Okt 25 2016

Bericht zur kalifornischen Weinernte 2016

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2016-california-wine-harvest_ca-wines-deFrüh, normaler Ertrag, Exquisite Qualität!

Die 2016er Kalifornische Weinernte ist von hervorragender Qualität dank des Niederschlags im vergangenen Winter und einer relativ gleichmäßigen Wachstumsperiode.


Die 2016er kalifornische Weinernte hatte einen frühen Start und ergab im gesamten Bundesstaat eine größtenteils normale Ertragsmenge von außergewöhnlicher Qualität. Eine relativ gleichmäßige Wachstumsperiode folgte dem willkommenen Winter-Regen welcher die Auswirkungen der Dürre gemildert hat. Die niedrigeren Tages-Durchschnittstemperaturen und kalte Nächte haben für eine exzellente Qualität der Weintrauben gesorgt. Im August 2016 wurde der Gesamtertrag vom California Department of Food and Agriculture auf 3.9 Millionen Tonnen geschätzt (nahe dem historischen Durchschnittsertrag).

„Ein weiterer qualitativ hochwertiger Jahrgang ist eine gute Nachricht für Weinkonsumenten im In- und im Ausland, die anhaltend den Absatz auf Rekordhöhen fahren“, sagte Wine Institute Präsident und CEO Robert P. (Bobby) Koch.

Weiterlesen für die vollständige Englische Pressemitteilung (insgesamt 6 Seiten):

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Feb 25 2015

Wine retail channel trends

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It’s a widely accepted fact in the global wine trade that the retail channels through which wine gets sold to consumers are in an unprecedented state of flux. A more urbanised and wired global wine drinking population are changing their shopping habits, and these demands are reshaping the way retailers operate and merchandise in the wine category and more generally. The core question is how these changes are manifesting in terms of observable trends in key markets. Which channels are winning and losing? Which retailers are doing better than others? And perhaps the most important question of all: are there discernible patterns in the channel trends across different markets which would allow us to draw more broad conclusions about the way wine is sold globally?

Study scope: markets representing 50% of world’s wine consumption Continue reading „Wine retail channel trends“

Mrz 20 2013

Chinese wine comes of age

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Berry Bros. & Rudd becomes first major UK retailer to give Chinese wines a permanent place on its shelves. 

Chinese wines have been given stamp of approval, as Berry Bros. & Rudd, the 314 year-old wine merchant and vintners to the Queen, has become the first major UK retailer to give the wines from the world’s most populous superpower a permanent place on its shelves.
From this week, four Chinese wines will be for sale alongside the finest wines from around the world including Ch. Petrus from Bordeaux and Domaine Romanée-Conti from Burgundy from the retailer’s St James’s Street store and on its award-winning website

So confident of the wines are the firm that the Chinese vintages will be showcased at one of the retailer’s exclusive tastings – the first time this has happened – at which Masters of Wine and senior wine writers gather to sample the new arrivals. Continue reading „Chinese wine comes of age“

Jan 17 2013


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Following a few very tough years, the South African wine industry is being buoyed by a new sense of optimism on the back of record export levels, the likelihood of one of the best harvests this year, the penetration of new markets and growing praise from some of the wine world’s most influential opinion formers.

Su Birch, CEO of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), confirmed that exports for 2012 had reached 417 million litres, 10 million litres more than the previous record of 407 million litres achieved in 2008 and a 17% increase on volumes in 2011. „The record levels are the result of a more favourable currency, as well as the global shortage of wines, stemming from a significant drop in the recent harvests of competitor wine-producing nations in Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading „SA WINE INDUSTRY OPTIMISTIC, SAYS WOSA“

Jan 16 2013 South Africa exports record volumes of wine

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by Richard Woodard – South Africa exported a record-breaking 417m litres of wine last year – but bulk shipments continued to account for more than half of volumes. The figures for 2012 showed a 17% increase over 2011 and were 10m litres above the previous record year, 2008, said Wines of South Africa (WoSA).

Favourable exchange rates, a global wine shortage and small harvests in Europe, Latin America and Australia and New Zealand were the main factors behind the growth. However, WoSA CEO Su Birch said bulk wines accounted for 59% of 2012 volumes, something which she said was part of a ‘growing global trend’.

Birch added, ‘Obviously we would prefer the accent to be on packaged wines in terms of job retention in the packaging industry and also to maintain sustainable profit margins for producers.’ Continue reading „ South Africa exports record volumes of wine“

Jan 07 2013 Vinance collapsed ‚owing wine worth £5m‘

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by Jim Budd – Collapsed wine investment company Vinance plc owed £5m-worth of wine to its 1,300 clients when it went into administration, according to administrators.


Vinance plc was placed in administration last November. However, the business has an estimated deficiency of £2.37m, thanks to a ‘large’ amount of wine owned by Vinance with an estimated value of £3m.

The report from Herron Fisher, the administrators of the company, shows that Vinance’s records were ‘incomplete’ and ‘inadequate’ and that the directors had no idea of the true position.

‘It was apparent that the company’s records were inadequate and that the position of each individual client was not recorded properly,’ the report states. ‘The directors could not easily work out which clients were short of wine they had ordered and paid for, or what the extent of the shortfall was. The clients themselves were unaware that there was any problem.’ Continue reading „ Vinance collapsed ‚owing wine worth £5m‘“

Okt 15 2012 Domaine Sainte Rose to make wine in Kent

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -The English owners of Domaine Sainte Rose in Languedoc-Roussillon are to return to their British roots with the purchase of 90 acres of landSainte Rose near Canterbury and the Kent coast.

The Simpsons at Sainte Rose: ‚a great time to be investing in English wine‘

Ruth and Charles Simpson, who bought DomaineSainte Rose in 2002, have now bought farmland in Kent which is currently being used for an arable crop rotation, but which was found in a survey by Stephen Skelton MW to be well suited for viticulture.

Ruth Simpson told they will not plant vines until 2014. ‚[We will] explore our options in terms of clones and rootstock, and…assemble the right team.’ Current plans are to plant the traditional Champagne varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier to focus on mainly sparkling wines, but Simpson is making no final decisions yet. ‘As more and more people produce quality sparkling wines in England, we must be certain we are creating a point of difference.’

‘Now is a great time to be investing in English wine,’ Simpson continued. ‘There is an established network of viticultural and winemaking expertise, which is essential to supporting new ventures, and the impressive accolades and sheer quality out there proves that English wine is now a serious and credible proposition.’

There are no plans to sell their Languedoc winery, and will split their time between the two – based most likely in Kent for the initial stages of planting and launching the business.

Domaine Sainte Rose will launch a sparkling wine, a 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs, in July 2013. The first vintage of the Kent estate is likely to be released in 2018, with the first crop coming in for the 2016 harvest, followed by 18 months ageing on the lees.

Domaine Sainte Rose won Silver and Bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards this year, for its Le Marin Blanc Marsanne-Roussane, and for Le Pinacle Syrah.

Okt 11 2012 Online wine sales to double over five years, says economist

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by Adam Lechmere – Grocery sales in convenience and discount stores and online will increase massively over the next five years, creating radical new challenges for theHoward Davies drinks business, a leading retail economist said yesterday.

Speaking at the annual Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) conference in London yesterday, James Walton, chief economist at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), predicted online sales would double from £5.6bn in the year to April 2012, to £11.1bn in 2017.

Convenience stores such as small community supermarkets like Tesco Metro would increase by 28.5%, and discount stores such as Aldi and Lidl would increase by 64.7% from £7.5bn today to £12.4bn in 2017.

As consumers’ actual spending power has fallen by around 5-6%, effective pricing and promotional activity will be a priority for the retailer and supplier, followed by supply chain efficiency, and the need to understand the consumer better.

Walton said online shopping is a ‘quiet revolution’ which the drinks industry ‘must understand to survive’. ‘The internet is no longer just a way of selling; its greatest potential is in shaping the relationship with the shopper’, for example in using web pages ‘to add quality and depth to your brand’. Continue reading „ Online wine sales to double over five years, says economist“

Sep 19 2012

Beginning of the 2012 white wine vintage at Domaine de Chevalier

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REPORT ON THE FIRST DAYS OF A VERY GOOD VINTAGE FOR WHITE WINE…… Continue reading „Beginning of the 2012 white wine vintage at Domaine de Chevalier“

Aug 29 2012 Wine investment firm disappears

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by Jim Budd – Another UK-based wine investment company has disappeared leaving many of its customers empty handed.Global Wine Investments

Global: website shut down

Global Wine Investments
, which was set up in April 2011, recently closed its website and cut its phone lines. The company’s registered and trading address, 70 St Mary Axe in the City of London, was an accommodation address only – no business was done from there.

Blogs such as have received several complaints from customers of Global, some of whom ordered wine worth many thousands of pounds but have received nothing.

One investor said: ‘I purchased four cases of Lafite Rothschild 2008, for £8,500 per case. I made the payment on 30th April 2012. They have twice offered me a refund, once spent a week telling me it was in the post, but nothing has materialized.’ Continue reading „ Wine investment firm disappears“

Aug 17 2012 Wine grape ‚bible‘ poised for publication

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Richard Woodard – A 1,200-page guide to the world’s wine grape varieties, billed as the most comprehensive ever published and co-authored by Jancis Robinson MW, Wine Grapes, by Jancis Robinson MW et alis published this autumn.

The heavyweight tome, Wine Grapes, weighs in at 3kg and has an equally hefty price tag – £120 – but gives the low-down on all 1,368 wine grape varieties currently in commercial production.

Robinson shares the writing credits with long-time assistant Julia Harding MW and Dr Jose Vouillamoz, a Swiss botanist and grape geneticist who has worked extensively in the field of grape DNA profiling.

Wine Grapes aims to pinpoint where wine grapes are from and how the different varieties are related to each other, using 14 complicated family trees, described by Robinson as ‘very fascinating’. Continue reading „ Wine grape ‚bible‘ poised for publication“

Jul 24 2012 ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement

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„>by Chris Mercer – Vinexpo CEO Robert Beynat says a ‚complicated‘ US wine market and the economic downturn contributed to the postponement of its first consumer show.

vinexpo rendez-vous

Billed as ‚the one rendez-vous you can’t miss‘, too many wineries thought otherwise. Rendez-Vous by Vinexpo was postponed indefinitely this week.

‚Despite a lot of effort, we only succeeded in selling 52 tasting areas out of the 150 scheduled,‘ Beynat said. The three-day show, the first of its kind by Vinexpo, was to be held in New York in November with up to 6,000 consumer visitors expected and a one-day ticket costing US$180.

Louis Latour, Barton & Guestier and Baron Philippe de Rothschild were among the exhibitors signed up. Beynat is ‚disappointed‘ but said the decision to cancel was a ‚responsible‘ one.

‚With this limited number of exhibitors we were afraid of attracting a limited number of visitors,‘ he told ‚I guess the economic crisis didn’t help.’ Continue reading „ ‚Complicated‘ US wine market led to Vinexpo postponement“

Jul 24 2012 Oldest wine‘ discovered in China

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by staff – A 3000-year-old wine is thought to have been discovered in China, according to the Xinhua news agency. Image shows wine vessels with square

China oldest wine

‚prohibition device‘ under them

Archeologists working found what appears to be liquid in a bronze wine vessel unearthed from a nobleman’s tomb on Shigushan Mountain in Baoji city in Shaanxi province.

The tomb belongs to the Zhou Dynasty of 1046 BC – 771 BC, and the liquid is likely to be the oldest wine discovered in China, project leader Liu Jun, director of the Baoji Archaeology Institute said. Liu said the vessel, one of six discovered in the tomb, could be heard to contain liquid when it was shaken, but it they had not yet been able to open it.
It is understood that the liquid inside the vessel is possibly alcohol but not necessarily wine.

According to reports, the most crucial discovery in the tomb is actually a square, table-like ‘prohibition device’ to remind people to drink in moderation since during the Shang Dynasty, which preceded Zhou Dynasty, wine became a symbol of corruption and excess.

Jul 05 2012 English wine harvest ’not looking good‘, say winemakers

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by Adam Lechmere – England continues to suffer the wettest early summer since records began, winemakers are beginning to wonder if they are going to have any grapes to harvest at all. Rain has fallen across England more or less continuously since the beginning of June, and the Met Office has confirmed this has not only been the wettest, but one of the coldest and dullest periods for over a century. Figures for June show that 150mm of rain fell – more than double the average amount.

The period from April to June is the second dullest on record with 119.2 hours of sunshine, nearly breaking the record of 115.4 hours set in 1987. It has also been the coolest June since 1991 with a mean temperature of 12.3C. Continue reading „ English wine harvest ’not looking good‘, say winemakers“

Jun 15 2012 Laboure-Roi directors detained in wine fraud probe

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by Jane Anson -Four directors of Maison Labouré-Roi, the 180-year-old Burgundy negociant house, have been accused of various counts of wine fraud. Police in Dijon detained the directors this week following an 18-month probe that has also involved the National Fraud Office (DGCCRF). Several computers, and dozens of files, have been seized from the firm’s Nuits-Saint-Georges premises. Continue reading „ Laboure-Roi directors detained in wine fraud probe“

Jun 12 2012 Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea

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by Jane Anson in Bordeaux -Bordeaux’s Chateau Larrivet Haut-Brion has experimented with ageing one barrel of its 2009 wine partially submerged in the sea.Chateau Larrivet Haut-BrionThe barrel was sunk among the oyster parks of Cap Ferret, on the Atlantic coast, said the chateau, which is based in the Pessac Leognan region of Bordeaux.

Bruno Lemoine, director and winemaker of Larrivet Haut-Brion, told that the idea came from a conversation among friends, who each played a part in the experiment. Lemoine provided the wine, oyster farmer Joel Dupuch provided the seabed space and barrel maker Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry, of Radoux, created a 56-litre barrel.

‘We often hear about wines aged at sea being better quality, so I wanted to see what happened,’ said Lemoine, referring to wines transported long Continue reading „ Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea“

Mai 25 2012

Generalversammlung Swiss Wine Promotion – Ein neuer Präsident wurde gewählt

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Die Delegierten der Organisationsmitglieder von Swiss Wine Promotion, davon der Branchenverband Schweizer Wein haben wichtige Entscheidungen getroffen. Gilles Besse, Direktor der Cave Jean-René Germanier im Wallis wurde einstimmig als Präsident des Vereins Swiss Wine Promotion gewählt. Gilles Besse hat mehr als 20 Jahre
Erfahrung im Sektor Wein im Wallis und in der Schweiz. Wie sein Vorgänger, Jacques-Alphonse Orsat, hat sich Gilles Besse als Ziel gesetzt, eine qualitative und wirksame
Promotion für den Schweizer Wein zu unterstützen und zu entwicklen. Die heute schwierige Lage des Schweizer Weinbaus benötigt eine grosse Aufmerksamkeit und wichtige Herausforderungen in Kommunikation sowie Lobbying. Gilles Besse engagiert sich vollkommen in die Erforschung für Werbeprojekte, die den Schweizer Weinen aller Regionen Marktanteile wieder zu erobern erlauben sollen. Swiss Wine Promotion hat zahlreiche Projekte, Vorschläge und Marketing- und Kommunikationslösungen vorgestellt. Continue reading „Generalversammlung Swiss Wine Promotion – Ein neuer Präsident wurde gewählt“

Mai 07 2012

World Bulk Wine Exhibition

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The World Bulk Wine Exhibition confirms its IV edition on 19 and 20 November 2012 in the RAI Elicium in Amsterdam . The International Meeting of Wine Buyers and Sellers enters its fourth year with an overall increase in prices and a sharp rise in transactions, thanks to the efforts made at earlier editions of the fair.
Madrid, 07-05-12.- Bulk wine buyers and sellers around the world will gather again for the annual meeting which has become a key fixture in their calendar, which this year is being held on 19 and 20 November at the RAI Elicium in Amsterdam. Continue reading „World Bulk Wine Exhibition“

Mai 04 2012 Pancho Campo resigns from Institute of Masters of Wine

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by Jim Budd – Pancho Campo, who was at the centre of last year’s controversy around the organisation of wine tastings in Spain, has resigned from the Institute of Masters Pancho Campo and Jay Millerof Wine.Pancho Campo and Jay Miller

The Institute of Masters of Wine launched an investigation in December 2011 into whether Campo had breached its code of conduct, after allegations that his organisation the Wine Academy of Spain had effectively been charging Spanish wineries for access to Jay Miller, the correspondent for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. understands from a well-placed source at the Institute that the investigation had been completed. Its report had been sent to members of the IMW Council and was due to be considered this week. During the course of the investigation it is understood that the Institute had sought legal advice. understands the report recommended that Campo – who became the first Spanish Master of Wine in 2008 – should be suspended from the Institute for a period of two or three years. Continue reading „ Pancho Campo resigns from Institute of Masters of Wine“

Apr 25 2012 Fine wine investors ‚have lost £100m‘ from failed companies

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by Adam Lechmere – Fine wine investors have lost £100m over four years by entrusting their savings to failed wine companies, a senior accountant has estimated.  Nedim Ailyan, a director at insolvency firm Abbott Fielding, which is handling two high-profile wine investment company bankruptcies, told the BBC that some 50 such companies have failed in the last four years, costing investors up to £100m. Continue reading „ Fine wine investors ‚have lost £100m‘ from failed companies“

Mrz 27 2012

VINEUS Wine Culture Award 2012: Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design als beliebtestes Weinhotel Österreichs.

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Weinreisende aller Länder, ihr habt ein Ziel! Das Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design in Wien. Es hat sich schon vor langem dem Wein verschrieben, wohnen mit ihm und um ihn ist Teil des Konzepts. Dass das Hotel nun für dieses Engagement ausgezeichnet wurde, ist der logische Schluss. Mitte März wurde ihm der Publikumspreis VINEUS Wine Culture Award 2012 für das beliebteste Weinhotel Österreichs verliehen. Die Ehrung fand im Rahmen einer festlichen Gala in der Wiener Aula der Wissenschaften statt, wo auch die Schecküberreichung für eine Weinreise nach Südafrika, zur Verfügung gestellt von American Express Österreich, erfolgte. Unabhängige Wein- und Genussexperten hatten im Vorfeld für die Nominierung der Kandidaten gesorgt. Continue reading „VINEUS Wine Culture Award 2012: Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design als beliebtestes Weinhotel Österreichs.“

Mrz 12 2012 FBI Arrests Wine Collector Rudy Kurniawan

Tag: Allgemeinessigi.hiss @ 17:32 U.S. attorney accuses Indonesia-born Burgundy lover of trying to sell $1.3 million in fakes

Rudy Kurniawan, a high-flying California-based wine dealer and collector who once bought and sold millions of dollars worth of wine annually, was arrested by the FBI at his southern California home on the morning of March 8 and charged with five felony counts of wire and mail fraud. The charges center on sales of allegedly counterfeit wines.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said, „As alleged, Rudy Kurniawan held himself out to be a wine aficionado with a nose for a counterfeit bottle, but he was the counterfeit, pawning off prodigious quantities of fraudulent wine himself to unsuspecting auction houses and collectors.“ The complaint alleges that for years Kurniawan financed an extravagant lifestyle by buying and selling millions of dollars of wine and borrowing cash from multiple sources without fully repaying. The complaint also reveals that Kurniawan has been living in the U.S. illegally since 2003, when an immigration court ordered his deportation. Man beachte die Bilder am Schluss des Berichtes! Continue reading „ FBI Arrests Wine Collector Rudy Kurniawan“

Feb 22 2012 Natural wine fair for UK

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by Rebecca Gibb – Natural wine remains ‚marginal‘ in the UK, but organisers of the UK’s first artisan wine fair still aim to attract 1500 people to the inaugural event. More than 150 natural wine producers have already signed up for RAW including the Loire’s Nicolas Joly and Alsace’s Josmeyer.

The London trade and consumer event takes place in May, and its creator, Isabelle Legeron MW, has plans to take the concept to other countries. However, the UK’s natural wine scene is embryonic, with London-based natural wine specialist Artisan & Vine recently closing its doors. Legeron admits, ‚It’s not become widespread in the UK yet. It is still marginal.“

‚But for me, calling a wine biodynamic or organic is not enough because the control in the cellar is not great. You can have a biodynamic wine and add aromatic yeasts in some countries. Reverse osmosis and cryoextraction are allowed in organic which is why there is the need to have this category,‘ she explained. ‚I’m not campaigning for all wines to be natural. I want people to be aware of what’s going on so they can choose knowingly.‘ RAW takes place at the Old Truman Brewery on 20 and 21 May.


Feb 21 2012

Prowein 2012: Wine tasting of Valpolicella wines

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Wine tasting of Valpolicella wines at Prowein in Germany, an event organized by Meininger Verlag Publishing in collaboration with the Consortium for the Tutelage of Valpolicella Wines and leaded by journalist Richard Grosche. Doing well on the German market with more growth potential.

The wine tasting on 3rd of March in Dűsserldorf is going to be held on the occasion of Prowein, the sector’s most important German fair, whose title is “From Valpolicella to Amarone: a portrait of Italy’s dynamic red wine region”. Twelve wines from as many among the most interesting producers in Valpolicella for a sensory journey through many of the expressions of this territory: from Valpolicella, presented in the Valpantena and Classico Superiore versions, to Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone della Valpolicella. Continue reading „Prowein 2012: Wine tasting of Valpolicella wines“

Feb 06 2012

Voting-Start für den VINEUS Wine Culture Award 2012

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 Wir bitten wieder um Ihre Stimme für Österreichs Weinpublikumspreis. In drei von fünf Kategorien entscheiden die Weinliebhaber, wer den VINEUS nach Hause trägt. Zu gewinnen sind fünf mal zwei Karten für die große VINEUS-Gala am 19. März. Stimmen Sie für Ihre Lieblingskandidaten! Von 6. Februar bis 5. März auf
Es ist also wieder soweit. Die VINEUS Wine Culture Awards werden vergeben. An Personen und Betriebe, die sich mit ihrem Tun dem österreichischen Wein verschrieben haben und sein Ansehen im In- und Ausland stärken. Die Verleihung findet im Rahmen einer festlichen Gala in der Aula der Wissenschaften in Wien statt. Zehn Plätze bleiben den Gewinnern aus der Publikumswahl vorbehalten. Moderiert wird die VINEUS-Gala wieder von Wiens Slow-Food-Chefin Barbara van Melle.

DIE KATEGORIEN. Continue reading „Voting-Start für den VINEUS Wine Culture Award 2012“

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