Apr 19 2013

Olivier Bernard, President Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux: success of the presentation of the 2012 vintage

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Olivier Bernard, President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, has confirmed the success of the presentation of the 2012 vintage on the 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2013.

The Union welcomed some 6,000 professionals from the media and the wine trade, amounting to 17,500 visits to the 7 châteaux representing the major fine wine regions in Bordeaux (Ch. Phélan Ségur for Saint-Julien, Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe; Ch. Labégorce for Margaux; Ch. Fourcas-Hosten for Moulis, Listrac, Médoc and the Haut Médoc; Ch. Olivier for the Graves & Pessac-Léognan; Ch. Soutard for Saint-Emilion; Ch. La Conseillante for Pomerol and Ch. La Lagune for Barsac and Sauternes). Continue reading „Olivier Bernard, President Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux: success of the presentation of the 2012 vintage“

Mrz 20 2013 Latour releases 1995 as its first non-primeur vintage

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by John Stimpfig – Chateau Latour has just announced its 2013 release of ‘almost ready to drink’ wines, which are being offered for sale via negociants and global merchants.

Frederic Engerer Chateau Latour

Engerer: left en primeur system unilaterally

The first annual ex-chateau offer comprises different vintages of Latour’s three estate wines – Chateau Latour, Les Forts de Latour and its lesser-known third wine Pauillac de Latour.

Last April, Latour’s president Frédéric Engerer surprised the wine world by unilaterally announcing that after 2012 the First Growth would no longer be marketing its wines through the en primeur system. Instead, Latour would only release older vintages onto the market when it felt they were becoming ready to drink.

One of the first merchants to put up an offer was London’s Farr Vintners, which is selling the 2009 Pauillac de Latour at £600 a case in bond.

This wine was well-received at en primeur: in April 2010 Steven Spurrier for Decanter praised its ‘Deep colour, wild violets nose, fine natural sweetness, Continue reading „ Latour releases 1995 as its first non-primeur vintage“

Mrz 15 2013 Bordeaux 2012: testing vintage looks better for whites and roses say producers

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by Richard Woodard – Bordeaux’s 2012 wines will express finesse rather than power after a year in which the weather tested winemakers‘ nerves to the limit, producers say.

Bordeaux white harvest

In a better harvest for dry whites and rosés than for reds or dessert wines, widespread rain – most notably later in September – caused a host of problems including rot, mildew, poor flowering and inconsistent fruit set.

‘You remember some vintages with a sense of calm and tranquillity – they’re like a gentle, contemplative horseback ride through the woods,’ said Jean-Christophe Barron, technical manager at Château de Rouillac in Pessac-Léognan.

‘We’ll remember 2012 as the toughest three-day event or a round of show jumping at the Olympics, requiring concentration, timing, agility and poise.’ Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2012: testing vintage looks better for whites and roses say producers“

Dez 21 2012 Chateau Rieussec will make no 2012 vintage

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux –  Chateau Rieussec, the Sauternes estate owned by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) has joined Chateau d’Yquem in announcing that it will not be making a 2012 vintage wine.

DBR director Charles Chevallier told they ‘simply felt there was not sufficient juice of first wine quality to justify the production this year.’ He confirmed however they would be making a second wine, Les Carmes de Rieussec. Continue reading „ Chateau Rieussec will make no 2012 vintage“

Dez 19 2012 Chateau d’Yquem will not make 2012 vintage

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joy of terroir, terroir, by Chris Mercer – Chateau d’Yquem has pulled out of making a Sauternes in 2012 after the vintage failed a post-harvest taste test.

‚Prepared to not make a vintage‘: Yquem

The LVMH-owned Sauternes first growth confirmed to that ‚there will be no Chateau d’Yquem in the 2012 vintage‘.

It is the first time in 20 years that the chateau has made such a call.

‚This is a very difficult decision, but the tasting of the harvest confirmed that the level of quality is not satisfactory to become Yquem,‘ said chateau spokeswoman Valérie Lailheugue.

A late start to this year’s harvest meant that all Sauternes producers were already under pressure, but poor weather in October proved too much for many grapevines to handle. Continue reading „ Chateau d’Yquem will not make 2012 vintage“

Nov 27 2012

First impressions of the 2012 vintage at Château Palmer

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The highlights of a cycle
The 2012 vintage is characterized by a singular contrast between spring, summer and the beginning of fall.  The month of April, particularly cool and damp, led to a late and heterogeneous bud bloom.  This was followed by late flowering, in less-than favorable conditions, resulting in a high percentage of coulure on our oldest plots of Merlot.
On July 15th, the weather conditions confirmed an especially late situation, resembling that of the 2008 vintage. Continue reading „First impressions of the 2012 vintage at Château Palmer“

Okt 31 2012

Smith Haut Lafitte: 2012 VINTAGE

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by Fabien Teitgen, Technical Director in Martillac, October the 19th 2012: two days after the end of 2012 harvestThis vintage started with a relatively mild and humid winter, except for the first half of February where we had the chance to witness the vineyard under the snow and the water tubes in the Chai frozen … February and March were very dry, which favoured a fast warming of the gravel soils, quickly wiped up as temperatures of March went high (among the warmest of March months over the last 12 years): very obviously budburst occurred end-March, beginning- April. Unfortunately the cool and wet weather conditions of April (the coolest with highest rainfalls of the last 12 years at Smith Haut Lafitte) stopped the growing process of the vine. Our vineyard was under high pressure during this period with shoots stopped at different stages of growth (sometime on the same stock, on the same  “aste”) and some the young leaves even turned yellow (the vine was a little sad to look at!). Continue reading „Smith Haut Lafitte: 2012 VINTAGE“

Sep 26 2012

The 2012 vintage in Emilia Romagna: the situation in the various areas

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The white grapes are already being vinified, whereas the harvest for the reds is just starting. The rain over the last few weeks has finally given some moisture to the vines and there are now ideal temperatures for ripening the grapes completely.

The anticyclone that has brought the sunshine back to the vineyards of Italy is called Bacchus, like the god of wine and of the harvest. After the rains that brought a little relief to vines exhausted by the record-breaking temperatures of this summer, growers are returning to their vineyards to begin picking Lambrusco Salamino and the red grape varieties of the area around Piacenza in Emilia and to carry on with harvesting Albana and Sangiovese in Romagna. The hope is that significant differences between day- and night-time temperatures will allow the grapes to ripen fully, because in many zones the vines are considerably stressed following the seven anticyclones that – from June to early September -frequently took thermometers over 35°C (95°F), with less than 50 mm (2 in.) of rainfall.


Early and variable ripening Continue reading „The 2012 vintage in Emilia Romagna: the situation in the various areas“

Sep 19 2012

Beginning of the 2012 white wine vintage at Domaine de Chevalier

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REPORT ON THE FIRST DAYS OF A VERY GOOD VINTAGE FOR WHITE WINE…… Continue reading „Beginning of the 2012 white wine vintage at Domaine de Chevalier“

Aug 31 2012 Bordeaux braces itself for ‚winemaker’s vintage‘

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux – The Bordeaux 2012 harvest will be several weeks later than in recent years – and the smallest since 1991, according to the agriculture Picking in Bordeaux Harvestminister. Bordeaux 2012 likely to be ‚winemaker’s vintage‘

Difficult climatic conditions during the growing season, from a rainy spring and early summer to a searingly hot August, have meant that 2012 looks to be another ‘winemaker’s vintage’ – as difficult vintages are usually dubbed.

Rain during April, May and June put heavy pressure on the vineyards, and the cold temperatures meant flowering was inconsistent.

Most winemakers report that the warm end of July, and hot August, salvaged what was looking to be a disastrous year.

But with temperatures reaching 40 degrees over several days in August – the 9th, 10th, 25th, and 27th were particularly hot – meant that some grapes shut down entirely, and others were scorched by the sun. Continue reading „ Bordeaux braces itself for ‚winemaker’s vintage‘“

Apr 10 2012 Bordeaux 2011 – Price is ’single factor‘ of vintage, say merchants

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by Adam Lechmere – As the UK wine trade makes its way back from Bordeaux they are more preoccupied with price than at any time since the 2008 vintage. At this stage of the week there are points on which most agree. Few would argue that the vintage is not ‘mixed, to say the least,’ as Neil Sommerfelt MW of Jeroboams said. But, he added, ‘when they are good they are very good.’

Decanter’s consultant editor Steven Spurrier has his reservations about certain wines and communes but his overall summing up is that the left bank has produced ‘a classic claret. They are straightforward, very good wines, perfectly expressive of their chateau.’ Continue reading „ Bordeaux 2011 – Price is ’single factor‘ of vintage, say merchants“

Mrz 20 2012

Robert Parker auf Twitter: 2011 – ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN THIS VINTAGE

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Sigi Hiss – Der komplette Twitter Text – HEADING BACK TO BORDEAUX NEXT WEEK TO TASTE 2011s-ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN THIS VINTAGE IF MY instincts are correct – fährt in die Bordeaux Kampagne ein, wie Blitz & Donner. Das ist ein Vorab-Urteil, welches die Bordelaiser Weingüter ins Mark treffen könnte, Betonung auf könnte, Erschütterungen werden jedenfalls zu spüren sein. Apropos Blitz & Donner, zusammengefasst ein Gewitter also – ein (Preis)reinigendes Gewitter? Das wäre wohl allen willkommen, die Weingüter im Bordeaux mal außen vor gelassen. Gespannt bin ich, wie sich diese Aussage von Robert Parker auf die Bewertungen, Meinungen & vor allem auf die Subskription auswirken.

Feb 08 2012

Chateau Palmer: Blending notes, 2011 vintage

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Between December and February reigns over the technical team of Château Palmer a studious atmosphere conducive to making an exceptional vintage. The tasting sessions to prepare the final blend take place during this period.  Magical moments, with measured gestures and refined palates, which allow us to imagine the final structure of Château Palmer and Alter Ego 2011.

 A play in several acts

 In order to maintain a certain distance and allow the different batches to continue ageing, the blend tastings take place in several steps.

The first act is to blind-taste all of the batches. Very useful, this tasting session allows our tasters to identify the characteristics of the different parcels and their expressions in a specific vintage without knowing their origin. A way of leveling the playing field that can lead to some nice surprises. Continue reading „Chateau Palmer: Blending notes, 2011 vintage“

Nov 15 2011

Château Palmer: First impressions on the 2011 vintage

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1EchantillonsBD.jpgThe lowest yields since 1961.
The 2011 harvest is marked by a limited production. Going back through our archives we found that it was the lowest yield since the mythical 1961 vintage (11.8 hL/ha versus 20hL/ha for 2011).

A meticulous vintage.
The extra time dedicated to sorting the grapes helped us to preserve the quality of this vintage, allowing us to avoid the consequences of the hazardous weather conditions suffered this year. Continue reading „Château Palmer: First impressions on the 2011 vintage“

Okt 25 2011

VDP: Vintage 2011 – Feedbacks from Growers

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Selected Comments:

Ludwig Kreuzberg, Weingut Kreuzberg (Ahr):
We’ve registered high Oechsle degrees (Frühburgunder @ 89-97°; Spätburgunder @ <100°) as well as good acidity and pH values. During the last two weeks, pH values have stabilized and have hardly risen. In the Grosses Gewächs sites Sonnenberg and Schieferlay (Spätburgunder) and Hardtberg (Frühburgunder) everything  – with few exceptions – we harvested is suitable for GG status. Because clusters are perfectly healthy, almost the entire crop could be harvested. As such, quantities are good; in some sites, even above-average. The young wines show very good color; aromas are rich – full-bodied, juicy.

Familie Schlumberger-Bernhart, Weingut H. Schlumberger (Baden):
Status quo vintage 2011: healthy crop; good quantities; somewhat high must weights; acidity values are a bit too low; and terrific aromas. The speed with which ripening proceeded and must weights rose necessitated a rapid harvest.

Paul Fürst, Weingut Rudolf Fürst (Franken): Continue reading „VDP: Vintage 2011 – Feedbacks from Growers“

Sep 22 2011 Italy hopeful for 2011 vintage

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by Kerin O’Keefe – Italian vintners are in positive mood, with high hopes for an excellent vintage in 2011.Planeta

Planeta: ‚ideal‘ 2011

After severe heat and drought in the second part of August, which caused plant stress that greatly lowered yields, 2011 is expected to be 10-25% down in terms of quantity.

The pulling up of over 9000ha to reduce overall wine production is a contributing factor.

‘The Italian 2011 Harvest will probably be at an all-time low’ in terms of quantity, according to harvest reports just released by UIV (Unione Italiana Vini) and ISMEA (Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare). Continue reading „ Italy hopeful for 2011 vintage“

Sep 12 2011 Champagne copes with difficult vintage

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by James Lawrence – The 2011 Champagne vintage is being hailed as one of the most unusual in the region’s history, as vignerons deal with the aftermath of one of the most difficult growing seasons on record.

Oenologist Herve Jestin, who consults for several properties in the Côte des Blancs, including Russian-owned Chateau D’Avize, told Continue reading „ Champagne copes with difficult vintage“

Jul 22 2011 Chateau de France fire destroys chai and part of 2010 vintage

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by Adam Lechmere – A fire has destroyed the three-storey chai at Chateau de France in Bordeaux, and ruined a large part Chateau de Franceof the 2010 vintage.

The fire at the Pessac-Leognan property started around 7.30pm on Monday in the chateau’s cellars, local newspaper Sudouest reported.

It is unclear exactly how much of the 2010 vintage has been destroyed or ruined by the fire, but by Tuesday morning, Sudouest said, it was obvious the damage was considerable.

A police inquiry will determine the cause of the fire, described by a spokesman for the fire service as ‘intense’.

Fifty firefighters with six high-pressure hoses Continue reading „ Chateau de France fire destroys chai and part of 2010 vintage“

Apr 26 2011

Decanter: Moet – 2004 will be next Grand Vintage

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by Rebecca Gibb – Moët & Chandon has revealed that the 2004 vintage will follow the recent release of its 2002 Grand moet 2002Vintage. 

It will be released at the end of next year, Moët winemaker Axelle Araud told

‚The ’02 is very complex but I think the ’04 will be a bit more subtle, more delicate,‘ Araud said. ‚It has been on lees since 2005 and it should be very classical. It was a good ripening season.’

She would not divulge the composition of the blend, which changes each vintage. In 2002, it consisted of 51% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Noir and 23% Pinot Meunier. Continue reading „Decanter: Moet – 2004 will be next Grand Vintage“

Mrz 29 2011

Decanter: Bordeaux 2010 vintage saved by wet winter, cool August

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by Adam Lechmere – The extraordinary weather patterns of 2010 have contributed to wines that are robust, concentrated and acidic – and ‚totally different‘ to the 2009s, Bordeaux negociant Bill Blatch says.

In his comprehensive weather report for 2010, Blatch says the vintage’s saving grace – the high acidity of the grapes – was achieved by the cooler weather in August and September, and the cooler autumn. Continue reading „Decanter: Bordeaux 2010 vintage saved by wet winter, cool August“

Dez 06 2010

Decanter: Napa: long, cool 2010 promises ‚elegant‘ vintage

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by Cheryl Lincoln in San Francisco – Vintners in Napa are reporting ‘excellent quality’ across the region in reds and

Joseph Phelps Spring Valley Ranch

whites – though the season wasn’t without significant challenges.

Joseph Phelps Spring Valley Ranch: ‚1991and 1985 were cooler than 2010: both were great

Across the region volumes were low, there is good colour in the must, sugars are good but not excessive, and alcohol levels will be comparatively modest.

This should mean ‚balanced, elegant wines‘, as Terry Hall of Napa Valley Vintners put it.

The 2010 season was exceptionally cool and long, with some wineries leaving parcels until November. It was a year of extremes for growers, with prolonged coolness, intense heat spikes in August, and monsoon-like rainfall in late October which interrupted a much-needed Indian Summer.

Some wineries pickec before the October storms but many lost a sizeable amount of fruit, either from heat spike damage or green harvest – dropping clusters to enhance ripening in the cool temperatures. There was also the issue of uneven ripeness. Continue reading „Decanter: Napa: long, cool 2010 promises ‚elegant‘ vintage“

Sep 29 2010

Decanter: Napa 2010 – long cool summer promises ‚European‘ vintage

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by Cheryl Lincoln in San Francisc – Napa vintners are gearing up for one of the coolest harvests on record – and many are saying wines will be more balanced, elegant and lower in alcohol as a result.

While grapes have been slow to ripen in the long cool growing season, vineyards have also been prey to a number of different hazards – like a heat spike in August – which have reduced yield significantly. But winemakers are sanguine: indeed, some, like Elias Fernandez at Shafer, and Ivo Jeramaz at Grgich Hills Estate, see the difficult season as a boon.

‘After 3 years of draught, we now face one of the coolest seasons on record,’ said Jeramaz, vice president of vineyards and production at Grgich, a champion of lower-alcohol wine. Continue reading „Decanter: Napa 2010 – long cool summer promises ‚European‘ vintage“

Mai 27 2010

AUS: Australian Vintage lowers profits forecast

Tag: Ländersigi.hiss @ 08:31 editorial team – Exchange rate losses on wine exports have forced Australian Vintage to cut its net profits forecast for the current financial year.

Australian Vintage said today (26 May) that it expects net profits after tax to increase by 75% for the 12 months to the end of June, compared to the same period last year.

The McGuigan wines producer predicted in February that full-year profits, before one-off items, would double. But, an unfavourable rate for the Australian dollar against sterling (GBP) has taken some of the shine off the wine group’s resurgence. Continue reading „AUS: Australian Vintage lowers profits forecast“

Okt 08 2009

FRANCE/US: Georges Duboeuf predicts strong Beaujolais vintage

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Leading Beaujolais wine producer Georges Duboeuf has claimed that 2009 is „one of the best“ Beaujolais vintages in the last 50 years. In his most recent harvest report, Duboeuf said the region could not have expected a better yield in terms of quality and polyphenol maturity. The quantity is expected to be close to appellation yields ranging from 43 to 48 hl per hectare. Continue reading „FRANCE/US: Georges Duboeuf predicts strong Beaujolais vintage“

Okt 31 2008

Napa claims elegant 2008 vintage despite ‚crazy‘ growing season

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Oliver Styles  – The 2008 vintage in the Napa Valley looks set to produce ‚elegant‘ wines despite a ‚crazy weather year‘, according to the region’s trade body. Continue reading „Napa claims elegant 2008 vintage despite ‚crazy‘ growing season“

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