to launch a global branding campaign featuring a new „California Wines“ logo in an effort to boost exports. The Discover California Wines campaign will use images of well-known landmarks, rural vistas and seasonal cuisine that are linked to the region to promote the wines.  It will also focus on sustainability. Continue reading „US: Wine Institute eyes export boost with new campaign“

Jan 12 2011

ITALY/US: Constellation Brands in Ruffino wine dispute

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Constellation Brands has begun arbitration against Ruffino partner
Constellation Brands has begun arbitration against Ruffino partner

Constellation Brands is locked in a dispute over the ownership of Italian wine group Ruffino.

The majority shareholder in Ruffino, the Folonari family, is attempting to exercise its right to sell up to Constellation in return for up to EUR55m (US$71m), but the US-based wine group is disputing the move. Constellation has a 49.9% stake in the 134-year-old Chianti winemaker, while the other 51.1% is family-owned.

When Constellation acquired a stake in Ruffino in 2004, it signed a deal enabling the two other remaining shareholders in the company to ‚put‘ their stakes to Constellation for an agreed price at any point during calendar 2010. Continue reading „ITALY/US: Constellation Brands in Ruffino wine dispute“

Jan 10 2011

US: Vintage Wine Estates scoops up Cosentino Signature Wines

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By: editorial team

Napa Valleys Cosentino Signature Wines bought by Vintage Wine Estates
Napa Valley’s Cosentino Signature Wines bought by Vintage Wine Estates

Vintage Wine Estates has scooped up the assets of fellow wine group Cosentino Signature Wines, after the producer fell into bankruptcy late last year.

Santa Rosa-based Vintage Wine Estates has acquired Cosentino’s assets for an undisclosed fee, it announced this week. Cosentino, based in Napa Valley, was founded in 1980 but filed for banruptcy in November last year.

The group was unable to secure funds to meet debt repayments and it officially closed for business on 30 December.

“We look forward to upholding the Cosentino Winery tradition of producing exceptional, high quality wines and furthering our mission of cultivating small, hand-crafted artisanal wineries in Napa and Sonoma,” said the president of Vintage Wine Estates, Pat Roney. Continue reading „US: Vintage Wine Estates scoops up Cosentino Signature Wines“

Nov 23 2010

US: Wine exports claw back lost ground

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By: editorial team –

US wine exports recover value, volumes creep up
US wine exports recover value, volumes creep up

The value of US wine exports has rebounded strongly in the first nine months of 2010, according to new figures from the California Wine Institute.

Exports of US-made wine for the nine months to the end of September rose by 25% on the same period of last year, to US$807.7m, said the Wine Institute at the end of last week. The figure shows that exports continued to rebound strongly in the third quarter of 2010 and it puts the sector on-track to recover from a 9.5% drop in the value of exports in 2009.

However, it is unclear how much of the rebound has been driven by the weak US dollar. Export volumes increased at a slower pace for the nine months, up by just 3% to 323m litres, indicating that the sector has yet to make up all of the ground lost in the global economic downturn. Continue reading „US: Wine exports claw back lost ground“

Okt 29 2010

US: Domaine Chandon gives wine range a makeover

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The new Domaine Chandon logo on bottles
The new Domaine Chandon logo on bottles

Californian winemaker Domaine Chandon has repackaged its sparkling wines to give them a more premium appearance and improve brand recognition.

Chandon Brut Classic and Blanc de Noirs are the first wines to feature the new look and arrived on store shelves in the US this month, Napa Valley-based Domaine Chandon said this week. Chandon Sparkling Rosé and Extra Dry Riche will follow with a full transition scheduled before Valentine’s Day 2011.

The new package includes a revised Chandon logo that incorporates the firm’s traditional shooting star symbol in a more modern style, the group said. A redesigned front label features the new Chandon logo and variety of wine more prominently. Continue reading „US: Domaine Chandon gives wine range a makeover“

Sep 03 2010

‚Perfect‘ auction lot to be offered at US wine festival

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by Janice Fuhrman – The Naples (Florida) Winter Wine Festival will offer an unprecedented auction lot of 100 bottles of 100-point wines at its annual event in January.
Among the wines in the ‚Perfection Lot‘ are a 1955 Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, a 1989 Chateau Petrus, and a 1985 Domaine Romanee-Conti valued at more than $11,000.

The wines were rated by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and U.S. magazine Wine Spectator.
‚To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that one hundred 100-point wines have been offered in a single lot at a charity auction or at any type of wine auction,‘ said Bruce Sherman, co-chair of the event.

‚The idea germinated between myself and a friend. I viewed it as an engaging challenge, and it was especially meaningful because of the cause – auction proceeds go to help underprivileged and at-risk children.‘ Continue reading „‚Perfect‘ auction lot to be offered at US wine festival“

Aug 13 2010

US: Jackson Family Wines appoints Marcia Monahan to Matanzas Creek

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Jackson Family Wines has appointed a new winemaker at its Matanzas Creek winery in California. Continue reading „US: Jackson Family Wines appoints Marcia Monahan to Matanzas Creek“

Jun 30 2010

Bordeaux ’stupid and arrogant‘ (Parker) but still selling in US

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Panos Kakaviatos – Americans are snapping up two kinds of Bordeaux 2009 this year: wines with very high scores, and early releases that seem bargains compared with blue-chip wines that have just come out. The correlation between high scores from Robert Parker – who tweeted yesterday that the Bordelais were ’stupid and arrogant‘ in their pricing policy – and saleabilty is as marked as ever.

Unsurprisingly therefore, Pontet Canet (96-100 Parker points) has done far better than Lynch Bages (94-96 points). Both wines are priced at around US$140 per bottle. ‚By a factor of 25 to one, I have sold more Pontet Canet than Lynch Bages,‘ said Mark Wessels of MacArthur Beverages in Washington DC. Continue reading „Bordeaux ’stupid and arrogant‘ (Parker) but still selling in US“

Mai 20 2010

US: New Wines of Greece targets NA with roadshow

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Trade body New Wines of Greece has opened its North American division. Quick, the  Greeks are coming

The organisation said earlier this week that it has set up offices in New York, Montreal and Toronto, which will run a three-year campaign designed to increase awareness of Greek wines with consumers, members of the trade and media in the continent.

The initiative is sponsored by the Greek National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDOAO) and is financed by the EU and Greece.

New Wines of Greece held its first events last week in Toronto and Montreal as part of a 2010 North American Roadshow, a series of tastings and seminars sponsored by the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board – HEPO – and financed by the EU and Greece.

This week, the roadshow visits Chicago and New York, with 50 wineries in attendance, representing all of the major wine producing regions of Greece.

Further details of future events are available by clicking here.

Feb 18 2010

FRANCE/US: E&J Gallo a victim in mass Pinot Noir wine fraud

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Chris Mercer – Wineries and merchants in southern France have been found guilty of duping buyers, including E&J Gallo Winery, into purchasing fake Pinot Noir wine at inflated prices. Ringleaders of the mass fraud operation were given suspended prison sentences and fines by a court in the French city of Carcassonne yesterday (17 February).

Wine merchant Sieur Arques, a supplier to E&J Gallo Winery, must pay back EUR180,000 (US$244,000), the largest fine handed down by the court.  Sieur Arques was one of several local businesses, including wine merchant Ducasse and cooperative Montblanc, who passed off cheap wine as Pinot Noir between 2006 and 2008. By selling the cheaper wine at inflated prices, it is estimated that those involved made an extra EUR7m. Continue reading „FRANCE/US: E&J Gallo a victim in mass Pinot Noir wine fraud“

Feb 17 2010

US: Napa Valley Vintners switches president

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 18:38 editorial team – Napa Valley Vintners has confirmed a change of president. The trade body for the California wine region said yesterday (16 February) that Bruce Cakebread, president and  chief operating officer of Cakebread Cellars, has been elected to the role. Cakebread replaces Paula Kornell of Oakviller Ranch Winery as president.

“Now more than ever, the strength of our association is vital to our members‘ success as we navigate this current, uncertain wine market,” said Cakebread.
“Whether it’s providing marketing opportunities for wineries to promote their wines or offering them workshops on a variety of subjects, Napa Valley will continue to be a leader based on the unity of our membership.” Napa Valley Vintners represents 375 wineries in the region.

Okt 29 2009

US geologists challenge ‚gout de terroir‘

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James Lawrence –  Scientists in Oregon are challenging the notion that terroir can be detected in a wine.  As part of a study into vineyard soils, geologists meeting in Portland for this year’s Geological Society of America conference concluded that the French gout de terroir – translated literally as ‚taste of the soil‘ – probably isn’t caused by minerals found in the vineyard. Continue reading „US geologists challenge ‚gout de terroir‘“

Okt 27 2009

US lifts government certification requirement for Brunello

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Jeremy Parzen and Franco Ziliani –  The U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax, and Trade Bureau (TTB) will no longer require Italian government certification for imports of Brunello di Montalcino to the U.S., Italy’s agriculture ministry has announced. Continue reading „US lifts government certification requirement for Brunello“

Okt 08 2009

FRANCE/US: Georges Duboeuf predicts strong Beaujolais vintage

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Leading Beaujolais wine producer Georges Duboeuf has claimed that 2009 is „one of the best“ Beaujolais vintages in the last 50 years. In his most recent harvest report, Duboeuf said the region could not have expected a better yield in terms of quality and polyphenol maturity. The quantity is expected to be close to appellation yields ranging from 43 to 48 hl per hectare. Continue reading „FRANCE/US: Georges Duboeuf predicts strong Beaujolais vintage“

Sep 24 2009

US: California Wine Growers launches website

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A website has been launched by the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) as an information source on wine grape growing in the state. The site,, launched yesterday (23 September), provides information on the role of grapes in fine wine production and also points out California’s wine grape growers involvement with the Sustainable Winegrowing Program. Continue reading „US: California Wine Growers launches website“

Sep 17 2009

US: Wine consumption creeps up in ’08

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Wine consumption in the US rose by around 1% in 2008, according to the Beverage Information Group’s newly released 2009 Wine Handbook. Americans drank 294.7m nine-litre cases of wine during the 12 months of 2008, the group said this week. The increase in consumption slowed from previous years, but 2008 still represents the 15th year of consecutive growth. Continue reading „US: Wine consumption creeps up in ’08“

Sep 02 2009

US: Moet Hennessy renews Southern Wine & Spirits deal

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Moet Hennessy USA has renewed its agreement with Southern Wine & Spirits of America for the distribution of its brands. The distribution relationship will operate in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington, the company said today (1 September). Continue reading „US: Moet Hennessy renews Southern Wine & Spirits deal“

Apr 17 2009

US: First fall in US wine sales for 15 years

Tag: Allgemeines,Ländersigi.hiss @ 18:06 editorial team – US wine sales trickle downwards. Sales of wine in the US have fallen in value for the first time in 15 years, as consumers reign in their spending during the recession, new figures show. Continue reading „US: First fall in US wine sales for 15 years“

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